Goodell believes uncapped year is a "strong reality"

The negotiations regarding the NFL’s collective bargaining agreement are likely to go through many phases before we arrive at an uncapped year.

For now, there isn’t a lot of talking going on between the NFL and the NFLPA.  And that has Commissioner Roger Goodell pessimistic about a possible agreement.

In comments to reporters Thursday, as relayed by Tom Curran, Goodell said, there was “A strong reality is there will be an uncapped year because of the progress to date. There’s a lot to do. And thus far, the progress is minimal.”

Goodell, of course, says the owners want no part of a work stoppage.

“The idea that the owners would be looking for a lockout is foolish,” he said.

14 responses to “Goodell believes uncapped year is a "strong reality"

  1. Get ready for Jerry Jones to live vicariously through his checkbook. Like everything else in Dallas, it will come crashing down around him..oh, sorry, bad joke.

  2. Kinda like The Packers did last year. I’d look for Danielle Schneidley to do so before Jerry. Jerry’s got a BIG mortgage to take care of. I don’t think he will be the one to do it.

  3. Jerry Jones and “what’s-his-name” in Washington are probably salivating at the chance to buy a championship. But this ain’t baseball. You have to build a team. You can’t just put the 11 most expensive guys on the field. either way, the cap will come back. As soon as it is gone, the NFLPA will start complaining that some teams aren’t spending enough. If the cap goes, so does the floor.

  4. “The negotiations…is likely to go through many phases…”
    Since when did Emmitt Smith begin posting under the name Gregg Rosenthal?

  5. ah yes what a great way to ruin the league.. cant wait to see this go through and have the NFL fall flat on its face when the teams with lesser budgets cant keep up and players all over the NFL will complain they need more money because they cant feed their families on million dollar salaries alone

  6. …and you can pretty much bet that once that uncapped year comes, the union will never agree to reinstituting the cap again.
    So much for competitive balance.

  7. “Get ready for Jerry Jones to live vicariously through his checkbook”
    And hopefully, get ready for the Packers to fold.

  8. You haters out there are just mad your owners cant afford to spend the money Washington can i love it lol

  9. Um…Vox, maybe if your team could muster a playoff win post Bill Clinton, you’d have an arguement. As for folding, they have plenty of money in the bank. You, like the owner of the Cowboys, reek of vinegar (see also DOUCEHBAG)

  10. hayward,i beg to disagree with you,i truely believe that the owners want this to end in a lockout.
    once the union membership realizes their money is no longer there for the taking,there will be rebellion in the ranks.
    any casual observer of football will tell you that the majority of players do not think about the consequences of not putting money into the bank.
    with a lot of players,money is like quicksilver in their hands.
    so i believe that the union is posturing,but the owners will call the for goodell saying that the owners don’t want a lockout,goodell is just blowing smoke.goodell is acting the pontius pilate role here.

  11. You guy do know that there are rules on what teams can spend on Free agents during the uncapped year. Plus there will be less UFA’s because years of service gets moved. a guy like Braylon Edwards would have been a UFA if there was a cap but now is a RFA during the uncapped year.

  12. screw Jerry Jones, no wonder why Michael Crabtree won’t sign a contract this year. I really hope it bites him in the ass

  13. No salary cap is a good thing for smaller market teams. Big market teams won’t share revenue but they provide the burden. The formula is simple; draft well (it’s a young man’s game) and find a franchise quarterback. (pay him the big bucks) There is a lot of talent out there so have the best scouts available to keep the low market teams competitive.

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