McNabb calls Vick's role a "gimmick"

Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb faced the media on Monday for the first time since venting after Thursday night’s preseason game regarding the inability of the offense to establish a rhythm, due to the periodic use of quarterback Mike Vick.

McNabb, in response to questions from WIP Howard Eskin, tried to downplay the in-game discussion with offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg, during which quarterback told coach how to do his job.

Asked whether McNabb would be more comfortable with Vick taking consecutive snaps or engineering an entire series, McNabb had this to say, via the Philadelphia Inquirer:  “Before you can come up with gimmicks, before you can come up with something else, you got to get your base offense going.”

It’s the same notion McNabb mentioned on Thursday night, and we still don’t know what it means. 

At what point has the team gotten the “base offense going”?  When leading by 10 or more points?  After gaining 250 yards?

And if “coming up with gimmicks” (a phrase that, in our view, inherently demeans Vick’s role in the offense) disrupts the ability of the offense to get up to full speed, doesn’t using Vick constitute tapping the breaks if/when the offense otherwise is humming along?

Bottom line?  It’s great that the Eagles have given Mike Vick a second chance.  But his second chance ultimately could screw up the team’s best chance to win a Super Bowl.

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  1. I’m pretty sick of PFT trying to manufacture drama. I heard McNabb’s PC, it was vanilla. Given your repeated stance that the Eagles will not be good this year, I can’t help but think that you’re trying screw this up by creating stories where they don’t exist. Move on.

  2. Reading McNabb’s comments and taking them at face value makes me wonder why he asked the Eagles to take a chance on Vick? Now it sounds like he is trying to destroy Vick’s confidence. Of course none of this will matter if McNabb does his usual and gets hurt and misses the season.

  3. This team has had a lot of chances to win a super bowl, long before Vick got there. McNabb is worried about his job…plain and simple. And he should be.
    And I LOVE it.

  4. Um… I think it’s fairly obvious what he means….. He wants the offense to get in a rhythm for the season not in every game. Right now the offense has yet to be consistent and he just wants to get that going. It seems you are talented at finding derived meanings out of nothing.

  5. best chance to win a super bowl???? like they ever had a chance with McDumbass….. they had their best chance when TO was there…..

  6. I’m to see McNabb asserting himself over this, rather than blindly submitting to the forced addition of Vick onto his team. There’s no way Vick’s going to fit in on a team with a strong quarterback – he handicaps the team every play that he’s under center.
    He’d be better off on a weak team with a void at QB so he could step in and re-establish himself at that position. When he has to rely on taking away carries from an all-star QB on a contending team, he’s likely going to spend a lot of time waiting for his team to be up 20 or down 20 to get his chances.

  7. Hmmm, this could be tough for McNabb. Normally he blames any questioning of him or anyone doing something he doesn’t like on racism…that would be a stretch if he were replaced by someone of the same race.

  8. McNabb feels that his job is slowly being taken away from him, as it should be. This is years of frustration from not winning the big games. Donovan wanted Vick, he has only himself to blame.

  9. 5 must be reading the DPR’s comments here and around the web. I’ve called it a gimmick since the signing. Why? Because that’s what it is. Teams that contend for championships don’t jerk around their QB or run gimmick plays on a regular basis.
    The Eagles doomed themselves this year by signing the dog-torturing Ron Mexico.

  10. I bet McNabb would rather have T.O. on his team than Vick.
    I really hope he gets out of there and at least gets to play a few years for a team and city that appreciates just how good of a QB he is.

  11. Florio, You suck, So do your beloved Giants. Go pick on the Redskins or Cowboys or pick your nose or something, but for the love of God, leave the vick situation alone
    If this behavior keeps up, NBC will have no other choice but to rename your site
    You Suck!!!

  12. @ Mike Florio:
    “It’s great that the Eagles have given Mike Vick a second chance. ”
    Or spineless and reprehensible, depending on how you look at it. But that aside, the Eagles have gone from realistic Super Bowl contenders to a team that has as much of a chance as imploding a la 2005 than it does as getting to SB44.

  13. Re: Philly, “If you want to crown the aces, then go ahead and crown them. ” McBaby had them where they wanted, and Mornhenwig “let ’em off the hook.”
    I happen to think they’re overrated, with or without Vick.

