Brooks already talking to Bears

After a brief behind-the-scenes visit from the PFT hamsters (related to — we kid you not — a livestreamed cricket match in India that is doing bananas traffic), we are rolling again and ready to roll after the first Sunday NFL smorgasbord of the year.

And there is plenty of news to get you caught up on, starting with the fallout from Brian Urlacher’s season-ending injury in Chicago.  (The Bears have confirmed Urlacher will miss the season.)

To replace Urlacher, Lovie Smith will look to his past.  Derrick Brooks made his first Pro Bowl in Smith’s first season as Tampa’s linebacker coach, all the way back in 1996. 

It looks like Brooks will get a chance to finish out his career under Smith’s tutelage again.  According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, the Bears have already been in contact with Brooks.  Schefter says Brooks could sign with the team as early as Monday.

Brooks has worked out for the Raiders and Saints previously this offseason, so his signing can’t be considered a lock.  But the Bears are certainly needy, though, after losing Urlacher for the year and strong-side linebacker Pisa Tinoisamoa for “at least a few weeks.”

Brooks is a more natural fit at weak-side linebacker, so Lance Briggs could be asked to move to the middle potentially. 

Nick Roach and Jamar Williams should also be in the mix at linebacker for Chicago, and Hunter Hillenmeyer is a capable replacement for Tinoisamoa.

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  1. GREAT idea. Nothing better than a smart, keen-eyed veteran to steady things when the team comes rolling out of the gate like a shopping cart with a bad wheel. Someone like Brooks wouldn’t just fill a slot; he’d make the whole defense work better.
    I was hoping Brooks would find a place to play, and this sounds like making the best of a crummy situation for all involved.

  2. Brooks is an upgrade over the much overrated Urlacher. Urlacher isnt even the best LB on the team (Briggs). I’m sure Brooks joining the Bears will be enough for them to start talking superbowl again… delusionally.

  3. It’s a shame that the Bears had those injuries, which could affect their entire season. I was at the game at Lambeau last night (I’m a Packer fan) and I have to tell you….the Packers were very lucky to come away with that victory. The Bears defense was incredible. I hope they can retain the effectiveness of their “D” without Urlacher. I would love to see both teams make it to the playoffs this year.

  4. That’s the best possible situation for Chicago.
    It does make me wonder why a player of Brooks’ caliber is still available though. He must really be slowing down.
    Normally when a player of his stature is available, he’s snapped up in a heartbeat.
    Adrian Peterson is going to run through them like a train in a hurricane anyways.

  5. Brooks isnt the player he was in tampa. Last year he looked VERY slow. But he still is one of the smartest LBs to ever play so he will make a contribution to the team, even if he doesnt lead the team in tackles.

  6. The real test for these Bears linebackers is when Adrian Peterson shows up. With or without Brooks it will be a challenge to stop him. Poor Bears, they couldnt catch a break

  7. “Brooks is an upgrade over the much overrated Urlacher.”
    How many 6-5, 255 lbs MLB do you know covers 30 yards down the middle of the field? Yeah, totally overrated.

  8. jpnl, Bear fans don’t talk Superbowl in the offseason, that’s only the “mentally challenged” Viking fans.
    Brooks is a talented veteran, and a sure future HOF. How much he has left in the tank is a real question at this point, but with the situation the Bears are in, I’d say they don’t have much choice.

  9. Three things showed up late night. 1.) that the Bears defense is just about average, poor LB play and terrible DB play. Tommy Harris is still protecting the knee so he is non-reactive. 2.) OL needs help. Seive from both sides and Pace was slow. 3.) Go-Long is about the only WR route that looked good. Do any of their WR know how to run routes? We know Hester does not because he is just a converted DB.

  10. Given the options, Brooks is probably the best option. Maybe Nap Harris — as people have indicated, you’d think someone with Brooks resume would be employed if he had anything left.
    Maybe Lovie can squeeze more out of him than others.
    Tough break for Urlacher.

  11. Given the 2 injuries, the unfortunate thing for the Bears is that, other than Briggs, if signed, Brooks might be the Bears second best LB.

  12. Hoping Brooks can fill the void.
    Hoping Cutler can get his head in the game.
    Hoping the receivers can learn their routes and follow through.
    Hoping the Bears offensive line can be more of a wall than a sieve.
    Hoping all this hope isn’t wasted…

  13. The guy who said that Brooks is an upgrade over Urlacher should take up knitting or start watching figure skating, because he obviously doesn’t know anything about football.
    Brooks hasn’t just lost a step; he’s lost a step-and-a-half.
    In fact, his performance (or lack thereof) was a HUGE factor in the Bucs’ collapse in the final month of last season.
    The rest of the NFL knows this, which is why Brooks is/was unemployed going into the second week of the regular season.
    Yes, Brooks has had a Hall of Fame career, but it was a career built on speed. All the smarts and savvy in the world won’t help him make plays against younger, faster players.

  14. Brooks likely isn’t employed because he was asking for too much money and if he was on a roster for week 1 his money would have been guaranteed. Look for lots of veterans to be picked up. It would have been no sooner than today. Brooks was playing great until he pulled his hamstring in the middle of the season. If it is healed he will dominate for the Bears and yes be an upgrade.

  15. Ambrose, Mr. Packer Fan, you are a great example of great fans. I’m a Bears fan, and I always thought Favre would have been a very popular Bear if he had played for them.
    Packer fans and Bears fans are cut from the same cloth. Hard to hate each other. We’re not like the Yankees and Red Sox.
    I love/hate the Pack. I hope both teams get into the playoffs and we can really have fun.
    Thanks for the post.

  16. brooks or harris will be hurt after the first game, get someone who was cut after pre-season (someone who went through training camp an undrafted free agent is the best way to go.)

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