"Open dislocation" for Kyle Orton

On the surface, the outcome made no sense.  Barring some of the equipment manipulation advocated in the original version of The Longest Yard, how could Bears defensive end Adewale Ogunleye slash the finger of Broncos quarterback Kyle Orton with a gloved hand?

As it turns out, Ogunleye didn’t have a razor blade in his glove.  (And that’s definitely a comforting thought.)  Instead, Orton had a bone in his finger that was sufficiently dislocated that it sliced through the flesh, from the inside.

Per the Denver Post, it’s an “open dislocation.”  Thus, the damage is akin to a bone-deep cut that will require extensive stitching to heal.

So Orton’s status for Week One is in doubt, and this means that the roster of opening-day rookie starting quarterbacks could include not only Mark Sanchez and Matthew Stafford, but also a sixth-round pick from Fresno State named Tom Brandstater.

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  1. Exact same injury happened to FSU backup QB EJ Manuel in the first practice of spring and he missed the entire spring. I’d be shocked if neckbeard is ready for Week 1 or even Week 2.
    It’s not like the index finger on your throwing hand is an unimportant digit.

  2. Repeat after me:
    “I–state your brand…”
    I, state your brand….
    Poor Orton.
    He should just pour a little whiskey on it and stick it in a blonde (that’ll fix MOST boo-boos, by the way).
    It couldn’t have been worse, though–he could have broken his neck-beard.
    Of course Ogunleye didn’t have a razor blade in his glove…the man doesn’t play for the Raiders, does he?

  3. One report I read said that Ogunleye DID have a razor, but that he was only trying to help Oron shave his neckbeard off.

  4. [sarcasm] Since McDaniel’s has such great people skills, perhaps he should look into signing Jeff George. [/sarcasm]

  5. Michael Olowokandi did this some time ago, and he was out two weeks. But then, he wasn’t a Qb. Either way, that’s some frame of reference.

  6. At least it’s not the feared injury to an “upper extremity” that the Broncos first reported. Those things can be bad.

  7. I hate to say it but with with the pre-season coming to a close and with what this kid has shown I feel more confident with a no name at the helm than Orton as of late, sure Kyle steadily won games while in Chicago but what the hell does the Broncos have to loose at this point. Dignity? I’m sure McDaniels is trying to destroy what little they have left. Who knows? Rumor has it, that there was a no name called upon who won games last year while playing for New England under a certain coach?

  8. “# anthony says: September 1, 2009 11:29 AM
    I don’t care I’m not A Broncos fan.
    Go Raiders!”
    Awesome contribution to both this website and the human race itself.

  9. Watch Brandstater blow up and lead the Broncos to the AFCW crown. HA! Poor Kyle Orton. Can you imagine being upstaged in your career by Sexy Rexy and now something called Brandstater. Brutal.

  10. Does this mean that McDaniels trades for an available QB like Tavaris Jackson or Luke McCown? Or does he go dumpster-diving for someone like last year’s backup in New England, Kevin O’Connell?
    I don’t see him starting Brandstater in week one.

  11. “With the first pick in the 2010 NFL Draft, the Denver Broncos select: Sam Bradford, Quarterback, Oklahoma.
    Detroit is now on the clock…”

  12. Not going to happen without a major trade, Tim. The Broncos sent their 2010 1st rounder to Seattle to draft a CB in the 2nd this year.

  13. Let’s see….the defense was one of the worst last year, they didn’t have a running game, now they don’t have a quarterback, their best WR is an A-hole who would rather stay home than play for them.
    Maybe they can can focus on the #1 draft pick for 2010 and call the season a success when they go 14-2

  14. So much for the Patriots Mafia-like injury reporting McDouche has tried to get going in Denver. Upper extremity…no duh…we saw bone.
    I thought Brandstater looked pretty good and I’d not be opposed to taking my lumps with him. It could destroy him if Chris Simms comes back and takes the spot though. Orton has zero arm-strength and does not deserve to be a starting QB…and I don’t really care about his 21-12 record as a starter after that left handed shot-put in Seattle.