  14. Oh yeah because the teams base offense has been so successful at winning Philly a championship.

  15. As I’ve said before, the cancer starts slowly, spreading to surrounding organs, growing larger, spreading more, until the system is compromised and the host dies.
    You would have thought that the Feagles would have learned their lesson with TO. Apparently not.

  16. Are you kidding Florio?
    You’re really reaching on this one. Look at that quote again and ask yourself, is McNabb really calling Vick’s role a “gimmick?”
    No. Knock it off.

  17. This year is the buzzards “best chance to win a Super Bowl” ? Drinking must start early at the Florio household.

  18. Geez, as the Mcnabb/VICK world turns. my wife says the NFL is no more than soap opera’s for Men and this McNabb/Vick debate is no more than that. The wildcat is a GIMMICK offense at this point so there is nothing wrong with McNabb’s comments. Lastly, HE DID NOT CALL VICK”S ROLE A GIMMICK as your headline states. .
    Get over it. You and all the other vick haters want to tarnish anything he’s involved with so you keep stirring the pot. The National Inquirer really needs to start a sports magazine/site because all the coverage out there today is nothing but gossip around marginal to declining players who make noise by doing stupid/illegal activities. FAVRE, Brandon Marshall, VICK, Jay Cutler, Jerry Jones, T.O. ocho stinko. The behind the scenes look this site used to provide is now quickly moving toward’s Joe Buck’s Favorite website.

  19. You’re such a worthless piece of shit, he did not call Vicks role a ‘gimmick’.
    Try saying the truth rather than making stuff up.

  20. What circus in Dallas ? There’s a circus in Loveitos head, Barnum and Bailey’s .
    Don’t ya’ll know Florio’s a turdstir ? That’s what he’s paid to do.

  21. FLORIO is just doing this to bump the ratings for NBC, he knows that Eagles fans are DIEHARD and he knows that this stuff really pisses us off. Do you all realize how quickly 30 people responded to this?(as quick as the server could process it) Face it, Eagles have the most insane fans of any team in the NFL.
    The bottom line is this, Maybe it was a good move bringing in Michael Vick, maybe it wasn’t, we’re not going to know that until the end of the season. But for the cost of AJ Feeley’s salary, I think it was well worth the risk. If he starts bullshit in the Locker Room, then he’s gone, who cares… But if he is lighting up the field with plays that I guarantee we haven’t seen or heard of yet, then HooRay for the Eagles… Stay tuned…

  22. Not sure about other Eagles fans, but I’m happy with what he said. For so long, McNabb has been a “quiet” leader trying not to step on any toes.
    I think he realizes his window of winning a Super Bowl are getting smaller by the day and he’s finally speaking up and out loud.
    Some of the Philly fans that don’t like it should check themselves. Most are probably the same people who have bashed McNabb for not being fiery or vocal enough in the past.
    I for one am glad that McNabb finally looks like he’s saying “This is my team” and not just going along with stuff.
    To answer your question… At what point has the team gotten the “base offense going”? When you are executing the gameplan the way it’s supposed to be done.
    McNabb is right, like it or not, that Vick’s role (at least at the present) is a gimmick… meaning…. gimmick plays.
    They might score us a touchdown here and there but I guarantee you that the pretty much every win is going to be the result of efficient defensive play and continuity on offense.
    Of course this is just the opinion of a die-hard Eagles fan in the middle of Ravens, Redskins and Steelers country.

  23. I must agree with the other comments. You are trying to create drama from nothing here. Not a fan of this post, Mike. Not one bit.

  24. “The behind the scenes look this site used to provide is now quickly moving toward’s Joe Buck’s Favorite website. ”
    That is great! Joe Buck isn’t terrible or anything but man it’s like 5 years from now he’s going to come flyin out of the closet.

  25. Vcik’s role is a gimmick. What the hell else would you call it. He is there to run gimmick plays. If TO were there this would be a nightmare cause TO would try to split lockerroom between support for Vick and McNabb.
    Any idiot who read that an doesn’t realize he is talking about Vick when he refers to gimmicks is an idiot. What the hell else do you think he is talking about.
    Display Name are you stupid or in denial.

  26. Wait a sec……in one blog you say that one player (Favre) does not a Super Bowl team make……now you are saying one player (Vick) will stop the Eagles from making the Super Bowl.
    You seriously need to make up your mind and at the very least, stick to ONE opinion!

