Bucs avoid blackout, Bengals get extension

The Bucs can’t guarantee viewers will like what they see, but fans in Tampa will be able to watch the team’s season opener from the comfort of their home.

The team announced Thursday that the game will be televised locally, although there are still seats available. 

It’s unclear how many seats haven’t been sold for Sunday’s game, but it’s not a great sign for possible future blackouts that the team is struggling to sell an attractive game like the home opener against the Cowboys.  

Meanwhile the Bengals have been given a 24-hour extension to sell nearly 5,000 tickets.  The league usually doesn’t extend the deadline unless there is good reason to believe a sellout is coming.

4 responses to “Bucs avoid blackout, Bengals get extension

  1. a good reason like the season opener perhaps? I doubt they’d give an extension in week 7, but opening day baby! YEAH!!!!

  2. Not a good sign if they can’t sell out week 1…against a high profile team like Dallas…when they only have 7 home games thanks to the NFL outsourcing one.
    I don’t foresee too many Bucs home games being aired in the Bay area this year the way things are going.

  3. B/c they are playing the Cowboys, let’s not get this story twisted..”Americas team” draws the highest ratings/ attendance…nuff said…Cowboys 24 Tampa 10

  4. The Yankee’s came to play my Texas Rangers this year in Arlington. A full 1/3 of the fans were wearing Yankee garb and the stadium had an unusual sell out. Same thing holds for away Cowboy games. There will be nearly as many Boys fans in the stands Sunday as Bucs.

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