Raiders still mum on Seymour front

As we noted earlier, Richard Seymour is reportedly in possession of the “five-day letter” requiring him to show up for work with the Raiders.

There is some discrepancy as to when Seymour received the letter.  Ian Rapoport of the Boston Herald says it was “hand delivered” to Seymour on Thursday.  Adam Schefter of ESPN contends that Seymour got the letter Friday.

The Raiders?  They won’t say whether the letter, which gives Seymour five days from time of receipt to report to the team or have his 2009 season possibly ended, was even sent.

The day Seymour received the letter (or when it was delivered) of course dictates when his deadline to appear is.  If he got it Thursday, he has until Tuesday. If it was received Friday (removing socks for counting purposes) he has until Wednesday. 

Raiders coach Tom Cable’s “update” of the situation today went thusly, according to Jerry McDonald of the Contra Costa Times:  “Until, you know, we have some facts on what is or isn’t going to happen, I’ve really felt like it’s not an issue until we have something concrete.  So with that in mind it’s just been business as usual . . . I think we are all hoping that he’s going to show up.”

One would assume that to be the case.

League officials have maintained all week that it’s an issue they are not commenting on.  A league spokesman has not yet responded to an e-mail to an NFL spokesman asking for clarification on Seymour’s deadline for reporting.

17 responses to “Raiders still mum on Seymour front

  1. Seymour, Dick is no good without his spy-cam posse and he knows it. He might as well retire as he’s never going to another pro bowl again since he won’t be able to cheat with aplomb in Oakland.

  2. Florio you have to love the Raiders. Without the discombobulated franchise what else would you have to write about?
    We love it! What will they do next? Trade Seymour for Crabtree’s rights?

  3. The report on NFL network says they put him on the reserve left roster….
    So something happened.
    It’s ALL nonsence….AGAIN…..But…
    I’ll still take being a Raidah fan over ANY OTHER…Any day.
    Stop acting like Pats* fans even knew who they were before they started cheating….Bandwagon.
    Get bent Chowduh heads.
    All fans dress like it’s Halloween…
    It’s our fault we have the best cotumes?
    Al’s nuts…No s#!t…
    Think you’re hurting our feelings?…Meh.
    RAIDER NATION…All day…It’s that good…
    No other sports. No other teams.
    Spit your napalm…..Dumps…ZZzzz.

  4. You can’t pass a physical if you don’t show up. The trade requires Seymour to pass a physical. The logic is clear to me that the trade is not yet complete.
    While it does allow players the defacto ability to void trades they also stand to lose huge amounts of money by not playing.
    I tend to side with Seymour because if he shows up the Raiders will franchise him and he will be stuck. He should be allowed to sit this year with no pay and be a free agent next year. I’m guessing he would still get a good paycheck.

  5. the only way raiders win a championship again is if they somehow convince madden to couch and that aint happening lol ya’ll suck I hope they go 0-16, it’s happin before, it could happen again

  6. Listen…..REALLY!!! If its true that he’s been put on the left/did not report list,
    Someone please go to his house and check to see if the gas is on?????????? he must have gone over the edge………………………

  7. cjmrfix,
    Just because you’re a Lions fan doesn’t mean you have to bring us down with you. And what kind of couch do you want Madden to sit on? Bro, you gotta get yourself some new material. You sound like a Raider Hater broken record. Next.
    As for Dick. If he don’t want to be here, BEAT IT!

  8. While I am sympathetic that his life got turned upside down, that’s one of the risks you take when you play any pro sport. Seymour needs to man up. The Raiders have his rights if he ever wants to play again and he has to accept that. I wouldn’t bitch too much about getting paid $4mil to live in the Bay Area, makes him look like a total choad.

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