  27. florio, methinks u mean… tapping the brakes…
    altho vick is pretty hateful, his critics arent “the haters”. haters is a bogus term anyway, applied by the real haters, who want to continue to inflict that dog-killin’ jackass on the rest of us.

  28. I think Florio is jealous that the Eagles WRs are better than the rest of the division’s WRs for once…especially the Giants! Big deal Nicks explodes against the 3rd string waiver wire fodder.

  29. Well, at least the Eagles can run the Wildcat offense and feel safe about it. Vick doesn’t let his dogs live long enough to chase after them.

  30. I guess rational posts discussing football get ditched now that you’re at NBC, Mike? People call you “a worthless piece of ish” and get posted but The DPR posts something about the Eagles offense (without profanity) and doesn’t make the cut.
    Who’s sorting through these things now that you’ve hit the bigtime?
    Vick’s role IS A GIMMICK. McNabb is right.

  31. “McNabb calls Vick’s role a “gimmick””
    No he didn’t – not even close.
    You did, taken completely out of context, for headlines, and site hits.
    Just more Florio flame bait.
    Big surprise there.
    I guess I can see now, why you’re no longer practicing law.;
    Florio: “Were you acquainted with the deceased?”
    Witness: “Yes sir.”
    Florio: “Before or after he died?”
    Florio: “I show you Exhibit 3 and ask you if you recognize that picture.”
    Witness: “Yes, that’s me.”
    Florio: “Were you present when that picture was taken?”
    Florio: “Now, Mrs. Johnson, how was your first marriage terminated?”
    Witness: “By death.”
    Florio: “And by whose death was it terminated?”

  32. Florio, come on.. You know what it means. The football reason Vick is here is to have a different look on offense. Some of the plays will be gimmick / trick plays.
    McNabb’s point is correct. With any trick play, gimmick play, or even play action… It relies on the base offese to be set. For instance on a playaction pass – if the RB has not run the ball up the middle, it is not as much as a fake as if he was averaging 4 or 5 yards a carry there throughout the game.
    And, having a QB play WR is a gimmick.

  33. I don’t think this is a gimmick at all. Is it beyond coincidence that McNabb and Vick both have 2 years remaining on their deal? Don’t think so. In my estimation, the Birds figured they could get a pro bowl caliber player for cheap who could eventually replace Donovan. If Vick doesn’t show enough progress this year, then no big deal (hence the team option on Vick’s 2nd year). But if he shows enough this season that he can progress into the player he once was, my money is on the Birds picking up the team option on Vick’s 2nd year and then either trade or cut McNabb. If neither of those options are feasible at the time, they could always groom Vick under McNabb for Donovan’s final year. If the Eagles really thought that McNabb was their franchise, they would have gave him more than a two year extension. I think it’s pretty obvious that the Eagles are planning on life without McNabb.

    When an offense is sputtering “trick” plays-or gimmicks, if you will-sometimes ignites a team. Therefore, I fundamentally disagree w/McNabb. What’s disturbing for me is the almost perverse nature of Florio wanting to manufacture a headline. That’s cheaper than a skid-row whore. This is not jounalism.

  35. All this false drama being stirred by media types (yes, Florio, I called you a media type) is getting tired. Football is dramatic enough. I can’t wait for the season to start.

  36. Seems more and more like Two was right all along about McNabb; sans the part where Favre would have led Two and the Eagles to the Super Bowl.
    Bottom line, McNabb is and comes across as the biggest cry baby in the league.
    His insecurity is surpassed only by his whininess.

  37. TrickyDyk: Do you really think that they are trying to get Vick to replace McNabb? That doesn’t even make sense. McNabb is, by far, a better QB.

  38. So this “demeans” Vick? Why shouldn’t he be demeaned? He’s demeaned his fellow players, coaches, and owners for his whole career with his egotistical behavior, lying, and franchise-threatening illegal behavior. He hasn’t been demeaned nearly enough.
    And yeah, he’s a gimmick. Do you think anyone wants to build a long-term future on this guy? His best athletic years are already over. He’s turning 30 soon, and he’s shown little or no capacity to be a real team leader, let alone a solid QB that a team can depend on.
    Enjoy cheering for that sadistic dog torturer, Eagles fans, while we all enjoy the impending train wreck.

