Personnel men line up to rip Niners

Nobody’s looking very good in the 50-plus day hunger strike being waged by Michael Crabtree.

Charles Robinson of Yahoo! Sports asked seven front-office types if they believed the Niners should be given some kind of draft protection if Crabtree holds out all season and goes back in the draft.

Not only was it 7-0 saying “no flippin’ way,” but the assorted execs also took aim at San Francisco for their handling of the whole situation.

“Why would I want to end up with a lower pick in [a subsequent] draft because another team couldn’t sign a player?” an NFC North exec asked Robinson.  “If you can’t find a way to sign a draft choice, it puts you in some bad company.  Somewhere along the way, you really [messed] up.”

An NFC G.M. said the Niners simply should have known better given Crabtree’s diva act leading up to the draft and the history of contentious negotiations in which his agent, Eugene Parker, has been involved.

“Part of the art of the draft is making sure you pick the right guy,” the unnamed G.M. insisted.  “You owe it to the owner and the organization to pick the right guy in the right situation. . . .  Just because he’s the best player on the board at the time you pick, you can’t just throw caution to the wind and say, ‘Well, we’ll be the one to change him.'”

Of course, since the identifies of the personnel execs aren’t known, it’s also not known whether they passed on Crabtree when they had the chance — or whether they’ll pass on him again if he re-enters the draft.

49 responses to “Personnel men line up to rip Niners

  1. These are the same guys who would rip SF should they give in and pay Cashtree DHB type money. Nobody wants to see Cashtree get his way as it would make next year a circus of holdouts IMO.

  2. Crabtree has got to get better representation. If he thinks that he’ll be drafted higher next year, he’s begging. This little act has cost him both valuable time and millions.

  3. So the question goes unanswered. Will SF get a provisional pick in the 2010 draft next year if Crabtree re-enters the draft?

  4. It’s real easy to hide behind anonymity and blast another team’s front office for doing something every other team minus Oakland would have done.
    The 49ers don’t deserve a compensatory selection if it doesn’t sign Crabtree, however the dialogue from around the league is sounding more and more like tabloid gossip.
    There’s also two teams that Deion Sanders’ knows who are sticking it to the 49ers by lying to Eugene Parker and telling him that they’d pay Crabtree what he’s looking for. These two teams are full of b.s. and are simply looking to derail the 49ers’ attempts to sign him.
    I hate the 49ers, but it is getting a raw deal on this one.

  5. The NFL is a better league without players like Crabtree. I hope he sits out the next 10 years, then goes back into the draft

  6. Not signing him might be an embarrassment, but in the end it is still lest costly than (a) signing him, paying him, and he’s a bust, or (b) signing him, paying him, and he’s such a pain-in-the-ass diva that it disrupts the entire team (see Owens, Terrell).
    Yes, they should have known better… but in the end, they might just be better off cutting their losses and using the money on someone else next year.

  7. Crapgreed is most assuredly a bust. It is a foregone conclusion at this point. He isn’t willing to pay his dues, he’ll be a team cancer, he’ll show up with an entourage, he’ll always think he’s worth more he’s getting, he’ll whine and complain if he doesn’t get the ball, he’s only 6’1″, runs a NFL-slow 4.6, won’t get separation, won’t be playing in a bullshyte Madden 2010 offense like he did at TT, and on and on and on.
    Even T.O. and Chad Johnson started off their careers with doses of humility and a willingness to pay their dues. Imagine if they had started off the way Crapgreed has. They’d have been even more insufferable, as Crapgreed already is. What a total punkass jackass.

  8. Why do so many people care about his money?
    It is his gamble to take, but maybe it is not his side that can not get a deal done. All of his agent’s other players are playing.

    To my knowledge you are the first to run with a story like this.
    I have been pounding away here and other places as to why the 49ers have been left off the hook publicly for picking Crabdiva in the first place.
    A). BEFORE the draft multiple rumors had the Browns along with other teams removing Crabdiva from their respective boards due to issues surrounding his character.
    B). Also, BEFORE the draft the majority of the pundits out their had him being selected somewhere between picks 1-3.
    C). He slid DURING the draft all the way to the 49ers at #10, after the Raiders passed on him at #7 certainly somebody below the 49ers or just in front of them would have moved up to select Crabdiva who slid that far? Nope.
    Their was a reason as to why multiple teams removed him from their boards and why many other teams didn’t even bother to select him in the first place.
    Why in the world would the 49ers be compensated for taking a flyer on a player that they KNEW was a head case in the first place.
    Sorry 49ers, you made your bed now sleep in it.

