Bears to sign linebacker not named Derrick Brooks

Lovie Smith may already be talking to Derrick Brooks as a possible replacement for Brian Urlacher, but the team is signing another linebacker — Tim Shaw.

The Chicago Sun-Times reports the team will sign Shaw on Tuesday when the former Penn State player arrives at the team facility.

Shaw’s deal doesn’t mean that Brooks won’t land with Lovie.  The Bears are trying to replace Urlacher and starting strong-side linebacker Pisa Tinoisamoa, and probably will make another move at the position.

Shaw seems most likely to be slated for special teams duty.

8 responses to “Bears to sign linebacker not named Derrick Brooks

  1. Bears Defense is old, we know this. The real problem is the interception machine you guys call quarterback….did you see those throws last night? ouch!…To everyone who said Brett Favre would be throwing pic’s….no, not happening. sorry….he’s only required to complete 14 passes and our team can still put up 37 points…I just recall all the trash talking from the bear fans in the preseason….How are you bears fans feeling today? Ooo..Ouch I’m sorry I’ll stop…I am actually starting to feel bad for you and your sh*tty team….

  2. shaw’s a good player, i always liked him up at penn state. he’s got good speed for a linebacker and he’s a smart kid. doubt he plays middle though. he’ll stick to special teams. he’s probably more of a signing because of tinoisamoa than because of urlacher.

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  4. Man I felt sorry for Cutler last night….just a little bit better performance and the bears would have knocked off the packers…..that would have been a little sweet. All the hype on GB and Aaron playing so well in preseason…..guess they didn’t play against anyone good or defenses didn’t show their stuff.

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