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Report: Broncos monitoring Jets for tampering

With the Jets reportedly considering a trade for Broncos receiver Brandon Marshall, the Broncos reportedly will be keeping an eye on the things the Jets say and do on the topic.

According to Ed Werder of ESPN, the Broncos are “carefully monitoring any public comments made” by the Jets for evidence of tampering.

But the Jets are smart enough (then again, if they’re interested in Marshall, maybe they aren’t) to realize that they can’t make any public comments about Marshall.  And the Broncos are smart enough (then again, because they traded Jay Cutler, maybe they aren’t) to realize that the Jets are smart enough not to provide any smoking-gun evidence.

So what’s going on here?  Our guess is that the report from Werder is a warning to the Jets to refrain from engaging in any private comments that would constitute tampering.

And that’s not simply paranoia on the part of Broncos coach Josh McDaniels, who nevertheless fidgets enough while speaking to come off as someone who thinks everyone is out to get him.  McDaniels was starting his first season as offensive coordinator of the Patriots when receiver Deion Branch held out due to unhappiness with the final year of his rookie contract, and ultimately was traded to Seattle. 

After doing the deal with the Seahawks, the Pats filed tampering charges against the Jets.

So that Belichick/Pioli versus Mangini/Tannenbaum vibe likely has carried over to McDaniels, with the former Pats lieutenant leery of what the Jets might be doing behind the scenes to make Marshall aware of what, hypothetically, he would be paid if, hypothetically, he were traded to New York.

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28 Responses to “Report: Broncos monitoring Jets for tampering”
  1. Shademan says: Sep 2, 2009 12:52 PM

    Marshall Marshall Marshall. Give it a rest already.

  2. Samuel L. Bronkowitz says: Sep 2, 2009 12:53 PM

    Broncos maybe have other issues they should be focusing on, such as launching an investigation on who left the clubhouse unlocked and permitted somebody’s teen-aged son to come in and coach the team…

  3. BRYAN_NELMS says: Sep 2, 2009 1:00 PM

    Report: Nelms monitoring PFT for an interesting story.

  4. SoCalSean says: Sep 2, 2009 1:07 PM

    Florio = Poop

  5. hayward giablommi says: Sep 2, 2009 1:08 PM

    Pats haters will obviously pooh-pooh this, but the Jets are hands down the sleaziest, most duplicitous organization in the league.
    If only they could just put together more than one winning season in a row, people might actually care.

  6. rusH1023 says: Sep 2, 2009 1:14 PM

    Hypothetically, the Jets are, collectively, morons. I wouldn’t put it past them either.

  7. utbutte says: Sep 2, 2009 1:21 PM

    From the No News Is No News Dept.:
    R-e-e-a-c-h for SOMETHING, ANYTHING,
    to throw out there. PFT is getting to be
    “throw it all against the wall and maybe something sticks”. LOL Journalism is what I call it. YUK! Don’t know why I bother coming back to read this manufactured drivel. Cotton candy for the mind? Soil your conciousness at your own risk, people!

  8. DencoKid says: Sep 2, 2009 1:28 PM

    Sheesh, Little Joshy should be thrilled someone’s interested in taking the cancer that is Marshall off his hands, and not so worried about Papa Bellichick’s approval.

  9. CABroncoFan says: Sep 2, 2009 1:43 PM

    Jesus…my team is a joke.

  10. hitch1969 says: Sep 2, 2009 1:44 PM

    chugga chugga chooo choooooo!

  11. Jets87 says: Sep 2, 2009 1:59 PM

    Hayward, how are the Jets a sleazy organization? Because they wouldnt be strong armed into extending past their prime players, how about you stop kissing up to toolbag Florio, who obviously has his panties in a bunch about the Jets

  12. dat crazy bok says: Sep 2, 2009 2:11 PM

    Jets87 says:
    September 2, 2009 1:59 PM
    Hayward, how are the Jets a sleazy organization? Because they wouldnt be strong armed into extending past their prime players, how about you stop kissing up to toolbag Florio, who obviously has his panties in a bunch about the Jets
    They wouldn’t be strong armed into extending past their prime players? Brett Favre anyone?

  13. pats suck, blow and cheat says: Sep 2, 2009 2:18 PM

    “Pats haters will obviously pooh-pooh this, but the Jets are hands down the sleaziest, most duplicitous organization in the league.”
    Until the head coach of any other team is fined a record quarter mil, and the franchise is stripped of a first rd draft choice, all other franchises are playing for 2nd when it comes to being “the sleaziest, most duplicitous organization in the league. ”
    Nevermind, your drug dealing, snitching RT or Wilfork’ s elbow or HGHarrison.
    pats fans suck and blow too.

  14. Jets87 says: Sep 2, 2009 2:21 PM

    Did they extend Brett Favre? Or upgrade the position for one year?

