Browns-Bears one-liners

Browns coach Eric Mangini did his best to downplay the idea that rookie RB James Davis, who ran for a score on Thursday night, might have moved ahead of Jamal Lewis during the preseason.

Penalties continued to be a problem for the Browns in the preseason finale.

CB Corey Ivy got beaten for a touchdown by Bears rookie Johnny Knox, and a rough preseason could have him facing the axe.

Bears CB Zack Bowman picked off a pass and said that his hamstring felt OK after his only preseason action.

Although it was thought that Bears WR Rashied Davis needed to do more to solidify his roster spot, coach Lovie Smith didn’t play him in the final preseason game.

New Bears CB Rod Hood didn’t have a good night, but the team’s needs may mean he sticks around a while longer.

5 responses to “Browns-Bears one-liners

  1. Knox’s speed may make him a dangerous weapon down the road.
    Bowman’s had a KICK-ASS offseason–he’s gonna be a force in the secondary this season, mark my words (assuming he stays healthy).
    All he does is make big plays.
    Davis provides some veteran experience to the position, but more importantly, he can make big contributions on special teams–that’s why the Bears’ll probably be keeping him (dropsies and all…he’s STILL better than Bobby Wade).
    Hood is cheap insurance, nothing more.

  2. Hood talks sh*t about the Browns cause the cut him, then gets burned by our 4th and 4th stringers. Karma.

  3. James Davis has had a great camp, but how ’bout Chris Jennings? Kid’s got some upside to him.
    And Lawson might have the Browns feeling a bit more comfortable regarding special teams in the event Cribbs decides to hold out.

  4. Good luck in week one, Brownies–I hope Cribbs runs like a wildman through the Queens’ pathetic special teams.

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