Carthon the Chiefs next offensive coordinator?

With Chan Gailey gone, the Chiefs need a new offensive coordinator.

With the regular-season opener at Baltimore only 13 days away, they need one quickly.

A perusal of the team’s current coaching staff suggests a prime candidate for the job:  Maurice Carthon.

Carthon was hired as an assistant head coach, with no other specific designation.  He made the leap from Arizona, with head coach Todd Haley, who was the offensive coordinator with the Cardinals.

Carthon previously served as offensive coordinator in Cleveland, and he has close ties to Bill Parcells, the father-in-law of Chiefs G.M. Scott Pioli.

12 responses to “Carthon the Chiefs next offensive coordinator?

  1. Chiefs will go 2-14 again with Carthon as coordinator.
    I watched him with the Browns for two years…he’s horrible.

  2. Please Haley….just call your own plays….that’s what got you the head coaching job….you were successful.

  3. Chiefs fans…… head for the hills. It’s going to be a long year.
    That is, unless you like Carthon’s innovative play-calling that follows the following pattern on EVERY drive:
    1st down – run off tackle
    2nd down – run off tackle
    3rd down – throw pass short of first down sticks
    4th down – punt

  4. Out of the frying pan, into the fire.
    …And The Coop’s summary of Carthon’s play calling? Dead-on accurate.

  5. Haley’s calling the plays…he saw ” baby hoodie” doing it on TV last night and said to himself ” hey I can do that too”

  6. Hiring Mo Carthon as your OC is desperation akin to settling for the annoying, zit-face 300 pound girl at the party once all the good looking chicks have hooked up with your buddies.

  7. “gooboy6 says:
    August 31, 2009 12:37 PM
    Haley’s calling the plays…he saw ” baby hoodie” doing it on TV last night and said to himself ” hey I can do that too””
    That’s funny!

  8. @The Coop,
    The only thing you forgot to mention is that those third down passes short of the first down marker were coming from a direct snap to the fullback.
    Why in God’s name he (on several occasions) had Lawrence Vickers throwing the ball, I’ll never know.
    Carthon is terrible.

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