Our very first network radio show launches Sunday

Not long ago, we lined up our first regular gig on a national game day pregame show, with Sports USA Radio.

We’ve now somehow taken it a step farther, finagling an entire one-hour show. 

Every Sunday morning during the season.

On Sporting News Radio.

It’s a natural fit, given our two-year relationship with SportingNews.com and even longer relationship with Sporting News Radio, via appearances on shows hosted by Todd Wright, Tim Montemayor, Tim Brando, Peter Brown, 2 Live Stews, and others.

We just finalized the deal today, and we’ll get started right away.

So join me and co-host Craig Shemon this Sunday at 11:00 a.m. ET for 60 minutes of the latest developments and rumors and analysis as the 2009 season arrives with eight games kicking off simultaneously.

14 responses to “Our very first network radio show launches Sunday

  1. congratulations Florio..your pro patriot bias angers me to no end but you are extremely passionate and deserving of your continued sucess.

  2. I do have football-related radio experience if you are interested in expert opinion and rhetoric that would blow the minds of your audience members with new perspective that cookie-cutter analysts cannot think of!

  3. probably can’t listen to this on Sunday morning, but it would be nice if the shows would be archived some place, so people could download them and listen during the week when they have time. Hope you do that and post a link from this site to wherever the shows end up being archived.

  4. Congrats Florio. I am just glad that you have found an honest profession and it looks like it is working out for you.

  5. Pardon what may be a stupid question, but where would we find this station at? On the Sporting News web site?

  6. OT I know but…
    For any DirecTV subscribers, they’re giving away a free preview of the full NFL Sunday Ticket package this Sunday, Sept. 13, all day, on channels 700-718, including SuperFan (HD, RedZone, etc.)
    Just a FYI…
    Sorry Florio, but as long as we tossing out shameless plugs…

  7. I heard Al Michaels mention you and PFT during the game. IMO, its a matter of time before your in the studio, even if its for like a minute at first.
    Its an inspiration to see someone escape from white collar hell…congrats.

  8. Pity poor Craig when Florio gets “in the game” and drops his pants.
    and make sure you mention Favre about 20,000 times too

  9. THE CRAIG SHEMOND SHOW with Mike Florio, Sunday mornings at 11:00 A.M. Eastern, only on Sporting News Radio. 60 minutes of jam packed NFL news and notes from all around the league. Sunday. Sunday! SUNDAY! Join Craig Shemond, along with Mike Florio, starting tomorrow morning at 11 Eastern/8 Pacific. Only… on Sporting News Radio.

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