  10. There is no way the Niners should get compensation for this douchebag not signing a contract.
    With that said, I hope they never sign this stupid punk and he never makes a f”ing dime in the NFL.

  11. My question is, what is Crabtree doing right now? I mean, he’s not employed. I don’t think he’s gotten any endorsements. He’s obviously not playing. So where is he getting money from? How is he living? I don’t get how people like this can get by.

  12. Crabtree can salvage his career, but he has to fire his agent (regardless of whether Parker was carrying out Crabtrees wishes or his own) as a P.R. move and then sign the contract offered.

  13. It kills me as a cards fan, but I will say…the Niners looked good. Their defense was really good, Singletary has them motivated as a team etc. But this pick (all joking aside) is a problem for them. Crabtree (not the Niners) is an idiot. Flat out. You don’t get to choose your draft number. It chooses you by virtue of your accomplishments. If he wanted to go higher, he should have been a better person leading up to the draft. It was not a lack of talent that made him slip a few. This guy is the “I’m taking my ball and going home” guy we all grew up with.

  14. No offense to all of the retards out there, but Michael Crabtree is a retard. This is going to cost him a fortune, and he will lose all of the edge that he thinks he has.

  15. Personally, I think he should just disappear. I wonder if he realizes how much of a joke he has become to almost every fan in the US.

  16. There was no way to predict that Crabtree would pull such an audacious stunt. Sure. we can all sit here and say the 49ers knew better using our powers of hindsight.
    But I don’t recall a single analyst out there saying “ooo, risky pick by the 49ers since Crabtree will most likely ask for so much money that they have no choice but to pass on him and lose the pick”. There weren’t expressed fears over getting him signed. There were fears of his foot in the near term and attitude long term but nobody predicted he would go retarded on the money.
    The knock on Crabtree was primarily his ankle or foot or whatever. There was mention of his attitude but it wasn’t to the point where teams were considered silly to take him.

  17. >
    Why ? Because he was recently offered one of the greatest opportunities on the face of the planet while getting paid obscene amounts to do so. But that isn’t enough for the greedy POS
    It’s not enough that he would have paid to the extent that the next several generations of his family would never have had to work a day yet never have had to worry about paying bills or living a good life. Its not enough he would be doing a job he presumably loves while getting paid several fortunes to do so. Its not enough that he would have had 10s of thousands of people screaming love for him every week in the stadiums. Its not enough he could have virtually any material item he could want.
    Nope, he has to have more. At a time when millions of people lost jobs, houses, lives and a good percentage of those people are living on the street now , or in shelters, tent cities, slums etc. He has an opportunity to paid more than 99% of the people in this country make, and more than about 99% of the people around the rest of the world could never even conceive of making. For playing a f’ing game.
    People care because this guy is the embodiment of raw, disgusting greed at a time when an awful lot of people are hurting badly, and it both sickens and pisses them off. That’s why.

  18. These same personal exec’s would have ripped on the Niners for taking someone other then Craptree with him still on board, given the need for WR.

  19. Those are some pretty stupid statements if you ask me.
    Number 1, the Niners “could” give him what he wants, but choose not to because doing so would screw them AND every other team for future drafts. If they cave in to Crabtree, what’s to stop every other college diva from doing the same thing to any of the other teams?
    Number 2, I don’t see how this has anything to do with whether or not the Niners picked the right guy or not. If the Niners didn’t pick him, somebody else would have and the same thing would have happened. The minute DHB was picked and signed by the Raiders, any other team that would have picked Crabtree would have been in the same situation, so I don’t get how that’s the Niners “fault”.

  20. If past precedent is any indication, the 9ers will NOT get a compensatory pick due to their inability to sign Crabtree.
    The one big case of this happening before was Bo Jackson, who was drafted #1 overall and categorically refused to play for the Bucs after his pre-draft trip to Florida and talking with the players there.
    Tampa subsequently got the #1 overall pick in the next draft, but only because they ended the season at 2-14 and not because Jackson was unwilling to sign.