  15. @TimTheEnchanter
    That would imply that the Bears have the worst record in the NFL. The Donkeys traded away their natural #1 for a second-round CB that got burned by a fifth round WR.
    go Broncos.

  16. NOW I have hope in the season. Brandstater was and will be Joshie’s boy. He drafted him, he’s the prototype Joshie likes and so might as well throw him into the fire and make the losses mean something in terms of team growth. Putting Orton out there does nothing for Brandstater’s development and growth. Although not having Orton on the field will reduce the number of “follies” that will be on SportsCenter on a weekly basis.

  17. It doesn’t matter who the Broncos start at QB. McDaniels has proven that he is completely overwhelmed and in over his head. He inherited a team with a very capable offense and a very incapable defense and proceeded to “fix” the team by obliterating the offense. It will be a miracle if he even makes it to a second season. Broncos fans will be begging for someone as competent as Marty Mornhinweg or Rich Kotite by the end of this season.

  18. Okay, I think I’m missing something here….
    A dislocated bone does not “cut through” skin. Now, if the bone is BROKEN such that it has sharp edges–absolutely. But unbroken, the bones of the finger are rounded (slightly spherical) on the edges–no way that is going to slice muscle and skin tissue.
    So basically, the way I am reading this he has a compound fracture of the finger.

  19. # teke184 says: September 1, 2009 11:57 AM
    Not going to happen without a major trade, Tim. The Broncos sent their 2010 1st rounder to Seattle to draft a CB in the 2nd this year.
    It seems that Bronco fans forgot about that stupid move.
    The Bears will have a better record than Denver (who won’t?) and instead of the the Broncos having two first round picks next year they will have just one and have actually moved down in the draft with that one.
    This is what you got in return for Jay Cutler?
    Worse start to a coaching career in the history of the NFL and 2nd place is not even close.

  20. TimTheEnchanter
    “With the first pick in the 2010 NFL Draft, the Denver Broncos select: Sam Bradford, Quarterback, Oklahoma.
    Detroit is now on the clock…”
    While you’re more than right about Denver having the #1 overall pick in 2010, they ALREADY traded it to Seattle. Best move ever!
    McDaniels may have just set a record for the fastest destruction of a half-decent NFL team in history. Bowlen is the new Davis.

  21. Time for Josh McDumbass to get in his car and find that mountain hide-away handball court in the hidden hills and sign one Jake”the snake”PLUMMER
    by the way TimTheEnchanter no first pick in the 2010 nfl draft McDumbass has already traded it away for Alphonso Smith a db they could have got in the 3rd round

  22. Mr. Bowlen and the Bronco organization knew that a lot of rain was going to fall on their heads this year. But at the end of rain is a rainbow and a pot of gold. Glass-half-full fan here.
    Mr. Bowlen is a smart man, and he knows just how mire in mediocrity the Broncos really were and that Coach McDaniels has a plan to get the Broncos back to the winner philosophy. And for those Bronco fans that have forgot;
    The Shanahan & Cutler era was not pretty.
    -Offense led the NFL in 2008 season with 1,598 fourth-quarter yards, but was tied for 17th with 108 fourth-quarter points
    -Tied for 25th in the NFL with a .357 winning percentage (5-9) in the final month of the past three seasons
    -In two seasons, Broncos only had to win their final home game against teams with losing records — San Francisco and Buffalo — to reach the playoffs.
    @lateralus82..showing your child side with name calling. Ask mom to limit this website.
    @filbertkiwi71..speaking of people skills, when does your brain kick in? After the next bong?
    @elwood2133..you may be just right. Tom Brandstater did show patience in the pocket. Good start.
    @tiki184..why would Jackson or McCown be an upgrade? They do not know the offense as well as TB does.
    @timtheenchanter..you do not follow pro football at all huh?
    @cabroncofan..name calling shows your childish side, move on. You do make a valid comment about TB, why not move forward because he did show patience in the pocket.
    @billsfan27..great so lets just call you 4crap. (4 time SB loser).

  23. I’m glad orton is gone, his beard was scratchy on my face.
    Cutler shaves…..everywhere….i know from experience….

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