Cassel will be game-time decision

The signs look good for Matt Cassel to play this week, but we won’t officially know his status until pregame festivities on Sunday morning.

Cassel is a game-time decision for the Raiders-Chiefs 1PM ET game, and is officially listed as questionable on the injury report.   At least we think he is.

Kansas City’s team website and the official NFL Injury Report released by the league list him as questionable, but the league’s website called Cassel doubtful on Friday evening.  We suspect this is an error after an intense week of work, something that has never happened on the pristine pages of PFT.

Starting Chiefs cornerback Brandon Flowers is also a game-time decision, while the Raiders will reveal wide receiver Johnnie Lee Higgins’ status on Sunday, although he’s not expected to play after missing practice all week.

The Raiders will also be without receivers Nick Miller and Chaz Schilens, which forces Raiders coach Tom Cable to activate Javon Walker this week, no matter how fast he’s running.

6 responses to “Cassel will be game-time decision

  1. Just out of curiosity, does anyone else think that Cassel is a flash in the pan? I’m just not convinced that he’s that good of a QB.

  2. I dunno how good he is but he wont be any good next week. The Queefs better sign a QB off the waivers because they will lose at least one for the season this Sunday
    Raiders 31 Queefs 17

  3. diggitydown raises a good question. I would say Cassel needs to play well in the first half of the year to prove he’s no Derek Anderson. Also, why did the Chiefs throw $60 mill at this guy when they could have taken the wait-and-see approach and then, worst case scenario, only been on the hook for $14 mill this year if things didn’t work out? Just a thought.

  4. cassel will be worth the $$$
    hes playing on sun, haley just doing the belichek thing and keep things quiet and confusing

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