Report: Vick decision coming as soon as tomorrow

Sam Farmer of the L.A. Times reported earlier today that NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell would meet Thursday with Eagles quarterback Mike Vick regarding Vick’s potential full reinstatement to the league.

ESPN’s Chris Mortensen confirms that a meeting occurred, and he reports that a decision could be announced as soon as Friday. 

The meeting, per Mort, occurred at the Eagles’ hotel in New Jersey, where they are preparing to face the Jets in the preseason finale.

Meanwhile, Goodell will appear on Sirius XM’s Mad Dog Radio (Sirius 123/XM 144) at 3:30 p.m. ET.  (We’ve got a feeling Goodell might be asked about the situation by host Chris Russo.)

Appearing last night on Mad Dog Radio was NBC’s Tony Dungy, Vick’s mentor/adviser.  Dungy told host Andy Gresh that Vick “has done everything the Commissioner has asked,” and that Dungy thinks Vick could be reinstated as soon as Week Two.

“I hadn’t had a whole, whole lot of dealings with the Commissioner before this,” Dungy said, “but he really has earned my respect with the way he’s handled this and what I’ve seen is a guy who, yeah, he cares about the National Football League and what Mike Vick the player is doing but he’s really gone above and beyond to help Mike Vick as a young man and I appreciate that.”

Vick will play tonight for the Eagles, getting multiple series as an every-down quarterback after Kevin Kolb exits the game.

31 responses to “Report: Vick decision coming as soon as tomorrow

  1. If Vick was wearing a Big Blue Star on his helmet and a 40 million dollar immovable hdtv over his head, he woulda been reinstated as soon as he was signed. But hey thats the NFL politics…

  2. I guess the NFL was testing the waters to see if there would be any protests. I haven’t heard or seen any.
    Let him play.

  3. Should be week 2. I can understand not doing week 1 for the reason Florio documented earlier, but waiting until Week 3 would be, well, weak…This way Donovan will be able to make underhanded comments at his press conferences sooner…

  4. Why does Dungy refer to Vick as a ‘young man’? Isn’t that a term generally used for teenage boys?
    Vick is nearly 30 for crying out loud. This coddling is disgusting – grow-up and be an adult, young man.

  5. He’s a sadistic dog torturer and convicted felon. I think the NFL should have higher standards and keep him out. All this “second chance, served his time” BS is just code for “money, money, money”.
    This is where Roger Goodell finally tells us that the NFL, when all is said and done, has no moral standards and at its heart is just a cash-producing machine.

  6. “…a decision could be announced as soon as Friday.”
    which means Goodell had his mind made up before they even met.

  7. Mike Vick and Roger Goodell must enjoy their meetings, they sit down together often enough. At this point, these guys have a ‘regular table’ at Goody’s favorite family Bar & Grill.
    …Reports are that Roger enjoys a double-scotch before and after dinner, so he doesn’t discourage his pal Mike from having a cocktail as well; the dude just pulled two years in the slammer after all.

  8. Obviously the test was…give him time after getting out of the cooler to show if he can at least pretend to have clue. While at the same time not punishing whomever signed him and Vick by not allowing him to practice. That way if he has a clue he’ll be ready to play after full re-instatement.
    He had until Week 6 to at minimum pretend to have a clue. If he could not do it by then the conditional re-instatement would be pulled.
    If he has really done everything Goddell want to see, then it makes sense to not wait until week 6.
    Hopefully he gets it now. We’ll see.

  9. @Redsquare…I sure hope you are consistent with your feelings about those who commit crimes. There are some people who should be locked up forever. Vick is not one of them. I cannnot vision a person doing what he did, but he was exposed and punished.
    BTW – given your screen name, it’s no wonder you are strong in your belief.

