Chiefs chop eight, including McIntosh

The Kansas City Chiefs have announced the release of eight players, as they attempt to work toward 53 players by 6:00 p.m. ET on Saturday.

Gone are fullback Jed Collins, cornerback Travis Daniels, cornerback Londen Fryar, center Eric Ghiaciuc, tackle Damion McIntosh, linebacker Corey Smith, tackle Herb Taylor, and guard Tavares Washington.

The biggest surprise is McIntosh, an eight-year starter who was due to make $2.2 million this year.  He started 16 games last year at right tackle for the Chiefs, and he has been a regular starter at left and right tackle since 2001 for the Chargers and Dolphins, too.

In all, McIntosh has starter 111 career games.

Because he’s a vested veteran, he instantly becomes a free agent, and he likely won’t be out of work for long. 

16 responses to “Chiefs chop eight, including McIntosh

  1. this will really only apply to chiefs fans [or diehard followers of low round o line prospects], but the herb taylor cut is surprising. he played very very well last year stepping in for albert when he got hurt against denver [one of the only games kc won]. obv pioli knows more about o line than i do, but w/ such bad talent [that make sense?] and lack of quality depth here, that one really stood out. its gonna be a loooooooooooooooong one…..

  2. Yeah, SacIntosh getting cut is no surprise but Taylor is. He looked worse this year in preaseason than last, dunno whats up with that.

  3. Roster Request — just read elsewhere that the Steelers have already cut 22, but I can’t find a complete list of the cuts. Anyway you at profootballtalk could help out a Steeler fan and post the list? thanks!!

  4. hahahahahaha Ghiacuic’s gone? The Chiefs didn’t want the “inverse pancake”? Dude is terrible.

  5. It was shocking McIntosh was on their roster for as long as he was. Dude can’t block at all.

  6. No surprise in these cuts. Hate to see anyone lose their jobs, but Sackintosh should be convicted for stealing his paycheck the last 2.5 years. He just did not play well on whichever side he lined up on.
    It’s wise to get some new blood up front. Still, it’s going to be a long season if Barry Richardson is the starting RT and if/when someone goes down with an injury. The Alleman/Ndukwe trade last week needs to pan out.
    The next round of cuts should be interesting. The Chiefs should carry 5 safeties and 9 linebackers because what they have is good. Only 4 corners – Carr, Flowers, Leggett & Washington. The receiver spots will be the most interesting developments on the team. I think if Lelie keeps his job, he’ll be a nice surprise in this offense. He’s been able to separate downfield. A few draft picks (O’Connell, Javarris Williams) might lose their jobs as well.

  7. Since when is Miami the Scrap Heap for Olinemen?
    McIntosh and now Alleman/Ndukwe?!
    Travis Daniels was descent for the Fins I’m sure he wont be out of a job soon. The GM knew he got burned by Tom Brady I’m sure that didn’t help his status.

  8. BrickTamland: “just sayin” you’re a moron. Do us all a favor and say nothing. The Chiefs are cutting dead weight and turning this franchise around.

  9. inverse pancake?? hahahahaha!
    any1 who picks up macintosh is imaging things if they think hes gonna help. he is truly awful. but i can see the bills getting involved.
    i can see kc picking up oliver ross from haleys old team, who just got cut today. theres gotta be a better T than mac.

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