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Absent Tuesday ruling, StarCaps players will be available for Week One

As the NFL continues to wait for a ruling from the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit regarding the lingering StarCaps litigation, the delay might result in the players facing four-game suspensions for taking StarCarps being available for Week One.

Jason La Canfora of NFL Network reports that Saints defensive ends Will Smith and Charles Grant will be able to play in Week One unless the appeals court affirms the dismissal of their claims on Tuesday.  After Tuesday, any suspension would be imposed as of Week Two.

But the Saints might prefer the suspensions to become effective now.  For their first game, they face the Lions, who were 0-16 in 2008.  Their fifth game is against the Giants, who had the best record in the NFC a year ago.

The delay also benefits Vikings defensive tackles Pat and Kevin Williams.  If the appeals court overturns the decision to preserve their claims arising under Minnesota statutes, they’ll be suspended, too.  The impact of a brief delay arguably is a wash; the Vikings travel to Cleveland in Week One, and to St. Louis in Week Five.

Regardless of when the ruling comes, keep an eye out for the possibility that the suspensions will run consecutively, so that the Saints and/or the Vikings won’t have to go four games with neither player.

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10 Responses to “Absent Tuesday ruling, StarCaps players will be available for Week One”
  1. hayward giablommi says: Sep 8, 2009 9:19 AM

    In the unlikely event there is a god, please, lord, let this story go away and allow us to get on with the rest of our lives. Thank you.

  2. mustbechris says: Sep 8, 2009 9:33 AM

    I’m not sure it’s possible for this situation to get bungled any more than it already has. NFL + US Legal System = LOL.

  3. purpleguy says: Sep 8, 2009 9:36 AM

    Mike, even with a ruling today, won’t the loser appeal to the Supreme Court and move for a stay of the ruling pending appeal? I understood that both sides indicated they would appeal. If that happens, my understanding is that it takes several months before the Supreme Court will even rule as to whether review on appeal will be granted. Under that scenario, with the state court waiting until the federal proceedings are finalized, it has to be doubtful that the suspensions will take place this year.

  4. Vikes-N-Favre says: Sep 8, 2009 9:45 AM

    Oh come on Florio, that’s the best you could do? No bashing the Vikings in this report? Are you sure neither of the Williams have swine flu or polio? Maybe they caught swine flu from Favre like you suggested half a million times that he has..
    Or perhaps they caught polio (Can’t happen, but in your little world maybe its possible) from Favre as well and won’t be able to walk to the field this Sunday..
    I honestly don’t know what surprises me more, that you didn’t do any bashing, or that you finally put out a normal story? Seems the latter is pretty difficult for you to do these days. Its awesome that this site gets all the breaking news quickly, its just a shame that we have to read articles that you write in order to do just that.

  5. lololnpnp says: Sep 8, 2009 10:19 AM

    I wouldn’t call doing a starcaps writeup for the 257th time a “normal story”. Yes we all get that there hasn’t been a decision made and one will eventually come yada yada yada. How about you just wait until…I dunno…it actually happens? I assume even these moronic stories still get pageviews for ole NBC so in the end good job.

  6. Buschman says: Sep 8, 2009 11:14 AM

    If the suspensions run consecutively, then I think that is an admission by the NFL that the suspensions aren’t warranted. If they’re truly guilty, the NFL shouldn’t care if it hurts the team. That’s what a suspension is supposed to do. If Tank Johnson and Pacman Jones were on the same team when they got into trouble, would the NFL have considered consecutive suspensions? I think not.

  7. BasicInstinct says: Sep 8, 2009 11:18 AM

    Mike Florio is like Napolean, huge! Keep up the great work Mike! Fun to read!
    Please ignore the Pissants who whine about your spelling, mean jokes, etc.
    What better way to make fun of a chaotic situation?
    Let’s face it, these teams are getting ready for war. These coaches are squirming with every bonehead player movement. And, as you little website guy spellcheckers should note, nobody knows if any of these moves will work!
    Twitter is very cool as well!
    Mike Florio rules!!!!

  8. whatthehellisgoingonoutthere says: Sep 8, 2009 2:53 PM

    I’m not sure it’s possible for this situation to get bungled any more than it already has. NFL + US Legal System = LOL.
    Don’t you mean NFL + MN Legal System= LOL?????
    How on earth can a local judge who is a Vikings season ticket holder overrule the CBA which binds players to national not state laws?

  9. CanadianVikingFan says: Sep 8, 2009 3:42 PM

    @ whatthehellisgoingonouthere
    Doesn’t your National laws have to pass State laws?
    Besides it wouldn’t matter if the Judge was a Viking fan or a Packer fan or a Bear fan or w.e. They still have to make a ruling based on the laws of their state.

  10. Beer Cheese Soup says: Sep 8, 2009 5:48 PM

    CanadianVikingFan says:
    …it wouldn’t matter if the Judge was a Viking fan or a Packer fan or a Bear fan or w.e. They still have to make a ruling based on the laws of their state.
    They have to make a ruling based upon THEIR INTERPRETATION of the laws of their state. Don’t get me wrong, I am not with the NFL on this, and I feel the entire case against these players is bullshit, but even you can’t deny that both state and federal laws look different with purple (or gold) glasses on..

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