  39. McNabb: Rhythm Comments Overblown
    Donovan McNabb gave an honest assessment of the state of the team’s offense heading into the regular season, and shot down any notion of a quarterback controversy with Michael Vick.
    “I know with everything that’s going on right now, people are searching to find something,” McNabb said of his remarks about getting the rhythm of the offense going without Vick during the Jaguars game. “It’s blown way out of proportion.”
    McNabb said the addition of Vick will bring a lot to the offensive.
    “It’s another opportunity to put pressure on the defense,” he said. “It’s definitely going to help us out in so many ways. It’s definitely going to help out with Westbrook. It’s definitely going to help out everybody.
    “You’re talking about a(n) (offense) that scored a lot of points last year and now we’re adding more to it.”…
    Bloghead –
    — Posted by Bo Wulf, 12:10 p.m., August 31
    Way to present an unbiased analysis, Florio.

  40. Does anyone else just want to punch Donovan McNabb in the face? I can’t watch him do press conferences, he has this arrogance to him that is not only nonsense but just plain insulting. I swear he is the most arrogant individual in sports and really what reason does he have? choking every time he gets to an important game? Yeah I know some Philly fan is going to get on here and say “oooo look at his career numbers blah blah” I don’t give a damn.
    I can’t even belive I am going to post this but I actaully am ROOTING FOR Michael Vick just so McNabb can be brought down to his appropriate level and lose his arrogant p.o.s. “me first” attitude.

  41. Does anyone else just want to punch Donovan McNabb in the face? I can’t watch him do press conferences, he has this arrogance to him that is not only nonsense but just plain insulting. I swear he is the most arrogant individual in sports and really what reason does he have? choking every time he gets to an important game? Yeah I know some Philly fan is going to get on here and say “oooo look at his career numbers blah blah” I don’t give a damn.
    I can’t even belive I am going to post this but I actaully am ROOTING FOR Michael Vick just so McNabb can be brought down to his appropriate level and lose his arrogant p.o.s. “me first” attitude.

  42. For all you Eagles fans that constantly talk about how bad McNabb is I can’t wait for you to get your wish and move McNabb out of there so you can try to win anything with Kolb or Vick or Feeley.
    How is it possible for “Eagles fans” to think that McNabb is a horrible QB? Seriously are you gonna tell me you would rather have Shaun Hill, Byron Leftwich, Daunte Culpepper, Jamarcus Russell, Tony Romo, Kyle Orton, David Garrard, Brady Quinn, Kerry Collins, ….. do i need to continue?
    I’m not a philly fan or a fan of anybody in the NFC, but listening to “fans” bash McNabb drives me crazy, and i cant wait until someone else is the QB and you people realize just how good he is.

  43. Florio, you’re an idiot.
    All McNabb is saying is walk, don’t run – common sense. But of course you have to make something out of nothing again – you yenta.
    I hope you come to the Linc this season, and I hope it snows.

  44. PFT is turning into MSNBC!!!!!! Freaking NcNabb did not call Vick a gimmick. I’m not even an Eagles fan and one of the few to realize Vick is done but this kinda writing is turning chicken salad into chicken shit……I appreciate your wit on factual topics Florio but don’t make up a story despite the facts.

  45. Vick is a gimmick in the offense. He wasn’t much more than that when he was the starter in Atl.

  46. McNuasea will move on, Vick will be the starter in Philly, and when Philly gets excited, Vick will do something stupid. Vick returns to jail.
    Eagles will never win a superbowl with either one .

  47. Wow, i clicked the link hoping mcnabb had stirred up drama. Instead I see a completely sane quote from mcnabb saying you have to have a basic offense before you tack on fancy stuff, and a desperate attempt by the Perez Hilton of Sports to make up false drama. How can you even legally call that a quote when the word ‘Vick’ never even appears in his comment?? I see you used the word ‘bottom’ in the last paragraph. I guess we can legally quote you now – “Florio admits he loves to shove small animals up his ‘bottom’.” I am now an NBC-calibur journalist. Time to rig explosives to a gas tank and apply to Dateline NBC!

