Posluszny down for the night

Buffalo middle linebacker Paul Posluszny was having a nice night for the Bills as they continue to give the Patriots all they can handle (and more) in Foxborough.  He had a team-high six first-half tackles and was plenty capable in coverage down the middle of the field against the Patriots’ crossing routes.

But now his night is over.  It was just announced in the press box (and likely to the national TV audience) that Posluszny is done for the game with an arm injury.

Marcus Buggs, a second-year linebacker out of Vanderbilt is Posluszny’s backup.

So with Posluszny out, Patriot Jerod Mayo still yet to return from the right knee injury he suffered in the first half, and Bears middle linebacker already done for the season with his dislocated wrist, it just hasn’t been a good Week One for middle linebackers.

7 responses to “Posluszny down for the night

  1. Not even week 1 it hasnt been a good season for middle linebackers. Dont forget Stewar Bradely is out for the year too. The football media that I usually hate were making him out to be one of the last true middle linebackers and the next big thing at the postion. Add in stars like Urlacker and future stars like Paul Posluszny and Jerod Mayo and its been very bad year for the Mike Man.

  2. colts18, it’s 3 years, 3 injuries.
    What about derrick brooks signing with the Bills this week to play his former team on sunday?

  3. I’ve got a couple cases of Tums with Calcium here that I need for my stomach from watching my Bills every year. Be more than happy to ship some to Poz for his friggin’ bones!!

  4. if he could tackle without getting ran over & landed on, he probably wouldnt break his bones quite as much. can’t believe buffalo fans love this guy so much. what a crock.

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