Bradshaw blasts Brett Favre

There might be a war brewing between Mississippi and Louisiana.  Because two of the two states’ favorite sons are at odds.

During FOX’s pregame show, Terry Bradshaw lambasted Brett Favre.

“I’m tired of it,” Bradshaw said at the top of the show.  “I am.  My family’s tired of it. . . . We’re all tired of it.  I wish it would go away.  I’ll be glad when it goes away. . . .  I’ll be glad when he’s retired and moved on because I’m really fed up with him. . . .  If I have to stand up there in Minnesota and hand him that [George Halas Trophy], I’ll be glad to do it.  And if I’m wrong I’m wrong, but I’m tried of that whole scenario.”

The hell with the Hatfields and the McCoys; the Bradshaws and the Favres could be trading bullets in the near future.  (We only hope Terry doesn’t die.  Again.)

Meanwhile, Favre tells ESPN’s Ed Werder that the Hall of Famer has a “nervous stomach” as he prepares for the season opener.

Maybe it’s the swine flu.

Or the polio.

Or the lupus.

Though we’ll defer (eye roll) to the official injury report, chances are that any intestinal discomfort Favre experiences moving forward is a result of the second butthole that Bradshaw just tore for him.

28 responses to “Bradshaw blasts Brett Favre

  1. sniff, sniff…Why don’t you love me, Terry? Bus says everybody loves me. Did Ted Thompson tell lies about me again? I’ll get him for that!

  2. Who cares what Terry Bradshaw says? The next time he opens his mouth and something intelligent comes out of it will be the first.

  3. Why does Bradshaw care? Favre will never even sniff four rings.
    Terry Bradshaw is the best QB in the history of the NFL.

  4. Classic!
    Brett seems to bring out the absoulte worst in many people – that veritable “green monster” is not becoming.
    The real telling evidence I point to is that most of the so-called “experts” that make it their business to get involved in Brett’s business are really of lackluster character and integrity.

  5. Florio, you will never give up will you? For starters, you cares what Bradshaw has to say? He is just another broadcaster who kissed Favre’s ass while with GB and who bashes him now that he is a Viking.
    Also, this whole swine flu, polio, and lupus shit is getting old.. I seriously believe that you have ADD, and could possibly be somewhat Retarded.. Just because your mom has gonorrhea, your dad has lupus, and you have ADD doesn’t mean a QB who is about to start a NFL game has any of the above.. So don’t take your families frustrations out on the readers here, they don’t care what kinds of diseases your family has, just want to know about football..

  6. And that is why Terry Bradshaw is my favorite on air talent out of all the former players, coaches, and the nobodies that have his job.

  7. This from a guy who doesn’t know who his picks are. If you watch the picks segment on the Fox pre-game, he has to look and see what team pops up before he can tell who “he” picked. Guy has become a joke. Like Favre cares if Bradshaw and his family are over it. LOL. What a retread.

  8. Who in the bloody hell cares what Teri Bradshaw and his family are sick of? I mean, really, how does it affect their lives whether Brett plays or not? Only people that are allowed to have opinions are GB fans and Viking fans. Everyone else has no reason to care.

  9. Marsha Husband says:
    I always watch FoxSports and enjoy all of the guys, especially Terry. I’m so disappointed in his comments today. I’m a big Brett fan and would have liked it if he had never thought about retiring…it got a little old. But it’s his career and some players find it easier to retire than others. Brett is a great quarterback and a true leader, on and off the field. He doesn’t kill dogs, he’s not a felon, and he doesn’t beat up women. He simply loves football and we love him.

  10. I never leave comments but feel I must on this. First anyone who doesn’t know Terry Bradshaw’s history,,doesn’t know football. He has earned his right to comment on other players. I always liked Bret Favre and cheer for him still. Yet research HIS comments, he fails many times to take responsibility for his own shortcomings, blaming other team members for mistakes or uses health reasons to cover any potential shortcomings. Don’t take my word…research it!!Loves attention and plays it up for the media. Yet, I hope he has a good season. Last comment, how many of these people that bad mouth Terry have 6 superbowl rings?He can back up his talk!

  11. OOps, I meant 4 rings in 6 years. Still Terry is a wonderful person who like the rest of us gets frustrated, especially with whiners in the game he’s devoted his life to. for people like Vikes-N-Farve I say this: It shows you know nothing about the game when you say Terry is “just another broadcaster”. Also to state such mean, insulting things about diseases and family to another shows what a small person you are. I was taught that Nonsense like that is usually spewed by those who don’t know what they are talking about. You just proved the adage is correct!

  12. terry bradshaw and fran tarkenton, who cares what you think about farve being the viking QB, your jealousy is really showing through!

  13. After the game Bradshaw said he could do (at the present time) everything that Favre had just done on the field. I usually like Bradshaw but I certainly didn’t like such mean-spirited negativity, and I fear, jealousy. Can Bradshaw still take I hit? Maybe he can, but then maybe he should give it a go, again like Favre?

  14. Nothing to see here again, just Florio sifting through the garbage trying to stir up a story in all the muck.

  15. just because a guy has a bunch of rings doesn’t make his opinions valid. thats a ridiculous argument.
    every week bradshaw gets shoved down our throats with his stupid rhetoric. he clearly has nothing as someone pointed out he has to read his picks when asked because he is out of touch.
    the only people who care about bradshaw are the steelers fans…..thats it. if it weren’t for a fluke play against the raiders they might be one ring short.

  16. What I found more interesting than Bradshaw’s little tirade was Jay Glazer reporting the Jets would have flown to Mississippi and been on bended knee if they didn’t snag Sanchez in the draft, and how hurt they were by Favre’s recent candor.
    Does Glazer expound on those comments anywhere? I’d like to know more about the Jets feelings about Favre, since Tannenbaum pretty much took the blame and backed up Favre’s version of events surrounding his injury.

  17. OH listen to the Viking fans talk about people really are tools. For 16 years all you did is whine about Favre and all the media attention he and Green Bay got when he was actually a good guy and played on a good team and people gave a shit about him. Now you know what the Green Bay and every other football fan has had to put up with from you idiots for the last 16 years. In my opinion, the Packer and Jet fans have the RIGHT to be pissed after the way the guy LIED about EVERYTHING, that’s why their t-d off. You people just whined becasue he was on THEIR team and THEY were getting all the attention. They could care less now..and NOBODY likes a LIAR.

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