  15. texasPHINSfan says: Sep 2, 2009 2:24 PM

    Rex Ryan is the leader of the franchise that you say is “smart enough” to not say anything to get them in trouble?
    Apologies for disagreeing with you, but with him at the helm, i’d expect a *greater* chance of them saying something stupid to help with a tampering charge….

  16. SixBurgDezNuts says: Sep 2, 2009 2:29 PM

    funny i was writing my post about tards and pats suck blow and cheat posts while im writing. Perfect example of someone who is confused, weighs 400 pounds, going no where with his life and will probably threaten to whoop my ass while knowing he lives safely 500 miles away from me, KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK FLORIO THIS IS MY FAV WEBSITE F THE HATERS!!!

  17. SixBurgDezNuts says: Sep 2, 2009 2:36 PM

    listen guys all of you are f’n retards i read all the pft columns and i am a NE fan. Let the haters come out. I never was going to register and post that’s not my style. I like to read the column and then the insight by readers. But lately its all f’n rubbish ESPECIALLY SIXBURGHDUDE, more than ANY ONE person, he is truely a retard. My brother is the biggest pittsburg fan i know and guarantee he trumps any of your knowledge of the your beloved steelers and he doesnt think anything about the champs being tainted, Your an f’n taint. You know what a taint is? Weight you probably weigh about 400, three pairs of glasses and a virgin so im guessing the only taint you know is feeling you get when u wipe your ass. And i obviously spelled weigh like that on purpose for you clerical retards. this is not a journalistic website, it’s about getting the news to us fans and fantasy players ASAP which, florio if your listening and the rest of the pft team, they do extremely well at. There are countless articles that i don’t care for but it doesn’t mean someone doesn’t. I promise you f’n tards that florio didn’t create the website for JUST YOU, he had everyone in mind hence the reason for some articles you may not like. What you SHOULD be doing is applauding him for breaking any news that has to do with the nfl, regardless of how big a story it is. Also stop sayin shit like enough of that marshall story or aything that gets repeated. First – BMarsh is one of the best WR in the game so its really BIG news which i’m sure Denver fans log onto daily making sure the only star player on there team stays.(discounting the greatest CB in the game, bailey) And Second – Like my aformentioned(too big a word for you dumbasses i know) Opinion, he breaks all and any news, and obviously that caliber player going through what he is going through anyone will report him so much as being seen in any other nfl city right now, get over it. The last thing id like to say, which id like to remind you i have never posted before but was getting real sick of everyone being f’n tards, again ESPECIALLY YOU SIXBURGDUDE, so i had to register and post this -The most active and stupid posts come from people that log in every day and have a post on nearly every column. So either A – you hate this website so much that you come on it everyday to voice your opinion about how it should be ran or how you would run or whats wrong with etc etc. or B – You actually love the website, apparently by how much you come here, yet repeatedly talk about how you would report or better yet how florio should report or and voice your opinion on how the website sucks. SO either A your a f’n useless person that has nothing to do with his time(work, girls, beer, anything but a f’n computer) so he goes on a website he hates to tell people how much he hates the website or B You love the website you just hate your life so much so you have to voice whats on your mind to the only person that will listen to you, your computer. Now i know this won’t change a damn thing you f’n useless people will never change the direction of your life, but atfer reading a bunch of columns today and seeing more negative comments than positive i had to put in my 2 cents. Also to anyone that thinks the pats records are TAINTED, you are all retarded, do some homework everyone in the league was doing that at some point or somehow, the tv cameras and feed, which all nfl teams have access to during halftime to review has the defensive coordinator on them showing signals. the Patriots just set up a camera-man on just him so that they could run that camera along with what was going on on the field therefore they knew they’re signals, blah blah. Say what you want but like i said every NFl team has access to the tv footage at halftime, which shows in essence the thing that the pats got “caught” cheating for. You want to see some real cheating? Go talk to the broncos and ask them what there salary cap number really was in 97, SO all of you f’n tards, stupid DUCKS! and very uneducated people back off, or atleast go somewhere that your opinion has value and your statement cared for. IM DONE
    PS SixBurgDude SUCK DEZ NUTS WHEN THE PATS RUN THROUGH YOUR TEAM, last statement, i f’n love and respect the steelers and there fans, but alas there online fans are stupider that al davis and yes i used that word on purpose

  18. BRYAN_NELMS says: Sep 2, 2009 2:58 PM

    can we put and asterik on SixBurgDezNuts post? That sounds like roid rage. Typical.

  19. hayward giablommi says: Sep 2, 2009 3:01 PM

    @ utbutte
    It’s called a “RUMOR MILL”. Noone’s forcing you to read it, and noone’s forcing you to post here.
    Feel free to leave at any time.