  21. Niners please do not sign this a–hole! Let him and Parker go into next years draft and maybe someone will draft them in the secon or third round! This kid’s head is so big it will not fit into the BLIMP!

  22. Florio –
    Where’s the article on how wrong everyone was for ripping the Raiders for taking DHB over Craptree???
    DHB might not have caught a pass in week one, but anyone could see that because of the fear SD had for his speed he was drawing coverage his way which allowed more open running lanes and he made it easier for another WR (Murphy) to get open.

  23. Re: BasicInstinct
    No the Niners will not get a provisional pick in next years draft, but they can trade his rights after March 1st up until the draft. But he cannot work out for any teams before the draft (if the Niners don’t trade him) as the Niners own his rights up until the draft.
    In my opinion Crabtree is a bum and the Niners should let Crabtree re-enter the draft and then draft him again and let him sit. The kid is being offered a contract that will set him up for Life yet this bum wants more! Forget him.
    All reports are that the Niners are offering him slotted money, and the bum wants more because he thinks he is better than where he was drafted!
    Sign your contract and prove that you deserve this money then we’ll talk. Hell he never worked out for any teams before the draft because he was hurt.

  24. Harrison Hits…. You are the man!!
    Crabtree is a little prissy bitch that is gonna get pimp slapped by the DB’s if/when he gets on ANY team. Then he’s gonna go cryin to Sanders, and his mama and beg them for some titty! Cuz he’s nothing but a twat!

  25. Eli, I don’t get why you think the Niners have been “left off the hook” regarding this. What do they have to be on the hook for? Drafting Crabtree? If the Niners didn’t take him, someone after them would have.
    Are the Niners complaining about the situation? Are the Niners asking for compensation? I don’t think so.
    This has nothing do to with the Niners and everything to do with Crabtree. The Niners just happen to be the unfortunate team pulled into the story. Believe me, if it wasn’t the Niners, it would be some other team.

  26. mr_snrub says:
    It’s real easy to hide behind anonymity and blast
    another team’s front office for doing something every other team minus Oakland would have done.
    What Oakland did was not draft this twit. Al might be crazy, but he was crazy-smart when it came to Crabtree.

  27. Finally, someone is getting the right angle on this story. I think because of their 5 SB trophies, most in the media give the 49ers the benefit of the doubt as being a quality NFL-caliber organization. However, they have done nothing in recent years to justify that. News flash- Eddie DeBartolo and his race track millions are long gone.
    The point is, the 49ers should have known what he was likely to demand before they drafted him. He probably does not want to play for such an inept and chaotic organization, that has been chewing up coaches, assistant coaches, qbs, and other personnel with alarming regularity in recent years. They make the other bay-area team look like a stable team with a decent plan by comparison.

  28. Sando writes…
    “The knock on Crabtree was primarily his ankle or foot or whatever. There was mention of his attitude but it wasn’t to the point where teams were considered silly to take him.”
    Where did you come up with this one!?!
    Their was rumors flying all over the place BEFORE the draft that the Browns along with other teams had REMOVED him from their boards altogether!
    As in, they wouldn’t pick him under any circumstance.
    He was supposed to be a top 3 pick and slid all the way to the 49ers at #10.
    Several receiver starved teams passed on him and many others didn’t even bother to move up to snag him.
    Gee, I wonder why!?!
    The 49ers ran thru all the red lights and took a chance on him anyways.
    Did you not click on the link and read the article that Mike provided?
    It’s all right in their.

  29. VoxVeritas says:
    September 17, 2009 7:10 PM
    “Anybody remember when Leinart decided to stay in school when the 49ers had the #1 overall pick?”
    lmao and look at what matty boy is doing now, holding the clipboard…beggars can’t be choosey

  30. @barrance
    Just what in the world are you talking about?!
    The 49ers are NOT some innocent bystander.
    ALL the signs where their and they ran threw everyone of them.
    The 49ers could have picked ANYBODY they wanted.
    But they picked the one guy that had character issuses surrounding him and that other teams had removed him from their boards.
    Again, did you not read the article that Mike posted a link too?
    It’s all in their.
    AND, it’s about time somebody questioned the 49ers decision to draft him in the first place.

