Signs continue to point to Quinn in Cleveland

The Browns didn’t practice on Tuesday, so there’s no new evidence regarding whether the starting quarterback on Sunday will be Brady Quinn or Derek Anderson.

On Wednesday, they’ll practice in preparation for the Week One game against the Vikings.  At that time, the guy who gets the bulk of the first-team reps most likely will be the opening-day starter.

A league source tells us that, at practice on Monday, Quinn took the bulk of the practice reps with the first-team offense.  So it looks like Quinn will get the nod on Wednesday.

Coach Eric Mangini has opted not to identify publicly his starting quarterback.  And we’ve heard rumblings that he has tried to cajole his players into keeping their mouths shut.

But that’s simply not realistic.  People like to talk.  And the talk for now is that the guy is Quinn.

Of course, it’s possible that Mangini gave Quinn the first-team reps in order to make his players think that Quinn would be the starter, and that in reality Anderson will take the snaps today.  That said, if Mangini is worried about manipulating the mindset of his players because he knows that all of them won’t keep their mouths shut, he shouldn’t even be trying to keep the identity of his starter a secret.

31 responses to “Signs continue to point to Quinn in Cleveland

  1. I don’t know why he cares about keeping the starting QB a secret. They are going to lose no matter who starts.

  2. Why not just report that “Quinn Is Named Starter!”
    What’s Mangini going to do? Beat you up?
    The worst thing that will happen is you could be wrong. If Anderson starts, who cares? You get to make headlines and aggravate the super secret double secret Mangini!

  3. Mangini is a tool and has killed the Jets and now will destroy what little promise Cleveland had.. Oh 2007 was so long ago….

  4. So not only do they not know their starting QB, but they are also not practicing! I predict double digit loss this week! Fox sports is giving Cleveland +4…. how about +14

  5. Mangini *still* thinks he’s in New England, where he can tell everyone “don’t say anything” and it stays that way. That’s not something you build overnight, and that’s a problem Mangini can’t seem to overcome.

  6. Mangini sucks as a head coach. Talk about over thinking your own job. Quinn and Anderson are basically the same type of QB. It’s not like one is Vick and you have to specially prepare for him. Mangini will fail just like he has since he left Belichick’s teet and he and his weird lisp/tongue issue will be jobless for good.

  7. Krow, you seem to forget the likes of Kordell Stewart…who got caught blowin’ a police officer in downtown Pittsburgh…which we all know is typical activity in that town.

  8. Florio, you obviously don’t know who’s starting, so why write this story? Right now it’s only speculation that Quinn may be the starter. So who was really fooled? Looks like Mangini’s plan is working.

  9. Who cares which QB gets the starting nod as long as the hospital has their correct blood type ready to go. The O line is going to have a field day beating the hell out of these clowns. It’s going to be an UGLY beat down for the Browns…I wouldn’t be surprised if Mike Vic makes a visit to the Vikings locker room to give a speech on cruelty to the dog-pound.

  10. unless ofcourse he knew you would think that he would be starting quinn to throw u off so he started quinn to throw u off even tho hes really starting quinn…

  11. This is crazy. The Browns scare no one. It doesn’t matter who the starting QB is.
    Get a life, Mangini.

  12. Krow says:
    September 9, 2009 11:07 AM
    Will he be the first gay starting QB in NFL history? This could be quite a milestone.
    REALLY? Did you see him in a gay bar?

  13. Derek Anderson shouldn’t have lost the job to begin with. He has a better arm than Quinn, and he got pulled because Braylon couldn’t catch the ball. I have never seen a QB get pulled because the WR was dropping his passes.

  14. Cmon guys, this is an abvious ploy by Mangini because he totally wants to win his fantasy football league. Since winning real NFL games in unrealistic in Cleveland, at least he can hold up that little trophy for a moment, pretending its the real deal, and shed that tear of joy…

  15. I love how people say that Mangini killed the Jets. How about take a good hard look at the Jets GM. Last time I checked Mangini had two winning seasons out of three with New York. Took over a 4-12 team then marched them straight to the playoffs the next year at 10-6. Oh, and there is this Brett Farve guy that destroyed a 9-3 start last year. Mangini had to play him because he would have lost his job if he took him out anyway.

  16. “Will he be the first gay starting QB in NFL history? This could be quite a milestone.”
    What’s up with all of these insecure pussy men gay bashing Quinn because they’re jealous of him?
    Oh…. Kordell Stewart already hit that milestone, dummy.

  17. severs28 says:
    That’s because you’re an idiot and you have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about in regards to the browns.
    A “better” arm….. He can throw it harder, yes. He is not even close to “accurate” on anything under 15 yards and he has zero touch on screen passes.
    Quinn has a top 10 NFL arm, can make all the throws, has touch on his passes and is very accurate at short/med throws.
    What was my point again? Oh yeah, you’re a moron.

  18. AuburnCowboyz says:
    Mangini is a tool and has killed the Jets and now will destroy what little promise Cleveland had.. Oh 2007 was so long ago….
    Yeah, Mangini tore down the great team that Herm Edwards had built! Idiot.

  19. @halitzor – Quinn a top ten arm???? I almost pissed my pants laughing. Lets see just off the top of my head….
    Worthlessburger, Palmer, Flacco are all in the same division and could out throw that twink. Then there is Brady, Manning, Brees, Ryan, Russell, Stafford, McNabb and Eli Manning. There…. That makes 11 current starters all of who can out throw that ragged arm twinkie who is starting for the Clowns. Oh yeah…. I forgot…. Derek Anderson needs to be included in the group.

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