  20. hayward giablommi says: Sep 2, 2009 3:07 PM

    @ pats suck, blow and cheat
    Identify what team your a fan of and I will respond. Logic dictates that it is one of a handful of teams:
    a.) Pittsburgh
    b.) Jesters
    c.) Colts
    d.) Chargers
    Let’s here it, big guy…

  21. Seserdr1 says: Sep 2, 2009 3:13 PM

    It is a shae that the Denver Bronco’s have the WORST fans in the NFL. They have been crying all summer how horrible Cutler is. The reality is they should be blasing a premodonna like their owner and the Belechick/Parcells clone in Josh McDaniels. That will prove out to be the worst hire if the year. Now here is a guy who hadn’t even let his seat get warm before he wanted to dump QB that is the best QB in Denver in 10 years. Now he has alienated his best reciever and countless others in the Broncos locker room. He is an immature “punk” who is trying to show everyone who’s boss. Here is a hint, the players who get you there. I’m sure my cat could have coached Brady-Moss to 12-16 wins in 2007. The fact was when it counted they lost. Thanks NY. This guy hasn’t proved anything. When you have guys around the league who hav the experience to win and they choose McDaniels, how can ou blame Marshall. The no trust Broncos will fall flat, trust me Orton is good for 7-9 wins tops. Now they want to attack the Jets. Way to keep your eye on the ball. When they are picking high in the Draft for QB in 2010, then will the Broncos fans blame the coach or still blame the guy who isn’t there. Bad form Broncos fans.

  22. Dewey Axewound says: Sep 2, 2009 3:18 PM

    Samuel L. Bronkowitz says:
    September 2, 2009 12:53 PM
    Broncos maybe have other issues they should be focusing on, such as launching an investigation on who left the clubhouse unlocked and permitted somebody’s teen-aged son to come in and coach the team…
    And while they were in there, apparently they stole a franchise QB and a couple draft picks, too.
    I love that McDummy ships out the one guy he SHOULD have done everything in his power to keep, but now is doing everything in his power to keep the one guy he SHOULD be shipping out!
    Pure wizardry.
    While I usually prefer the book form–this time I’ll just wait for the movie, ok?

  23. poiuyt says: Sep 2, 2009 3:54 PM

    The NFL will probably just look the other way. Just like they did when the Vikings tampered with Favre when he was in Green Bay.

  24. getreal says: Sep 2, 2009 3:59 PM

    BRAVO SixBurgDezNuts!! Very well said!
    I have rarely posted a comment either, but I just wanted to say all the negative nancys out there should read his/her post (judging by the taint comment, and this is PFT, most likely a he) 🙂
    Like the humor, liked the patience to right such a long, yet needed comment, and yes I like the fact that you addressed all the nah sayers who have enough unpurposed, spare, and boring moment in their life that they have to take the time to long in EVERY ARTICLE and tell us all how they don’t care for the article…..which I agree is really for one of the two reasons you suggested.
    People please, I don’t read articles/topics I am not interested in…not about sports or any other topic for that matter. I’m not going to buy a newspaper, read it, just to brag to others about how it was a waste of my precious time…nor should you come to PFT and “waste” your time doing something “you don’t like” and then truly waste everybody else’s time (who come to PFT to fill their NFL info sponges) by posting comment after comment about how its boring and blah blah.
    Supply and demand…..if you don’t demand the product you are getting, then go find another supply that makes you happier. If you don’t do that, and you keep coming back here, then its probably because this is the best you can find….so stop your pointless gripes and either read and post something interesting or useful, or don’t read/read, not enjoy, but move on if you have nothing interesting to add. If I want to hear children pointlessly whine and complain, my mother runs a daycare center…maybe I’ll see some of you there….that is if your computer is done baby sitting your life.
    BRAVO SixBurgDezNuts…..I hope to see more and more of those types of comments on more of these articles until some people really wake up and grow up. Bravo! [clap, clap, clap, clap…]

  25. hitch1969 says: Sep 2, 2009 4:01 PM

    what i would like for my broncos once we get the mcdaniels era behind us:
    danny reeves – head coach
    shanahan – offensive coordinator
    red miller – defensive coordinator
    yeah, i said danny reeves.

  26. stanjam says: Sep 2, 2009 4:19 PM

    We have watched the Jets do this kind of thing over and over again. No surprises here, but the league will never do anything about it. Goodell keeps the Jets in his back pocket, and that is where they stay, stinking of, well, what you would expect things that hang out on a guy’s rear end to stink of.

  27. tom coughlin's coat holder says: Sep 2, 2009 4:25 PM

    six burg dez nuts…..a budding henry james there.

  28. DenverBronco26 says: Sep 5, 2009 5:18 PM

    “And that’s not simply paranoia on the part of Broncos coach Josh McDaniels, who nevertheless fidgets enough while speaking to come off as someone who thinks everyone is out to get him.” Florio you hit the nail on the head. I love this quote

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