  31. These same front office men ripping the 49ers now will waste no time ripping them if they bend over and give Crabtree what he wants. It is called “covering your ass” people.

  32. Weak ‘article’. NFC personnel men? Maybe Millen…If they’re identities are unknown how do we know they are NFL personnel men? “…somewhere along the way you really { } up…” That’s a real ballsy statement from someone who won’t say his name! Problem seems to be the agents – not the teams or the players. Somehow, like all other lawyers, these shitheads ingrained themselves into the business (with complicated contracts/language, etc.) and now everyone thinks they are necessary…Parker is obviously on the Jerry McGuire/Rosenhaus end of the spectrum. I’m sure there are some realistic guys out there. Bet if Parker’s commission would have dropped if Crabtree wasn’t signed by camp he’d be playing right now! The agents never lose, only the teams and the players.

  33. My guess is that since his last encounter in the team environment he cried, Crybabytree is hesitant to come back without “winning” in his negociations. Sans that he will have an inferiority complex and combine that with his unusual personality and I am glad my favorite team passed on this POS. SF is really best off not letting him join their team, headaches abound.

  34. looks like illiteracy runs rampant here today.
    there and their arent the same.
    and threw and through arent the same…
    the niners did make a bad pick.
    but if i was them i wouldnt cave either. why should they? they won without him.
    trade him if you can. otherwise just stick with your “bafo”.
    an incentive laden contract would have been the best fig leaf they could offer. make stats that would make bey drool and get to a level of wins the raiders cant… (8?). and then get paid, crabbypatty. otherwise, languish closer to the bottom end of the draftee pay pool.
    fer crying out loud – no workout. for all we know, he is the andre ware of the receiving corps. and andre was a total bust.
    parker has to be wondering where he got the idea to represent this guy. expecting the agent ot fire the client…

  35. First off I hope the 9ers don’t bend for crabtree. Let him sit out worked great for mike williams and maruice clarett. Also, they have desent recevier core. Second off a unamed gm (be a man and put your name out there) says he wouldn’t take the best player off the board, thats smart why would you want to have talent on your team. Also, some times you got to take the chance your probably the same gm that would have passed on Dan Marino. Just because people labeled a diva don’t mean you know he is going to holdout. All in all their is no exact science of drafting a player. It doesn’t matter how many interviews, tests, and questions you subject a player to they can lie and fake it.

  36. You will never hear Florio ar the media admit they were wrong and Al Davis was right for passing on crappanties. Even if the Raiders did pick him and had him signed before camp he would have just been a headache down the road. Would much rather have DHB over this guy cause DHB can make himself better but Crappanties cant stop being an absoulute jackass ! And no screw the Niners they should have done their homework on this guy. And if they said screw it he is worth the risk , Well now he is your problem it’s your fault for picking him when you knew you should have stayed away.

  37. In defense of the Niners they might not have done as much legwork on Crabtree as they should have because they never imagined he would have dropped to the 10 spot. Should they have known there were warning signs? Sure. But who would have guessed that he’d take such an idiotic stance? And let’s say SF passed on him. The same criticism would have fallen to the next team who decided to pick him up. They too probably wouldn’t have guessed that Crabtree would hold out for #7 cash. It’s all hindsight at this point.
    I think the Niners are in a good position here really. The more I read about Crabtree the more I think he’ll bust. Certainly he’s going to be a team cancer. You can’t pull this kind of brainless stunt without having an ego screw loose. The Niners have now had sufficient warning about who this guy is that they’re in a much better position to jettison him should they come to the conclusion that he’s not worth the hassle. If they haven’t already drawn that conclusion it won’t be long before they do. He’s demonstrated that he’s all about Michael Crabtree and he’s willing to do pretty much anything to get his way. Let’s say he does realize his error and decides to sign. What’s to stop him from acting the clown and forcing the team to trade him anyway? All we know at this point is that he’s trouble. That rarely works out.
    Nope the Niners are probably lucky he hasn’t signed. That means they don’t have to spend a dime on him. And it gives them the option of letting him go back to the draft, which ownership can use as a lever in the new CBA. Or they can sell his rights to some idiotic overpaying team and give them the cancer. It comes out roses either way. In my opinion their worst move is to bring him on the team. He’s got Pacmandumb written all over him.

