Kerry Rhodes hints at a "big announcement"

With Bengals receiver Chad Ochocinco on a Twitter hiatus (which will last until he grows bored with being bored of it), another NFL player needed to fill the intrigue vacuum created by Chad’s absence.

Enter Jets safety Kerry Rhodes, who has tantalized Jets fans by tweeting Sunday night that they should expect “a big announcement.”

Just before that, Rhodes tweeted at a Jets fan speculating on a possible trade for Broncos receiver Brandon Marshall “u may be right!!! (hint hint).”

After creating a mini-firestorm with his comments among Jets fans, Rhodes added this message:  “Sorry 4 the hold
up fans but this stuff sometime takes time but just stay tuned u will
find out soon
.  Not trying to hold u guys in limbo

The Broncos have said that they won’t be trading Marshall (just like they said they wouldn’t be trading Jay Cutler), but a report last week that the Broncos negotiated with the Jets about such a deal — and asked for Jets linebacker David Harris as compensation — has caused some to believe a deal might still happen.  Sunday’s trade for quarterback Kevin O’Connell has renewed speculation that a trade for Marshall will occur, with O’Connell being shipped to the quarterback-needy Broncos.

Regardless of whether it’s Marshall or something else, Rhodes has provided a compelling tease.  Let’s see whether he can now deliver on the expectations he has created.

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  1. I figured that when the Jets traded for O’Connell they were going to offer Kellen Clemens to the Broncos as part of a trade for Brandon Marshall. Makes sense that the Broncos would want O’Connell due to the McDaniels/O’Connell/Patriots link, but wouldn’t the Jets rather keep O’Connell to pick his brain about the Patriots offense?

  2. Could be a trade involving Kevin O’Connell… or the Jets could be shipping Kellen Clemens to Denver for Brandon Marshall?

  3. what a tool
    whatever happened to the guys that would just shut their pie holes and play the game and worry about their own matters
    now everyone has to be on ESPN or barking off at press conferences, or tweeting, or some other BS.
    The NFL is such a circus and kerry rhodes apparently is just another clown falling in line

  4. How long does Rhodes have left on his contract?
    Maybe they’re going to announce that he signed an extension….

  5. Rhodes received a multi-year extension to his rookie deal a year or two ago and became the highest paid safety in the league at the time…
    so it’s definitely not that

  6. Ryan being a hardass might be a good thing for Marshal.
    Then again this can also go terribly bad.
    Mike Shanahan must be laughing his as* off right about now.

  7. I get to hear all the Tweets from the player as they happen with Realtime Pro Football on my iPhone
    Look up the review of the app on – you’ll be hooked too.

  8. How long does Rhodes have left on his contract?
    Maybe they’re going to announce that he signed an extension….
    ….that is funny. Kerry a really awesome and great woth the fans at camp. I dont mind giving up a pick or two because marshall is young…NO DAVID HARRIS though

  9. If Denver trades Marshall to the Jets, it’s a pretty sure bet they’re not asking for O’Connell. The Jets claimed O’Connell on waivers and since Denver has a higher waiver priority than the Jets, you can pretty much guess that Denver didn’t put in a claim.
    So why would Denver trade it’s best receiver only to get back a QB they passed on in the waiver system?

  10. …firstof all denver put a claim in for oconell the jets got him from a trade with the before you comment

  11. thehouseofho
    get your facts straight. the lions claimed o’connell on waivers. then traded him to the jets this weekend. denver did put in a claim for him, but the lions got him because they had the worst record.
    denver has already screwed the team up. why not do it some more by trading marshall to the jets for david harris and kevin o’connell??

  12. Fapplejax, MARSHALL AND RHODES DO NOT HAVE THE SAME AGENT. I don’t know who made that BS up, but quit thinking it is true, idiot.

  13. not saying that o’connell is part of any trade,but the jets didnt pick o’connell up on waivers.since they were the worst team last year,they get first dibs.the jets traded a 7th round pic for o’connell.denver never has a shot at him

  14. the jets didnt pick o’connell up on waivers,detroit did as they have first dibs.the jets traded a 7th rounder for o’connell.denver never has a shot at hi

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