Jets pick up Fowler

The Jets continued their frenetic roster tweaking Tuesdsy, signing former Titans linebacker Ryan Fowler after working him out Monday.

They waived fullback Jason Davis to make room; Davis lasted a thrilling two nights on the Jets roster.

Fowler started 17 games over the last two seasons in Tennessee, and will be a backup at inside linebacker.  Assuming he doesn’t get cut before Sunday.

3 responses to “Jets pick up Fowler

  1. as far as I can tell the Jets didnt give up anything for Davis..Maybe your sarcastic tone comes from boredom.
    Lets do a puff piece on how Moss might face double teams…I can only imagine what you would say if the Jets gave up a 5th round pick for a reciever that didnt even make the team….

  2. I thought the announcement was that he had swine flue or possibly polio… order to avoid a schism in the locker room over the choice of Sanchez as starting quarterback. And/or the OC gets to keep his job until Brandon Marshall is traded to Jets for Kerry.

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