  10. Is it me, or does anyone else think that “redsquare” is really Florio expressing his true opinions. Either way, he obviously hates the eagles (Florio), and he has a gift with words (whether you like it or not Florio, too).
    Furthermore, I would like to say that there are a bunch of great writers who comment on this site. I enjoy reading everyones responses, good or bad. I also enjoy engaging in some $#!T talking as well. Kudos to you intellecual folk voicing your football opinions.
    Lastly, I believe that Vick will be reinstated effective immediately. How effective he will be on the playing field, i’m not so sure. It should be interesting how they break it to the media, whether its a press conference with just Vick or maybe Goody will show his face too (Highly unlikely). We’ll just have to wait and see…
    Go Eagles
    Go Steelers
    Go Pennsylvania

  11. “Is it me, or does anyone else think that “redsquare” is really Florio expressing his true opinions. Either way, he obviously hates the eagles (Florio), and he has a gift with words (whether you like it or not Florio, too).”
    No, I don’t think so at all. Fans of every team here think Florio persecutes their team. Yes, even Steeler fans say this.
    You are just going to have to face the fact that many people who were ambivalent toward the Eagles now hate them (myself included) because of what they now stand for by signing Ron the Dog Drowner, and that these folks will not be shy about expressing their feelings regarding such a twisted, depraved monster and the team that signs his paychecks, er, gave him a second chance.

  12. @Ass-Man
    Redsquare is a communist.
    What’s wrong with money? This is America. You act like the NFL is the Justice League. This is the NFL. They are not Superheroes and many are not role models. They are people who play football better than us. That’s it. Now, shut up, sit down, and watch as the Steelers proceed to win another Superbowl!!!!!!!!!

  13. So let me get this straight – If he serves his time he can go back to playing? What if he were a child rapist? If he did his time and could preform, what’s keeping him out? The NFL has to set standards. This asshat didn’t just “make a terrible mistake.” He made seven freaking years of terrible mistakes. On top of that, he lied to the prosecutors and cops. The guy (Stallworth) who MANNED UP and took his lumps from the get-go gets a year suspension. Brialliant. Congrats, Commissioner, you are truly a moron. What standard does that set?
    Maybe ya’ll aren’t parents and don’t mind – but too many kids look up to this heartless piece of crap like he’s a hero. That shouldn’t be the way it is. I’ll take my money to MLS, MLB or NASCAR. I know, one person yadda yadda yadda… Whatever, I’m sure there’s other people doing it too. Besides, you haven’t been to a real tailgate party till you’ve been to a NASCAR race. You NFL fans party for a few hours – at a NASCAR race you camp out and party for days ahead of it.
    Screw Vick and I hope the guy gets shot in the face by some rabid fan.

  14. Thanks A$$-Man. GO STEELERS!!!!! Sorry, couldn’t resist, even though this story has nothing to do with them, I do bleed black ‘n’ gold

  15. @Brian
    Again, these guys are professional athletes not nannies for your kids. Parent your own freakin kids.
    You hope that a human (MV) gets shot in the face by a fan. I guess that would be a great educational event for kids to experience. What a hyprocrite!!!!!!!!
    Please leave us and go to NASCAR and don’t forget you gun and snuff. Jed Clampett

  16. I’m a fan of the Cowboys and I say “Let him play now.” Like it or not, Vick haters, he’s done his time and he’s paid a price that all of you could never know. It scares me to think of what he will do against the Cowboys but I’d rather see him get a second chance.

  17. Brian says: September 3, 2009 4:08 PM
    I’ll take my money to MLS, MLB or NASCAR.
    Good! Americans should be more willing to boycott, and be more willing to stick with it.
    So go for it, but boycott everything. Including talking on this site. Gotta make sure you do it right.
    See ya.

