Jets "respect" Favre injury report fine

The New York Jets have issued a statement in response to the $125,000 in fines imposed as a result of the team’s failure to list quarterback Brett Favre on the injury report during the final five weeks of the 2008 season.

It’s a short message:  “We have been fully cooperative with the League throughout this investigation and respect their decision.”

Possible translation:  “We’ve really got nothing to say, because we were stone-cold busted.”

Of course, the Jets could have played the “everyone does it” card, and they would have been accurate if they had done so.

Meanwhile, it’s a bit surprising that G.M. Mike Tannenbaum and coach Eric Mangini were fined equal amounts of $25,000.  Though Tannenbaum is ultimately responsible for the football operations, it’s the coach and not the G.M. who typically supplies the raw information required by the league regarding injuries. 

In fact, there’s a belief in some circles that Tannenbaum came clean last week in part because he had no other choice, and in part because he believed that Mangini might make matters worse for himself by telling the league office that the reports fully complied with league rules, an approach he employed during a routine press conference conducted in the aftermath of Brett Favre’s bout with verbal diarrhea.  (It’s one of the symptoms of swine flu.)

Still, we believe that the Jets were punished only because failure to do so would have made a public mockery of the system, unlike the other violations that only make a private mockery of it.

11 responses to “Jets "respect" Favre injury report fine

  1. Is this the end of the injury reporting “mess” Tannebaum was in that I saw “reported” on here? Is he still on the hot seat?

  2. will Belichick get fined for doing this weekly?
    Of course not, a decade of cheating and the man gets no suspension.
    Keep up the good work Roger.

  3. Spelling error, couldn’t possibly happen with Florio trying to get out every Jet story in a matter of seconds. He’s not the least obsessed with the team.

  4. Funny… it took at ex-Patriots coach to come to the Jets to get them caught up in a “so-called” cheating scandal!

  5. Of course, the Jets could have played the “everyone does it” card, and they would have been accurate if they had done so.
    The Jesters are confirmed as having videotaped opponents signals…many other teams did so as well… yet the Jesters, and noone else, gutlessly tattled to the league when another team did it to them.
    Them playing the “everyone does it” card would have certainly been ironic, I’ll give you that.

  6. Where does the money go? The NFL is jointly owned by all of the NFL owners.
    Maybe they should donate the money to Shriner’s hospital for children who are burn victims.

  7. Every coach seems to do this to a certain extent. Did no one even suspect Brett was hurt….one week throwing fine the next look out…. But Mangini should be fined just for changing a defense in the later third of the season…to me…was more noticeable than Brett throwing INTs. He just needed a scapegoat.

  8. I think we can all agree that this really taints everything Eric Mangini accomplished with the Jets, which is really a shame. His legacy will never be the same.
    2006 Wild Card*

  9. Of course they accept the fine! It is ridiculous! Pocket change for them! But now Goodell gets to act like he will take action against his team, even though he has ignored numerous rule violations without so much as an investigation or even a statement!
    And no, BB does not do this. He lists players that are hurt on the injury report, not the other way around. In fact, he is very careful about this. He will list someone as injured “just in case.” I mean, someone stubs a toe they get listed. Brady hurts his shoulder a tiny bit in preseason, or is sore after he throws 50+ times, and he is listed for the full season. Wouldn’t want to break the rules like Mangina did!

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