Broncos sign Haggan to extension

When Josh McDaniels arrived in Denver, there wasn’t a lot of leftover defensive talent to work with.

One player they have identified as a keeper, however, is outside linebacker Mario Haggan.  They quickly promoted him to a starting job on the weak side, and now have extended his contract by adding two years and $3.5 million, including $1.25 million guaranteed, according to ESPN’s Adam Schefter.

It’s a nice chunk of change for someone who has been a special teamer throughout his career. And it’s also a nice bargain for the Broncos if Haggan keeps his starting job for most of the deal.

7 responses to “Broncos sign Haggan to extension

  1. Funny thing about all those ex-Bills in the league; other teams seem to find a use for ’em.
    Pat Williams, Antoine Winfield, Jim Leonhard, Coy Wire and now Haggan have shown that they can play in this league ( to say the least), but they weren’t good enough for the Bills.

  2. haha the raiders and chiefs have a way worse all round roster than the broncos. Broncos got a great line, good wr’s, good db’s. what do the raiders and chiefs have?? jamarcus russel and matt cassel with no one to throw too. Chiefs and Raiders will be bad for a long time.

  3. so let me understand this…u give money to some lifetime special teams player without him asking…
    a talented young WR who catches 100 balls a year has to beg and whine to get paid???
    Fire McDonald’s now!! (I know its McDaniels but he is acting like a clown)

  4. Bronc’s will be the crappiest team in the league, they will make the Lions look like a juggernaut.

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