Patriots vacate Paris

Well, they won’t always have Paris anymore.

The New England Patriots have informed linebacker Paris Lenon of his release, per Mike Reiss of The Boston Globe. Lenon, the second-leading tackler for the Lions in 2007 and 2008, came tantalizingly close to tasting a few victories this year. But it was not to be.

The retirement of Tedy Bruschi figured to help Lenon make the team but New England’s heightened emphasis on the 4-3 during this training camp probably led them to trim some numbers at the linebacker spot.

4 responses to “Patriots vacate Paris

  1. This is not surprising… he doesn’t know how to fill a gap, recognize a zone and doesn’t have the speed necessary to rush the qb… he’ll find a spot to play, maybe in Green Bay.

  2. to vacate technically means to empty something, so the title of this article is basically saying the Patriots gave him an enema.

  3. Next headline…Lions get Lenon? Maybe he is on his way back to Detroit for some much needed LB depth. Stay tuned, I guess…

  4. Of more note, they have informed him that he will be released by 6pm. Why the public announcement? Perhaps there is some possibility of a trade happening, that way a team does not have to risk losing the player on waivers. The Patriots are pretty deep in some areas, meaning they WILL be cutting players that could probably be of value somewhere in the league. I think this has been done publicly thinking that there might be a team or two willing to make a call and give a late round draft pick.
    Seeing what the Pats have done with later round picks and free agent rookies the last two years (expecially this year) I can see why the Pats have been stcking picks…again.

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