Roy Williams returns to practice for Cowboys

Only days after suffering a bruised shoulder that initially was diagnosed by trainers as a broken collarbone, Cowboys receiver Roy Williams was back at practice on Tuesday.

He looked pretty
good and moved around well
,” coach Wade Phillips said Tuesday night, per the Dallas Morning News.  “He looked like
he was a little sore on his shoulder, but he didn’t seem to have any

Williams suffered the injury when colliding with second-year cornerback Orlando Scandrick.  Earlier in camp, a collision between Scandrick and Roy Williams resulted in the veteran wideout injuring his wrist.

“I asked him how
he was doing and told him it was an accident,” Scandrick said of the latest injury.  “He said
all right.  He said he wasn’t mad at me, he was mad at the situation.”

The “situation” included what appeared to be a semi-full-speed drill with players not wearing shoulder pads.

14 responses to “Roy Williams returns to practice for Cowboys

  1. Nice, timely reporting there Mike. Report yesterdays news at 9:20 the following day.
    “The situation” was a public practice and it looks like the players were a little aggressive trying to show off.
    Stuff happens, they weren’t supposed to be full speed, which is why they weren’t wearing pads. If they wore pads they would have been more inclined to go full out.

  2. Florio, it was never “initially diagnosed by trainers as a broken collarbone,” it was initially MISdiagnosed by PFT as a broken collarbone…

  3. Roy, take the year off. Your team is a roster full of talentless turds…your stock is going to take a sizeable beating this year. Whatever stock you had left. 44-6

  4. pubicreign says:
    September 2, 2009 10:37 PM
    Roy, take the year off.
    Didn’t he do that last year?

  5. Considering the amount of draft picks that Jerry sent to the Lions for this turd, Cowgirl fans hope for better production than 17 catches.
    Who would have thought that the Lion’s front office could hoodwink Jerry like that? Then again with the playoffs on the line, who would have predicted 44-6?

  6. It could have been worse, Jimmy. Like giving up four firsts for AJ Hawk, Justin Harrell, Aaron Rodgers and Ahmad Carroll. Maybe BJ Rahi will live down to expectations, too.

  7. “Florio, it was never “initially diagnosed by trainers as a broken collarbone,” it was initially MISdiagnosed by PFT as a broken collarbone…”
    True, that.

  8. Roy needs to keep his head on a swivel. Scandrick has a thing for him. Roy should bribe Orlando to leave him alone and save his alligator arms for games.

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