Merriman's accuser continues to undermine her case

Ever since prosecutors in San Diego decided not to pursue criminal charges against Chargers linebacker Shawne Merriman for allegedly battering and falsely imprisoning Tila Tequila Nguyen on September 6, we’ve checked in from time to time on Nguyen’s Twitter page.

Predictably, she has been sounding off repeatedly about the decision, “retweeting” messages from many of her followers that either support her or bash Merriman.

But Nguyen is adding plenty of her own words, apparently not realizing that each tweet is something that Merriman’s lawyers possibly will use against her if she files a civil suit and if the case goes to trial.

Here’s one that should help Merriman’s legal team make Nguyen come off as incredibly unsympathetic:  Actually @MechanicalDummy & @shawnemerriman should ass rape each other.  They are both little pussy bitches.  I would B ashamed 2 be their mom.”

(The Mechanical Dummy link goes to the Twitter page of a person named “Breezy.”  We’ve never heard of “Breezy,” but at least 33,917 others have.)

That’s just one of the more recent tweets from her.  She’s currently in the middle of an all-out tirade, which will give Merriman’s lawyers even more ammo as they prepare to defend him at trial.   

And she apparently senses that her stream of tweets could come back to haunt her.  At one point in the past couple of hours, she said that she’ll be deleting her Twitter account in a “couple more weeks.”

Unless it’s an Ochocinco-style stunt, the only reason to delete the account (which inexplicably has nearly 250,000 followers, though we think the number has dropped recently, likely due to the excessive and rampant tweeting about Merriman) would be to try to cover up the things she has said over the past several days — things that will make it much harder for her to prevail in a civil suit against Merriman.

19 responses to “Merriman's accuser continues to undermine her case

  1. Breezy is Chris Brown. @mechanicaldummy is also Chris Brown’s twitter account. People know him as “C-Breezy”

  2. This chick is like 14 years old. I have never seen so much bs from someone older than hs age. She has serious issues.

  3. breezy is chris brown..not the rb for the texans but the brown that beat up rhianna. i know i shudnt know that so if theres a need to suspend my man card i understand..

  4. The law needs to put a gag order on this woman.
    If for no other reason but the fact I am sick of hearing her spout off in the media.
    If Merriman is indeed guilty of a crime then I want him punished for it. And if she is really a victim of something bad here then I want to see justice served for her.
    But that said, I am truly tired of this woman’s constant jabbering. I wish she’d be quiet and just let the law handle it…

  5. “The Mechanical Dummy link goes to the Twitter page of a person named “Breezy.” We’ve never heard of “Breezy,” but at least 33,917 others have.”
    Subtle humor, very nice. I liked it.

  6. BillsFan27 says:
    September 13, 2009 10:13 AM
    Shawne Merriman – 1… Gold-Diggin’ Ho-Bag – 0.
    Now that shit is funny!!!
    Florio-is-a-tool says:
    September 13, 2009 10:40 AM
    “i am sure rapistberger…”
    How are are you? Eight? rapistberger? Very immature
    Why don’t you learn how to type. Wut r u…sevin?

  7. The thing about Twitter is that when you delete a Tweet you are only deleting it from public view. The Tweet is still kept in their database for a period of time.
    When you delete an account the same thing happens. You may think the account is gone but it really isn’t. She should read the Terms of Service which by the way just changed last week. You own your Tweets but so do they.
    In other words if she thinks she can avoid the legal system from looking at her deleted Tweets or even if she deletes her account, she’s wrong.
    This is a time where saying nothing would have been wiser.

  8. What a dirty little trollop. I’m betting this girl is a venereal disease manufacturing machine.
    This is not the type of girl you bring home and introduce to mom & dad.

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