  48. McNabb is a master choke artist whose canvas is the playoffs.
    He is fragile in both ego and body. When his best is called for, he ultimately plays his worse (then typically blames someone else).
    By season’s end, I think the days of sitting down to share a bowl of Chunky with Big Red will be well over.
    Vick is to dogs as Jeffrey Dahmer was to people.
    He’s a also a sadistic lying criminal pothead scumbag dog-mutilating wannabe gansgter thug retard and over-rated one-trick pony.
    I’m glad he’s getting a second chance…to show the world how much he sucks, both as a football player and as a human being.
    I can’t wait for all the carnage to come this season, what with at least THREE major bloody, cacophonous, tragic, dysfunctional, dramatic trainwrecks looming on the horizon:
    1. Philly
    2. Denver
    3. Minnesota
    FACT: The football gods do not like the blatant hubris shown by each of these teams:
    Arrogance, egoism, obstinance, favoring the quick-fix big splash big names over hard work, sacrifice, team work, and patience.
    Yep, some BIG crashes are coming, and I can’t wait.

  49. # Levito says: August 31, 2009 1:21 PM
    I love it. It’s a circus in Philly, a circus in Dallas.
    In New York it’s all business.
    You’re in the business of letting your defense make rookie QBs look like John Elway, and BUSINESS IS GOOD.

  50. 1. ^^^ Tricky: McNabb’s deal over the summer wasn’t an extension, it was a restructured “raise” for the two years remaining on his contract. They essentially just gave him more money than he was set to make.
    2. If PFT ever wants to be taken seriously and seen as an actual news outlet for sports, they should stop interjecting their own bias and slant on the stories.
    3. I watched the McNabb PC independently and in it he said nothing of Vick’s role being “a gimmick”, as Florio states. Mike, you are right in stating McNabb used the term gimmick, but not in reference to Vick’s role. The Eagles themselves have stated they don’t know Vick’s role on the team as of this point, so how can a player comment on another player’s role that has yet to even be determined? That doesn’t make any sense.
    4. No where has McNabb stated what constitutes an offensive rhythm because, obviously, it isn’t quantifiable by statistics or points. He stated he wanted to get the offense that he will be leading some quality snaps and allow them to get a flow (ie rhythm). You could see in last weeks preseason game that the first-string offense didn’t look fluid until around the late-first quarter or second quarter. This is an offense that has been missing key players all training camp and this was the last time he had a chance to work with them, other than in practices, since most starters won’t play in the fourth preseason game. To try and spin that as anti-Vick statement is ludicrous.
    5. “And if “coming up with gimmicks” (a phrase that, in our view, inherently demeans Vick’s role in the offense) disrupts the ability of the offense to get up to full speed, doesn’t using Vick constitute tapping the breaks if/when the offense otherwise is humming along?”
    – Vick came in on the second play of the game. How can an offense get in a rhythm when “a gimmick play” is called the second play of the game? Vick being sent in every second down, yes, doesn’t allow an offensive unit the opportunity to start “humming along”. By definition that means those plays were disruptive to the first string offenses ability to get in sync .
    6. You have a point that McNabb seemed agitated by the series of events surrounding all the plays Vick played in, but you should more be focusing on McNabb’s frustration with the COACHES that called the plays, not the player hired to execute the plays. You are so quick to try and create turmoil where there isn’t just so, in the unlikely scenario something does happen in the future, you can say you called it a while back and you are a genious. Get over yourself, you douche. It’s much easier to be negative and pessimistic than honest and truthful. If sh*t hits the fan, you look insightful. And if it doesn’t, then you can just say, “Well things should’ve panned out the way they did.”
    Face it, you are a glorified blogger with nothing more than a desire to someday hear his name mentioned on a picture tube somewhere cause God knows you don’t have a face for TV.

  51. McNabb is 100% correct. It makes no sense the way they were using McNabb\Vick. McNabb should never line up as a wideout unless they are inside the 10 when a single CB would be out on a WR anyway. In the middle of the field he’s worthless out there. It afford the defense the ability to put a safety wherever they want, i.e. shadowing Vick. The defense knows McNabb is not going to do anything. If he got hurt playing WR it would be possibly the worse coaching move ever.
    Florio is a Steelers fan who doesn’t like the Eagles. If you can’t understand what he’s saying then you should stop writing about the topic.

  52. On alternate plays they could set Vick on fire and electrocute him to distract the oponent.
    But seriously is there a greater wast of human life than Mike Vick.

