PFTV takes one last look at Titans-Steelers

Let me make a guess.

Right about now, you’re frustrated.  And you’re frustrated because it’s less than five hours until the start of the first Sunday of the 2009 NFL season, and yet there’s no early-morning television coverage of the coming onslaught of games.

We’ll try to fill the void.  Instead of watching college football highlights or further rehashing of Serena Williams prompting a female line judge to pee a little (or possibly a lot) in her pants, we’ll dump the PFTV vault.

Here’s a final look at Thursday night’s opening game.

11 responses to “PFTV takes one last look at Titans-Steelers

  1. Joe, the next time your mom dresses you for one of these spots you might want to remind her that white ties went out with disco.

  2. Hmmmph. What wag decided to line that video with the “Air Roethlisberger” crap? That nickname is retired.
    If not for two missed field goals then a pure-luck 50-50 coin toss, this game would’ve ended differently. The Steelers didn’t prove a thing except that they can barely eck out a lucky win in their home stadium. The Titans, given the venue, proved that there’s no need for any team to kiss six rings.
    Go Titans!

  3. @Serr8d – “if” the Titans didn’t choke during their playoff game against Baltimore…well, you get my point. You can play the “if” game with most close match ups and then throw in some “lucky” where needed.
    And regarding the coin toss, play some defense and the result may have turned out differently.

  4. Luck plays a part in every game played. A bad snap, a tipped ball, ref’s missing calls. I happen to agree with Florio on this one (OMFG). WE didn’t learn much about either Team, it was one game how could we. I do think that Tenn wont miss Haynesworth as much would be expected. They could have easily won this game.

  5. Well Seerd IF Harrison wasnt held on almost every play ,Collins might not of had time to throw completions…and why does everyone keep saying if they didnt miss 2 fgs..they do know WE BLOCKED one right?? WE the STEELERS did that…
    oo And IF we got a first down we would of been in fg range several times… We had great field postion thruout most of the game.. lol@blaming the coin toss..LOL you want to talk about unfairly losing on a coin Bettis!
    Im sick of the WHAT IF’s… that shit could be said about every game.. MORON!
    The fact remains.. The Steelers beat a very good team..Our D played great as always,and Ben put up some pretty nice numbers..So pull youre head out of your ass and sing with me.. HERE WE GO STEELERS,HERE WE GO!!!
    U Need to BOW to the 6 lombardis!!!!!!

  6. i can’t stand people who say the steelers won by luck! why did you miss the 2 field goals, because your kicker choked on the first and the special teams of the steelers blocked the second field goal because of skill not luck dousche, stop making excuses because you lost, stop hating because we have six rings and you titans have ZERO you people are just as bad as patriot fans! Try winning the games when they count like last years playoff loss to the ravens, losers!

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