Lions releasing Standeford

Wide receiver John Standeford, who caught a game-winning two-point conversion pass from Drew Stanton last week against the Colts, will be released by Detroit today, according to Mike Florio.

Standeford, who’d been bouncing around on the Colts practice squad from 2004 to 2007, finally got a crack at playing last year with the Lions. He made four starts for Detroit and caught 15 passes in nine games.

The 27-year-old Standeford went to Purdue.

6 responses to “Lions releasing Standeford

  1. I liked this guy… guess he didn’t outplay Derrick Williams, Dane Looker or Adam Jennings. Plus Dane Looker played for Scot Linehan in SaintLouie, so… I’m guessing our 5 recievers will be Calvin, Bryant, Derrick, Dane and Dennis with Adam and John heading to the practice squad.
    Did anyone hear something about Ernie Sims getting traded? I’ve seen some buzz about us getting a 2nd rounder for him… or an OT.

  2. Mav69r: You can’t make a Ernie Sims trade rumor without a link. Ernie is arguably our best defensive player. This better be a joke.

  3. Instead of giving credit to Florio, who we all know doesn’t know the difference between a football and a soccer ball, give credit to the actual source the info is coming from…, or heaven forbid, the team itself…….

  4. so, was standeford released today? thought he
    was a good addition to the lions. hope he will be picked up since he’s a hard worker and stays healthy.

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