Mangini not out of the woods regarding Jets injury report

Last week, Jets G.M. Mike Tannenbaum took the public fall for the realities of having a head coach with a bad habit of talking too little, and a quarterback with a bad habit of talking too much.

The Jets previously had been in the clear for failing to include Brett Favre on the injury report.  After the 2008 season ended, Favre immediately started to talk about an arm injury that hampered his performance down the stretch.  As the offseason unfolded, it became more and more clear that Favre was indeed injured.

But the league left it alone until last week, when Favre again revisited the issue, saying it was so bad that coach Eric Mangini should have benched him.

So the league no longer could ignore the situation.  And not even Mangini, who like Favre no longer works for the Jets, will escape the investigation.

“Since he was head coach of the Jets at the time, we are reviewing his role in the situation as part of the overall review,” NFL spokesman Greg Aiello told the Associated Press on Tuesday.

And, presumably, Mangini can be fined or otherwise punished in his capacity as the head coach of the Browns, if it’s determined that he made the decision not to list Favre on the injury report, even though Favre clearly was injured.

Mangini previously has spoken about the competitive advantage that flows from uncertainty regarding injuries, and the league previously has not punished teams for failing to disclose injuries, as long as the player has played.

The problem in this case is that the tenuous facade of open access to information has been disrupted by Favre’s candor, and so the league must do something to restore it.

But it likely won’t change the reality that the league office typically looks the other way, as long as the player fully participates in practice and plays, when teams like the Steelers don’t disclose in the week before the Super Bowl that Ben Roethlisberger as having a rib injury or the Patriots fail to mention that running back Laurence Maroney has a broken shoulder.

Barring a dramatic overhaul of the current system, the league will continue to follow that same approach, unless and until the next Brett Favre repeatedly emphasizes that he played with an injury, in the hopes of ensuring that every American citizen realizes that he has a good excuse for consistently throwing the football to the wrong team.

21 responses to “Mangini not out of the woods regarding Jets injury report

  1. in the next cba i hope they implement a rookie scale and make clear the rules of reporting injuries and not make it so vague.

  2. “he has a good excuse for consistently throwing the football to the wrong team.”
    Look at Favre’s Int % compared to a few other hall of famers- Favre 3.3, Elway 3.1, Marino 3.0, Tarkenton 4.1, Starr 4.4, Dawson 4.9, Aikman 3.0. This puts Favre INTs a bit into better prospective, when you throw as much as he has you get INTs, but his percentage his not much higher than other HOFers.
    Get you foot out of his backside, Florio. A blogger insulting a football player about injuries is lame.

  3. Oh Florio…is that a pickle in your pocket…or are you just happy to write something negative about Mangini? Being a Browns fan is tough enough, but while I’m addicted to PFT, I getting sick and tired of your vitrolic comments about Mangini…..does he have some 8×10 glossies of you and Pat White in a compromising position? Or are you still upset because Mangini has claimed you wax your eyebrows?

  4. GASP!!!
    This cannot be true, because it would mean that the Jets organization cheated. And as we all know, the Patriots are the only team ever to have cheated.
    What’s that you say? They were only bending the rules? Pushing the boundaries? Those arguments sound familiar. Tell it to the judge, fatso.
    Payback is a bitch, ain’t it?

  5. The football gods seem to have a way of turning things on those who deserve it. Some of you may consider it Karma.
    Maybe that’s the case, maybe not, but I don’t think it’s a stretch to think that the NFL establishment is not a fan of Mangini for his disgraceful role in camera-hunt and breaking the “code”. Don’t expect anyone to go to bat for this sleazy, backstabbing assclown.

  6. “…# kravon says: September 16, 2009 12:14 PM
    Mangini is an absolute disgrace to the NFL…”
    He should be. He apprenticed under the best.

  7. Zombierev…
    That’s a compelling arguement and I never knew that.
    But I also don’t remember elway or marino throwing 20+ ints.
    I haven’t looked at their stats recently so I could b wrong

  8. Hey Zombie:
    I think he was referring to the end of last season with that satement. Get Brett’s, umm well you know, out of your backside

  9. # redsysu says: September 16, 2009 12:20 PM
    Doesn’t New England do this every week? Why is this suddenly a hot story?
    Are you serious???? Maybe you are new to the site. Every week Florio makes a joke about the Pats injury report, specifically, “Brady, probable, right shoulder”. If the Pats are listing Brady on the injury report every week, when they know he is going to play, how is that evidence that they are “hiding” injuries? You cant have it both ways. You cant bash them for over reporting injuries, and then bash them for under reporting injuries.
    You could use the Maroney injury, and look at it both ways. He was on the injury report the previous week, with a shoulder injury. Perhaps they thought it was healed…… (I am not buying that, but you get the idea….)

  10. @ Zombie Revolution
    You can’t put favre’s INT’s into perspective without harkening back to his performance in the postseason. His devastating, in some cases legendarily (is that a word?) disastrous performances in 2001 vs. St Louis, 2002 vs. Atlanta, 2003 vs. Philly, 2004 vs. Minnesota and 2007 vs. the Giants come immediately to mind.

  11. Karma.
    this clown should be suspended along with tannenbaum. first they got caught cheating at foxboro and lied about it, now this… and more lies. sickening cheaters and liars.

  12. Yaaawn. Your ‘injury excuse’ talk has become so boring. “Farve revisted”–How about, ‘the media asked him and he answered’? Most players are injured to some capacity. It’s funny how you media-types ask the questions, but berrate players for their answers. And, by the way, absolutely NO player knows if they can play a whole season…NONE. Quit acting like an injury is just a fail-safe for underachievers. Otherwise, let’s persecute every single player with any form of injury as an excuse to underperform.

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