  38. @Eli-
    I don’t get why you feel the 49ers need to be constantly raked over the coals for their draft choice. Yeah, they made a poor choice. They know they did and they’re dealing with it by refusing to be held hostage by the guy and sticking to their guns. As a fan, what more do you want them to do? Are they supposed to give you a personal apology or something?

  39. Eli, I don’t think you understand the situation.
    Are the Niners in this situation because they drafted Crabtree? Yes. Were there signs before the draft that he could could potentially cause problems? Yes.
    But by your words, the Niners are not “innocent bystanders”. So what are they guilty of? Are you saying that they shouldn’t have drafted them? Sure, in hindsight, that makes sense. But some team behind them would have drafted Crabtree and the same thing would happened to them too. What you don’t get is that this is not a “Niner’s being incompetent” situation, but a “Crabtree being greedy/egotistical/unreasonable…” one.
    Sounds to me like you want to throw the Niners under the bus for this, but in reality they made a solid football pick. For where Crabtree was drafted, he was considered a steal. Obviously, there are risks when you take someone that drops to you due to things non-football related, but that’s the way things go. Warren Sapp dropped in the draft due to the marijuana thing and he turned out okay. Randy Moss dropped in the draft because of off the field problems and he turned out okay.
    If the Niners were sitting here crying about it like “oh, we didn’t see this coming” or “why is he holding out, please give us another pick” then yeah, they made the pick, they have to live with it. But they are not. They haven’t done anything other than deal with Crabtree like they would have any other draft pick. So really, I don’t see how the Niners have to be “guilty” of anything.
    All you guys that say “oh, the signs were there, they should have known better”…. you realize that Crabtree was going to get drafted sooner or later right? Or do you really think that because he acted like a diva before the draft, all 32 teams were going to pass on him 7 rounds.

  40. I guess slipkid doesn’t believe in starting sentences with proper capitalization…but thanks for telling everyone the difference between their and there and threw and through.
    As in their front office better not bend over and take it there beacuse of their stupidity in selecting someone teams 1 through 9 knew that it could be a while before anyone threw him the ball.

  41. TheOneYouHate:
    I was just going to point out the audacity of slipkid to criticize other people for not following correct grammar rules, when his post is littered with grammatical errors.
    Oh, and slipkid, it is not offering a fig leaf. You mean to say olive branch.
    “In the context of negotiation, an offer might be characterized as a “fig leaf” if that offer is actually a ploy to conceal a sinister plan.”
    slipkid- you can’t stand when people mix up their and there?
    Well I can’t stand people that don’t use cliches correctly.
    To Harrison Hits: You hit the nail on the head.
    You see slipkid? That is the proper use of a cliche.

  42. Doesn’t anyone get it? He fell to 10 because of the issues these personnel guys are talking about. At that spot though, it was worth a chance. No matter where he got drafted teams knew there was a chance he wouldn’t sign. The Niners don’t care! Someone would have taken the chance, even these personnel guys quoted above, in the right spot. They knew if they didn’t sign him for a fair deal they’d let him sit. That’s what they’re doing. I dont know how his potential “teammates” would feel about playing with the guy at this point anyways, especially if he ends up getting more money than he deserves. I dont care how talented the guys is. I’d rather lose games than give in to this type of junk. You have to draw the line and stick to it.

  43. I can’t stand this gutless peanut gallery commentary. If your anonymous NFC North executive works for the Vikings, why don’t you ask him why he had to pull a 40 yr old retiree off the scrap heap to lead his team? Maybe because in the last 4 years he hasn’t made the right draft pick (Jackson or Booty) or free agent signing (Rosenfels) himself. The 49ers are handling this situation professionally and protecting the slotting system that most of these bozos adhere to in their own negotiations.

  44. I love how so many of you commenters make reference to how the Browns and other teams took Crabtree off of their draft boards because of his percieved “diva” attitude.

    Because EVERYTHING a team says before the draft is the truth…riiiight.

    The 49ers selected a player based on need, and he was graded as the best WR in the draft by many. Did the Browns know that he would be a greedy a$$hole???

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