Mangini makes up his mind, will remain mum

Browns coach Eric Mangini has made a decision regarding the identity of his starting quarterback for the start of the 2009 regular season, which occurs in six days at home against the Vikings.

But Mangini said Monday he won’t be announcing it.  He added that, obviously, he’ll soon let the two quarterbacks know, in separate conversations.

And then once the Browns start practicing in preparation for Sunday’s game against Minnesota, word surely will emerge as to whether it’s Brady Quinn or Derek Anderson.  It will be impossible to get the other players on the team to keep quiet, regardless of whether Mangini thinks that he can scare them silent.  All it takes is one guy to blab on an off-the-record basis to a guy like me, and the word as to who’s taking the snaps with the first-team offense will be out in the open.

The over/under on word getting out is 6:00 p.m. ET Monday.

For amusement purposes only.

25 responses to “Mangini makes up his mind, will remain mum

  1. I’ll take the under Florio.
    You guys (bloggers) always scoop the news cycle on this kind of stuff.
    What do I win if I’m right, Mike?

  2. That’s nice to see that he has such confidence in his QBs that he has to hide who will be taking the field just to try to get any kind of competitive edge.
    Another year in the AFC North basement for the Brownies.

  3. Mangini certainly is paranoid, but perhaps on some level he realizes Cleveland sucks. The marginal benefit they gain by not announcing their starting QB is one of the few competitive advantages they have.

  4. I’m a Browns homer, but if our gameplan for Minnesota is “Let’s hide the name of the starting QB until the last minute.”, we’re screwed.

    There’s nothing wrong with tyring to keep the Vikings guessing before the opener. Nothing wrong at all with taking every advantage there is. You would be STUPID not to.
    Most of you guys must be Jets fans. Let me thank you in person for firing the coach when the QB threw 22-interceptions.
    I think Jets already regret Mangini leaving New York. They ARE affraid it was a BIG MISTAKE to let him go. The last thing they want to see is Mangini go to Browns and be successful.
    Thanks NY!

  6. Well, between claiming peerman from the ravens, once again
    running after our sloppy seconds, and holing
    out on their starter I figure the clowns
    will only lose by two touchdowns. Looks like mankok
    and crew are in for a weak year

  7. To: the ravens… your time has passed… your QB will wake up this year and fall on his face… your d-fense is old… ravens will be lucky to go 6-10…
    To: the nyj… thank you…
    To: eric mangini… keep mind f*#king them! It’s got to be a fun game to play…
    To: the nfl… Upset of week one… Browns 27 – Vikings 12… Farve has 3 INTs… Brady Quinn throws for 215 yards and 2 TD’s… Upset of week one (runner-up)… Titans 28 – Steelers 20… Collins throws 3 TDs… Vince Young rushes for 1TD… Big Ben throws 2 INTs…

  8. @realityonetwo
    It’s not that the Vikings need to prepare, it’s that they have Favor at QB, he of the throw off the back foot into triple coverage and snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.
    Don’t be surprised if the Browns steel one from the Vikes on 9-13!

  9. # johnnyrockstexas says: September 7, 2009 2:56 PM
    To: the nfl… Upset of week one… Browns 27 – Vikings 12… Farve has 3 INTs… Brady Quinn throws for 215 yards and 2 TD’s… Upset of week one (runner-up)… Titans 28 – Steelers 20… Collins throws 3 TDs… Vince Young rushes for 1TD… Big Ben throws 2 INTs…”
    Is this your first visit to our planet?

  10. Ya think your offensive line wants to know who the QB is???
    I agree…what a tool….you weren’t any good in NY!! Started off like gangbusters…finished like the weak coach you really are. You’ll fit perfect in Cleveland…The City of Losers coached by a loser!!
    Good luck to the Cleveland Jets…yet another losing year!!

  11. I think Jets already regret Mangini leaving New York.
    That’s one of the funniest things I’ve heard all offseason. They may eventually end up regretting hiring Ryan, but they will NEVER regret firing Mangini.
    And neither will the Browns.

  12. Put both in, which ever one they put in is going to get smacked around. 😀 Give the job to Ratliff, that’ll solve everything.

  13. I like mangini. I believe he was the scapegoat for favre’s poor performance. that guy seems to think he can just throw the ball anywhere on the field no matter what the coverage and make plays. taking a chance is one thing, but to do it all of the time is stupid. wanted to be the hero. well i heard the only reason mangini was let go was because favre didnt like him, he wanted to have full control of the offense. favre will ruin the vikings before he is done there probably already ruined jackson. what a shame. who will be their quarterback next year? whoever it may be will now be 1 year behind because favre had to push them out of the way. for 1 more year!!! again!!!! GO BROWNS!!

  14. I think Mangini is what the browns need, a tougher no BS coach who doesnt treat his players like gods! discipline is a good thing. it makes you work harder at your skills because their is consequences when you scew up. what the browns have been lacking for some time now. go browns!

  15. If you are the Vikings, which QB concerns you more?
    Obviously it’s Anderson. Not because he is so good. Because if he can play well he presents a much more significant downfield threat.
    If Mangini announces DA as the starter, there will be a collective moan.
    If he announces Quinn there will be a false sense of hope.

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