Lions sue Charles Rogers for $6.1 million

Lions fans who paid to see Charles Rogers play football (or not play football more likely) will never get a refund for their time and money.

Rogers’ former employer, on the other hand, may get some of their investment back.

The Lions sued Rogers Wednesday for $6.1 million, a portion of his signing bonus from the team.  An arbitrator ruled last year that Rogers must repay the Lions, but clearly he hasn’t coughed up the cash.

Rogers has been in the news recently after getting rejected by the CFL because he’s still under suspension from the NFL. 

Now we know why he was so eager to get back on the field.

13 responses to “Lions sue Charles Rogers for $6.1 million

  1. I think the Lions should sue Matt Millen. HE’S the one that coast them 10s of millions in really lousy draft picks and the shame of a 0-16 season!!

  2. Matt Millen didn’t do anything wrong, he did his job to the best of his ability. The guy who chose to hire him is the guy that made the mistake.
    And to “yeah”, nobody cares about CR, but we care about the money he owes the Lions, this article is about money to a team that got ripped off, not about the man.
    And lots of people care about the Lions, including Lions fans and other NFL fans that choose to give a crap about what’s going in the league that they love.

  3. Matt Millen should be arrested for the horrible draft picks & huge contracts he gave to duds…he was stealing money in Detroit. Great player, ok announcer, horrible GM.

  4. The only way the Lions ever see this money, is if they are the ones supplying him with drugs to sell on a street corner.

  5. Rogers doesn’t have the money, that much is clear. The next question is whether the Lion’s will accept partial payment in the form of dime bags of weed.
    They could sell them to the fans attending the games and that wouldn’t make the Lions play any better but at least the fans would feel as much pain. And it should be fun when the Vikings come to town, Percy Harvin might not make it out the stands for the kick off.

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