  53. Is David Axelrod advising PFT now? Just keep lying and it will become truth. Florio do you Hope there is QB Change in Philly because your beloved giants are average at best without bullet boy?
    Tell me again How Nicks is jerry rice in pre season games…

  54. florio you propaganda machine. you say this is the eagles best chance to win a superbowl?
    they HAD their chance! and they BLEW IT!!!
    philly cant win with mcnabb, hes a tier below the truly great QBs in the league whether their fans want to believe it or not. they cant win with westbrook now, the window has closed on him being a dominant back. justin peters doesnt help matters, hes been overrated since buffalo thought they had a diamond in the rough. desean jackson isnt an ace WR and hes too young to be counted on as a superbowl caliber player. the rest of their o-line is shakey at best at the moment, despite the name value. and brent celek, kevin curtis, reggie brown, lesean mccoy and jeremy maclin are the support play-makers? pllllleeeeeeeeaaaaasssse. (although mccoy seems alright so far)
    to top it off, this supposedly “tough” eagles D may be the most overrated unit (next to the titans) in the entire league.
    philly will be lucky to finish 3rd in their division, let alone making playoffs and winning a superbowl. people seem to forget new york and dallas are no joke, and the skins always seem to have some kind of run during a season.

  55. These eagles fans on here are actually defending mcnabb??? Wow guys, You boo him as hard as you can pretty much on weekly basis for the past decade or so and now you love him? Make up your mind will ya?
    Anyways, all this will be moot in about 8-10 weeks when the injury clown mcnabb goes down with any one of a variety of possible ailments. Then the vick era starts in philly……(Mcnabb is a bitch, I look forward to this prediction coming to fruition)

  56. And to think I was against this………
    …….it’s going to work out better than I imagined……

  57. Florio……..can you not become a real reporter/journalist and report real news. You are the drama king of the sports writing world, Congrats DB.

  58. First off: This is gossip/drama.
    Secondly: Did anyone think that perhaps McNabb saying “gimmick” is a “gimmick”?
    Vick needs to be on the field about 50% of the offensive plays to establish a fear-factor to the defense. Though he is on the field 50% of those plays, doesn’t necessarily mean that he should or will touch the ball. Split him to to slot position and run it up the gut. Automatic 5 yards since the LBs will be focusing on Vick getting the ball.

  59. “…FlyEaglesFly says: August 31, 2009 2:54 PM
    Florio is a Steelers fan….”
    Welcome aboard.
    (Obviously you’re new here)

  60. Oh Florio!: your persistence is almost fanatical.
    Commenting on McNabb’s comments is tricky and potentially misleading.
    You state that McNaab “tried to downplay the in-game discussion with (…) Marty Mornhinweg” and that he “told coach how to do his job”.
    And at the same time you say “It’s the same notion McNabb mentioned on Thursday night, and we still don’t know what it means.”
    This could be interpreted as if you where opining with certainty… on something that you still don’t know what it means?!?
    Is this great reporting?
    Is this great analysis?
    What roams your “notion” Florio?
    I saw the press conference and you most have a very bias attitude towards this story. Probably, until the team starts to play and, hopefully, win with Vick in a solid role after some more trials and errors – this is how success is achieved.
    So I will write you back then and I will say to you:
    “Nattering nabobs of negativity” (William L. Safire)

  61. McNabb’s dead wrong on this one. Michael Vick playing QB is every bit as serious and important and Ronnie Brown playing QB, albeit less effective.

  62. McNabb needs to start eating dog. Then the owners will give him no problems.
    Vick just killed them, Mcnabb needs to do more.

  63. LOL
    Philly fans love when Florio rips the Cowboys, but can’t handle when it’s their own team! LOL! Enjoy your circus iggle fans. Philly fans are a joke. Cowboys flying under the radar this season, all the way to the Super Bowl!

  64. And all you Eagles fans insisted that McNabb was ok with Vick being brought in. Tried to tell you idiots that there isn’t enough room in Philly for McNabb’s ego and anyone else. Spin it however you want, but Vick’s presence is already pissing him off, and calling it a “gimmick” is a direct insult to Vick.
    Every time he opens his mouth, it’s either a bunch of stupid BS or vomit coming out. Sometimes it’s both.
    This’ll be better than the TO meltdown. My popcorn is ready

  65. @bryanGENE
    “Cowboys flying under the radar this season, all the way to the Super Bowl!”
    The Cowboys suck. You have no talent. How can you expect to make it to playoffs? Super Bowl? What a joke?
    I just hope punts fly under that punt-blocking TV.

