Kris Jenkins not out for Friday or Sunday

We were confused by a report on ESPN during the 2:00 p.m. ET hour, attributed to John Clayton, that Jets defensive tackle Kris Jenkins was out.

It wasn’t clear whether Clayton was reporting that Jenkins missed practice on Friday, or whether he has been listed as “out” for Sunday’s game against the Patriots.

We still don’t know which message was intended, but neither would be right.

Jenkins, per the official injury report, was a limited participant in practice on Friday, and he is listed as questionable for Sunday, due to a back injury.

But it sounds like he’ll be playing.  Indeed, coach Rex Ryan said during a Friday media session that everyone should be ready to play.

Ryan also offered a specific assessment of Jenkins’ abilities.

“He’s such an unusual guy,” Ryan said.  “He’s a guy that
if he is not in there, the other team will no-huddle you to prevent him
getting back on the field.  He’s that kind of difference maker.  I feel
good with the guys we have behind him.  There are probably only one or
two Kris Jenkins in this league.”

Then Ryan ripped off his shirt said, “What you gonna do when the New York Jets and Hulkamania runs wild on you?”

7 responses to “Kris Jenkins not out for Friday or Sunday

  1. Kris Jenkins doesn’t need to practice.
    Id rather this guy just showed up on Sundays and was kept in a cage the rest of the week.

  2. Let me get in the obligatory Heyward comment:
    “bla bla bla jesters, classless, bla bla boo hoo waa waaaa boo hooo bellichecks semen is kinda salty bla bla bla”

  3. “Then Ryan ripped off his shirt said, “What you gonna do when the New York Jets and Hulkamania runs wild on you?””
    *Shakes head*
    About as funny as an episode of Friends.
    Florio, if you were funny you would be writing for Kissing Suzy Kolber or Deadspin. But you aren’t, so do what you do best: get the scoop, write it up, offer legal expertise and shut up.

  4. @ multiplemiggs
    Glad to hear Jenkins will be playing. Should be a good game. May the best team win.

  5. Interestingly the ESPN quote said “only one out today [was] nose tackle Kris Jenkins…”. While lacking a great of information about the future, it was clear was day he was out. It made no mention about Sunday.
    But this is likely another post to point out an ESPN flaw and to gather some more web traffic from those that hate the organization.

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