NFC coaching hot seat

Yesterday, we did a team-by-team assessment of the degree of heat to which each AFC head coach currently is exposed.

Today, it’s time for a look at the NFC coaches, one by one.

The list is right here.

5 responses to “ NFC coaching hot seat

  1. Both McCarthy and Childress have led their teams to NFC North division titles. So why is McCarthy (Packers) on “medium” and Childress (Vikings) is on “the surface of the sun?”
    The only explanation is that this blog is biased against the Vikings.
    But the main problem with the “hot seat” lists is that the NFL in 2010 could look a lot different. Everything is on the table, from salary caps to rookie pay scales.
    With many Super Bowl-winning coaches available to be hired, it appears that the owners want their head coaches to be, above all else, very inexpensive.
    That means coaches like Raheem Morris and Josh McDaniels are in an extremely safe position, while well-paid coaches like Bill Bellichek may be relatively safe, but no safer than Mike Shanahan.

  2. The only reason the Jim Zorn setting should be HIGH: The Danny.
    You could win the Super Bowl for him, but if he has other plans, you are toast.

  3. There are so many good coaches waiting in the wings that there are more coaches on the “hot seat” than you think.

  4. You bet your Ass McCarthy is a 8 win or less season away from being fired. i don’t think a disastrous season such as last year is on the horizon for this club but if it were he’d most likely be gone depending upon circumstances.

  5. Mcarthy has 4 game better record than Childress.
    MM isn’t a good coach, he’s a shorter fatter version of Mike Tice. Sounds just as dumb, his daughter is hot though.

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