  66. First off – Prior to the Eagles inking Vick, they should have exhibited the professional courtesy due JAWS, and retired the number 7. And, Looking ahead, I see this experiment, and resultant season (6-10), as another train wreck. Luri has over stepped his span of “the great humanists” control.

  67. @ Steeler
    The Cowboys certainly dont suck. They have one of the top defenses in the league, the BEST LB and TE in the league and a QB who is capable of being one of the bestter RB’s in the league. I think you need to look outside of your own teams rosters before making such claims good sir.
    and if i wasnt clear… there is no athlete in this world, with a possible exception of david beckham, that i despise more than D-Nabb.

  68. “In New York it’s all business.”
    Except for Osi, who wants more money and is all of a sudden missing in action. But I guess that’s just business too.

  69. Killachap says:
    “and if i wasnt clear… there is no athlete in this world, with a possible exception of david beckham, that i despise more than D-Nabb”
    I’d hate him, too, if he continually kicked my teams ass.
    It’s precisely why I would hate Tony Romo, if he were talented.

  70. I believe McNabb is worried about his quarterback position and there is a possibility it could happen. Vick needs to play on the field to accomplish what he did prior to prison. He has been away for over two years and needs to work out. Vick wasn’t hired to replace McNabb but if he proves himself a better quarterback then I can see McNabb going later.

  71. New York is all business.
    Plastico is behind bars.
    Eli resembles his rookie season form
    If the combined WR and TE unit could be molded together, you might have 1.5 actual NFL quality receivers.
    and there’s a manhunt for Osi.
    Talk about a team that just rolled over after the SB.

  72. Mike Florio’s a tool and a disgrace to the entire football community. Suck a *ick Florio.

  73. @killachap–
    A QB who is capable of beciming one of the best RB’s in the league–Romo? a RB?
    Just askin

  74. This site is getting worse and worse. I have to believe you guys are not totally dumb because you have written some relatively intelligent items before. But this incessant BS with the Eagles makes me think of high school chicks… “oh my god, did you hear what she said? did you see what she is wearing?” You are just trying to manufacture drama where there is none at all… ZERO. Although I know this is a rumormill site, at least make it interesting and have some faint scent of an actual rumor or issue.
    This comment in particular, McNabb meant getting the offense going before running gimmick plays in general, not specifically Vick. The Eagles were obviously just throwing Vick in there vs. the Jags to see what he can do. That’s not exactly how they’ll use him during the season. Picture that ALL of the plays he ran were near the goal line – gives it a much different perspective.
    People forget that the Eagles don’t HAVE to use Vick at all. He’s just an extra threat, a chess piece that opponents have to gameplan for. Certainly a good one to have in your back pocket. They’ll use him here and there as a wildcat QB – likely near the goal line, probably sometimes as a WR/RB, maybe even as a punt/kick returner. But ultimately, he is there to develop as a QB over the course of the year and be there as a true backup if McNabb were to get injured. And then after this year they most likely will trade him and pickup a nice draft pick. Its an investment.

  75. The only gimmick is the manufactured drama you provide on this site. I stopped checking this site last season, when I couldn’t take any more of Florio’s high school shit, but I see that not much has changed. See you all on another site.

  76. Hmm seems to me like he is making excuses already and the season isn’t even begun yet..
    Hmm sounds like there is trouble in paradise…

  77. I miss the days of PFT simply being a horribly inaccurate blog about football, instead of the horribly inaccurate, sensationalistic, TMZ-of-the-footballing-world that it has become.

  78. this site is a rumor mill; entertaining … and it put your pink/green lantern panties in a wadd there eagirl fans (for this article)…but the truth hurts you people that Mcflopp needed another reason for blame in falling short.Now he’s using mike vick to do it…Remember mcnabb was all about this guy coming to Philly regardless of who it would affect, the fans or the team. now it’s gonna bite you in the ass, its affecting him. hmm
    good luck seeing the playoff’s…

  79. “I’d hate him, too, if he continually kicked my teams ass.”
    Wow, welcome to 2004. Maybe you need to look the word “continually” up. Let me help you.
    continually – without cessation or intermission; unceasingly; always.
    McNabb’s got a losing record as a starter (3-4) against the Cowboys since he lost his shrimp cocktail in Super Bowl 39.

