Owens: No structural problems in toe

It was all about the shoes.

At least that’s what Bills receiver Terrell Owens says caused the toe problems that sidelined him for the majority of August.  T.O. says he’s not worried about the injury lingering.

“It was not anything structurally or due to a tackle or anything like that,” Owens said.  “It
had to do with a type of shoe that I was wearing, so obviously it was a
different shoe that I had last year, so I just had to switch shoes.  It’s good
that it happened earlier than later.”

Owens did everything at practice Monday with zero limitations, so the Bills appear to have dodged a bullet.  If T.O. doesn’t suffer any setbacks, he’ll clearly be ready for the team’s opening game on Monday Night Football. 

Don’t worry “T.O. Show” fans; Owens’ reality program will have already aired its finale before football that counts starts again.  (And anyone that would watch the “reality show” over live football shouldn’t be reading this site.)