We're making a power rankings push

We’ve got eight days to go until the season starts, and we’ve got 22 more preseason power rankings write ups to write up.

The weak link in the process continues to be yours truly.  Rosenthal and Curran write their entries, and then they have to wait a few days (or longer) until I fulfill my obligation.

I’ve finally come through with No. 23.  Curran and Rosenthal are up with No. 22 and No. 21, respectively, but I’m already getting a head start on No. 20.

Maybe I’ll finish it by Tuesday.

3 responses to “We're making a power rankings push

  1. don’t hurt yourself over them. pft is the national enquirer of sports journalism. your rankings don’t carry much credibility either. 😉

  2. If you are looking so hard for page hits, why don’t you have a page with your teams listed as you put them out with a link to the write-up? That way you at least get a page hit for every ranking you put out and a possible other link if we really care to see what you had to say about the team.
    I do not get to view all of your writings because I have a day job that keeps me away from the computer sometimes. I would still like one place to go to see what you guys have ranked up to that time I get to look! Even if I do not agree with all of them! 😉

  3. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

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