  18. Brian:
    Great Idea! Boycott the NFL and take you kids to a NASCAR Event so they can watch daddy get Sh1tfaced for several days. Try to avoid the cops. Kids should witness their dads getting DUI’s or Public drunkenness.
    I really dont get it from the Vick haters. Is it Jealousy? Other players in the League have done far worse and are still playing. Some have stabbed people, Beat up women, Shot people, Drugs…and so on. The NFL is filled with People…People do stupid things, Vick did a very stupid thing and he was punished for it. He did his time, Learned a lesson and is trying to make himself a better person. Why wont you let him better himself? Its not like he was torturing Benji or Rin-tin-tin. These dogs were well trained killing machines. There are alot of companies that train dogs like this for a living and if they fail the training…they are put to sleep. The Difference between that and Vick…Vick was a bit more Harsh with the killings and it was for illegal gambling.
    How about you go protest KFC for killing chickens also.

  19. Hey smartasses, when you go to an event where you have a wild time, you leave your children home with their mother or a trip to the grandparents. And what are you talking about boycotting everything? I’m just not watching NFL, so I’ll feel free to stick around here and annoy you animal abuse friendly types..
    No one addressed my original point. If he were a child rapist and “did his time” would you be ok with him playing in the NFL? So, if you say yes, then you’re sick. If you say no, then why don’t you think that someone who abuses the hell out of animals should be? That’s somehow ok just because he said he was sorry? The only reason he’s sorry is because he got caught. He’d still be doing it otherwise. And I do parent my own kids, I don’t allow my daughter to watch things that condone animal abuse, murders and the likes. NFL seems to be filled with it more than anything. (Obviously, you’re not a parent.)
    Personally, I think that if Vick delivers a loss for the Eagles, he should be either beaten to death or drowned. I figure, it’s what he did to his dogs. He should be held to his own standard. Those same dogs who would have made great pets had him and his buddies not trained them to be killer dogs.
    Am I jealous of Vick? How could I be jealous of a heinously sick minded animal abuser? It’s a sad day in America where pieces of crap like him are allowed to return to the field and have adoring fans like you. You guys go ahead and love on him. That’s your right. But just because you have that right doesn’t make it right.
    For the record, I don’t eat at KFC. But not because of their animal abuse issues – I just don’t like them.

  20. You’re a liar and a fraud, Brian.
    I’d bet every dollar I have that you’ll be talking big here (“Haven’t watched an NFL game yet hurr hurr hurr”) but in reality, you’ll be watching.
    Just being at PFT in the preseason tells us you’re a football junkie. That you can’t go away (yeah, it’s just to bother us) tells me that you’re a bad liar.
    So enjoy your weird, skewed morals, and your life of lies. Oh, and NASCAR. Because nothing is more exciting than driving in a circle over and over again.

  21. Brian:
    One one addressed your original point because it is stupid! Of course a child rapist will not be permitted to play in the NFL. NEED A REASON?? That is inflicting harm to a Human child. I know you and the rest of your PETA Crew value human life lower then animals but get over it. We have opposable thumbs, so we win! Asking that is like asking if a person who stole 5$ out of the till should get the same punishment as someone who held up a bank.
    In Addition to that…Child abusers usually spend less time in the slammer then Vick did. Most of them are back on the street living in your neighborhood in less then a year. Oh and I am sure that they will still have a job as well.
    Also, I do not think that one Vick-Supporter here condones what he had done. It was Horrible! But you know what, Us Humans are able to Love and Forgive. You should try it sometime..Or do you still spank your kids 5 months after they cut up your favorite pair of nylons? Yes I understand that Vick took a Life…So is smacking a Mosquito, or Picking a Flower for that matter. The thing that gets people upset is that they get attached to animals. You have to understand that this was not Poochie that he killed. It was an athlete trained to kill or be killed. It still does not make it right but neither does smacking a Mosquito…Little dude is just trying to eat! So if you have to Quit watching the NFL because on one or two players then fine! We wont mind a bit.
    So go take that message back to PETA or that group they fund, ALF or wherever you came from and tell them they can go back to throwing paint on old ladies mink as the leave the fir store! Good Day!

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