Kerry Rhodes keeps dropping hints of a Brandon Marshall trade

After more than 12 hours of silence on his Twitter page, which had folks buzzing over hints that receiver Brandon Marshall could be heading from Denver to New York, Jets safety Kerry Rhodes says that he wasn’t referring to the potential trade for Marshall when promising a “big announcement” on Sunday night.

We think.

Rhodes posted, and then deleted, a tweet indicating that a trade for Marshall wasn’t the big news to which he was referring.  But the deleted tweet added that the trade for Marshall “may happen.”

(Though he also posted, as some of you have pointed out in the comments, that the big news isn’t that a Marshall trade, the point here — for those of you who were unable to comprehend the prior paragraph and who likely won’t comprehend this parenthetical, either — is that Rhodes tweeted that Marshall wasn’t the big news to which Rhodes was referring, that the Marshall trade “may happen,” and that Rhodes thereafter deleted the tweet.)

Rhodes now says on his Twitter page:  “everyone the news will b mad 2morrow and if you really are a JET fan you will appreciate the news!

He then reiterated the news is coming Tuesday:  it will b told tommorow seriously i wont lie to my fans and fans of the jets.”

Already, it sounds like we’re all in for a letdown on this one.

Unless Rhodes deleted the other tweet because a trade for Marshall still might happen.

31 responses to “Kerry Rhodes keeps dropping hints of a Brandon Marshall trade

  1. Florio, you missed this tweet:
    “For those who think i was talking bout B Marshall, Guess again!!!”
    That pretty much sounds like he’s not talking about Marshall…

  2. That tweet about if you are REALLY a Jet fan is peculiar. If it was a BM trade or any trade or a Leon extension, it would be automatic that Jets fans would be interested in it, so why is he stressing that you REALLY have to be a true fan?
    So it sounds like either the news he thought would happen isn’t happening, or maybe the news is something that really isn’t big, like he has a new girlfriend or the cheerleaders have new outfits, or some trivial matter.
    Also there’s news of the Seymour trade which could take til tomorrow to clear on a physical, maybe he’s excited that the Pats are losing a key player since they are in the same division, and now he just realized that trade could get nixed if Seymour doesn’t report? I really hope this is it, cause that would be hysterical if that was the big news for Jets fans, and it would fit with being relevant to those who REALLY are fans, and not necessarily for others as he mentioned in his tweets.

  3. “enforcer” if you werent such an old fart you would understand that “tweets” have a really short character limit ..making for some hasy abbreviations..Im really glad its not Marshall..maybe its Bouldin. I dont want crabtree…id be ecstatic if the just extended leon..

  4. Crazy speculation — The Jets will pull another Kevin O’Connell-like deal and grab Seymour from the Raiders.

  5. I must be an old fart too because this tweeting bullshit seems like something 15 year old girls would do. LOL. OMG. FU.

  6. Yes I’m sure Tannenbaum and the coaching staff are keeping this idiot informed with immediate updates on all their plans.

  7. EnforccerSU…
    i love how users like you love to post disparaging comments about others that have nothing to do with the topic of discussion. what does making lots of money have to do with grammar? don’t hate because he has more money than you ever will. get a life loser.

  8. Uh, even if it not a trade for Marshall, I believe this would be tampering , wouldn’t it?
    There is going to come a day this season in which some player really screws something up for his team by tweeting it.

  9. First and foremost, Leon signing a contract extension is the most important priority, and would be the best news any Jets fan could receive right now…
    @ madsqgrdn… I agree, I don’t want the rights to Crabtree either. He has already proven himself a distraction and he’s technically not even an NFL player yet; doubtful he’s going to change if and when he’s given a contract.
    Kellen Clemens and some mid-round draft picks to Arizona for Bouldin would be a deal as well. Warner will not be around much longer, and it’s pretty safe to say confidence in Matt Lienart’s ability to rise to the occasion is all but gone.
    A trade for B. Marshall would seriously ruin my upcoming week; he’s an immature jackass, and I’m doubtful he will change!

  10. A let down? Oh for sure.
    “Maybe an unforseen trade? Crabtree?”
    Unforeseen you mean? More like impossible, that trade deadline passed a while ago.

  11. This isn’t tampering. Marshall is under contract and the only way the Jets are getting him is via trade.
    Tampering would be the Jets saying “If Marshall holds out, we’ll sign him to an extension that pays him twice what he is earning now.”

  12. Litmater,
    Any team can get Crabtree via trade. They just have to wait til after SF signs him, only the rights to trade a player who is unsigned has passed.

  13. Another interesting thing about Crabtree that would make for a good story. If I were Crabtree and I wanted to play games, I would sign SF’s deal, and then just holdout from that deal or show up at practice and pull a BM stunt, and force SF to renegotiate the contract, or if not, then at least now the trading floor becomes officially active and SF could probably find a deal and get him to a new team that WILL pay him more. That might be the best solution. Although I don’t know the rule on if you can renegotiate a contract that quickly after signing one. Have you guys checked into this possibility?

  14. Twitter is gay. Kerry Rhodes is a fruit. But I hope he’s right. Let the Broncos keep shooting themselves in the foot.

  15. I hope you guys realize that Kerry Rhodes posted this tweet an hour before you posted this story.
    kerryrhodesFor those who think i was talking bout B Marshall, Guess again!!!

  16. kerry rhodes is a doosh. NO TRADE, it’s going to be an announcement for a JET BLUE airlines -NY JET partnership….(ie stadium naming rights)…..”if your a JET fan.'”

  17. Antwon boldin wouldn’t be too much of a stretch either. I think we should watch new england as well.. buisy bee’s. Would they trade sanchez? Nope. 4 qb’s is no logical. A waste of a roster spot. Excpect that to be involved. Mcdaniels can’t trade marshall. He needs a down field play making threat. Mckinney was thus far but he went to practice squad so marshall is that man. The cardinals have 2 big time play makers and clearly room to move. Question is what is in it for arizona. They don’t need a qb. But that defense got a whoopin in denver and clearly needs help. Denver had rookie QB Brandstater state his case and is part of the 53 man roster. They are not hgurting at that position as many think. Maybe chris simms and bmarsh for a 1st round and mconn and a late 7th or 6th round? Hhmm. Sounds good also.

  18. “for those of you who were unable to comprehend the prior paragraph and who likely won’t comprehend this parenthetical, either ”
    Wow, insulting your readers. How classy.

  19. How is Kerry Rhodes predicting that something big will happen any different than when a GM or agent predicts a contract will be signed soon by a player? How is this tampering? At this point we can only conclude he is making a prediction which may be something totally unrelated to a personnel move.

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