  80. vox…you cant compare the eagles to your high end low rent team…even if the cryboys make too the playoff’s, romo will still fold and you’ll still be talking crap like ten years of busts never went by…last time in the playoff’s right?

  81. You know, for once I feel sorry for McNabb. He’s tried to be a company man his entire career. Eagirls management just keeps testing him and testing him. I don’t believe for a second that he was on board with this Vick thing, I think he’s just being a good company man again, thinking that Vick would play, at very best, some type of “Slash” role with a de-emphasis on the QB position. Now that it looks like he’s going to be playing a lot of QB, actually replacing McNabb at times. I don’t think McNabb is going to be happy with any situation that finds him on the sidelines watching Vick run the offense. Not even a snap here and there.
    I used to think that most of the TO/McNabb thing was McNabb getting upset that he wasn’t being seen as the cog that made the machine work. Now I’m wondering if Reid and Banner aren’t serving that role.
    Honestly Eagles fans, and the correct spelling is intentional because I’m genuinely curious to see if any of you see it that way, WTF is wrong with those guys?

  82. Good point, mg216 – I agree on the Jaworski number-retiring idea. That should have been a no-brainer, and overdue to boot. But then, with the Vick acquisition, the organization has proven it has no brain, so it’s a quandary.

  83. @footballrulz
    obviously you are a fool and couldnt just get a simple mistake… but you must be one of the ones who gets on here and checks everyone’s spelling so you can do what you can to make yourself feel better schmuck.
    @ Jackal
    Again… I always respect a fan for being die hard about his team and his players… however what i have no tolerance for is someone who is blinded by their fan status. mcnabb doesnt constantly kick the cowboys ass, in fact i think they split last season you moron. if you dont know what you are talking about, just dont talk.
    And to all the damn haters… this website is amazing, get the hell over the “rumor mill”. if you dont like it, click somewhere else.

  84. First the man never meant the statement the way it was stateed by the site. I just wonder if everyone is going to bitch when the player that killed someone while driving drunk comes back. Will be interestijg to see if animals or humans are more respected………

  85. Also, that would be “tapping the BRAKES” not the “breaks”. Back when I was a journalism major, you had a stylebook and a thesaurus and you knew the difference between a homonym and hominy. Lose the spell check and get a freaking clue. Makes me question just how much attention you could possibly be paying to football!

  86. edogma!! Thank you!! well stated. If you really know what is going on in the organization then you know there is no controversy. The media like Florio love to make stories out of nothing. I can’t wait to see all these Eagle haters once the season starts. I am writing each and every one of you down each day just to say ‘I told you so’ and anyone bashing McNabb and the birds are not real eagles fans around here anyway. So we really don’t care what you have to say because it is not even credible. McNabb is the best QB the Eagles have ever had and top 5 QB in the league. Vick is just a compliment to the QB position that is an ‘athlete’ who has infinite possibilities – he is not taking anyone’s spot. Relax bitches.

  87. jcbarr318 says:
    August 31, 2009 9:32 PM
    Also, that would be “tapping the BRAKES” not the “breaks”. Back when I was a journalism major, you had a stylebook and a thesaurus and you knew the difference between a homonym and hominy. Lose the spell check and get a freaking clue. Makes me question just how much attention you could possibly be paying to football!
    This is first class.

  88. Sorry, Vox, am I living in the past?
    I can see where a Cowboys fan would call me out on that – they NEVER cite things that happened, oh, say, 12 or so years ago as proof that one team is better than another.

  89. I get embarrassed to be an Eagles fan when I see so many Eagles fans down McNabb. Are you people completely clueless? He set a franchise record for passing last year and is second in NFL history in TD to INT ratio behind Neil O’Donnell. You all loved Bubby Bristor though…. I used to have season tickets, but I got tired of fans booing their own team in the first quarter. I know not all Eagles fans are that way, but a good # of fans act a certain way to try to uphold the stigma of “tough fans”. Get a grip and enjoy the ride people. We are witnessing the greatest coach and quaterback in Eagles history at the same time.

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