Channing Crowder wants to beat me up

It’s probably fitting that, in the same week Jets coach Rex Ryan gave the NFL a pro wrestling feel, one of the guys with whom Ryan has verbally sparred would like to apply a piledriver to yours truly.

Yep, Miami linebacker Channing Crowder wants to beat me up.

He thinks I called him a douche bag on Friday night.  (I’ll leave it to the readers to decide whether I was referring to Crowder or to Tennessee coach Lane Kiffin.)

So here’s the exchange Crowder had with reporters on Saturday, via Mike Berardino of the South Florida Sun-Sentinel.

“Hey, you know this guy from” Crowder said.

“You mean Mike Florio?” Berardino said.

“Well, you tell Mike Florio to come to my house and call me a
‘douche bag’ to my face
,” Crowder said.  “Just tell him to come to [my
housing development] and take two lefts and a right and look for the
house with the Dodge Ram out front.  I’ll be waiting there for him and
he can call me that to my face and we can talk about it.”

I’m not as concerned about being beaten up as I am about Florida laws that tend to allow folks to blow gaping holes into the bodies of people who are on their property.  So, for that reason, I won’t be visiting Crowder at his home.

But I’d be happy to talk to him about the situation at a neutral site, with cameras present.  Not because I think the cameras would keep him from beating me up, but because the cameras would generate evidence that would be far more persuasive at the civil trial for assault and battery.

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  1. And if you only posted the story on PFT instead of making a link to your red-headed step child of a site CFT, there would have been no confusion…

  2. No worries Florio. Keep your hands up. Stick and move, stick and move. You’re faster then him kid. Move, move, move.
    I got dibs on the VW bus.

  3. Come on Florio, man up. If you called him a douche, admit it in a 2nd article. No need to take one for the team, so to speak. Just say, “yes, you sir are a douche.” I’m sure the Chan-man will appreciate the honesty.

  4. You sound a little scared Florio. Maybe you should swing by his “crib” and say what up. From reading your previous post(link) I think he has every reason to think you were calling him a d-bag. Better bring your boxing gloves.

  5. Florio, you should call Todd Light, uhh, I mean Matt Light to back you up. Maybe he could give you some pointers on how to handle Crowder as he did a season ago…

  6. It’s not worth it Mike.
    I fully expect that Crowder would utilize the “I know you are but what am I?” defense.

  7. The 4 words in parenthesis are: “Channing Crowder douche bag.” I think this speaks for itself. Florio, you owe him an apology.

  8. @ Florio,
    I’m not sure when you jumped the shark, it was probably sometime between reporting that Terry Bradshaw was dead and the “Spygate” “cheating” “scandal”, but you’ve become a complete total douche. It’s disappointing. You used to concentrate on news and rumors, now you just concentrate on yourself and bull—-.
    You should just start calling the site douchetalk.

  9. Take that offensive lineman who beat him up last year. Watching Crowder’s head keep getting drilled was hilarious.

  10. oh please Florio. ……cameras or no cameras you would never go meet with Crowder. You are too much of a “fancy boy”……..

  11. Maybe you and Rex Ryan should team up to fight him. It’s be like a bad episode of the power rangers….Rex can be the green ranger and you can be the pale ranger.

  12. Channing Crowder is what Brian Urlacher said Jay Cutler is. Big man threatening a newsy. Channing Crowder is also an idiot, he’s shown his low intellect on several occasions. And he’s just not a great linebacker. There are worse, but there are alot better, with better awareness, football IQ, and consistency. That’s a big word that means being the same all the time Channing.

  13. Tomorrows fight is huge! I can see the next pay per view being Florio vs Lambchop. Not the same Channing? Whatever.

  14. Mr. Florio, we’re behind you —
    Waaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy behind you…
    Of course, if you’d lay off Brett Favre and Lane Kiffin I might scooch up a bit.

  15. Who is Channing Crowder? I mean, I used to know a Crowder from college football, but I haven’t heard of once since. Maybe I missed a few fringe NFL player diaries on the NFL Network. Yeah, that must be it.

  16. C’mon Florio, he just has internet muscles. You know he’ll back down if you actually show up at his house.

  17. He’s the only guy in the housing project with a Dodge Ram? What if Florio rolled up in the VW from the other way? Wouldn’t that be to rights and a left?
    Ignorace leads to threat of bodily harm. Look at the monkey! It does not make sense. If chewbacca, nevermind.

  18. “(I’ll leave it to the readers to decide whether I was referring to Crowder or to Tennessee coach Lane Kiffin.)”
    Here’s one reader who definitely thinks your statements read as calling Crowder a douchebag.
    And if you honestly intended otherwise, then it was far too “subtle” for 99% of the population, to say nothing of a barely literate dope like Channing Crowder.

  19. In that article its sounds like you called him a large bag of D. Since I’m always on your side I clicked the link to CFT (First time ever by the way) and that didn’t change my perception either. My advice, stay away from Crowder.

  20. Wow Mike, moving up in the world. Hooking up with the peacock certainly has its benefits. You’re not a made man though, at least not until you get a cease-and-decist from my Raiders. Your smacktalking still needs work.
    Don’t you ever sleep? Man, even goes into hibernation mode at night.

  21. People always tend to think Channing is serious when he is joking. This is the guy who asked reporters if they spoke English in London. Of all the athletes I have met in my life Channing has to be the nicest and funniest.
    Now, I didnt hear him say this, but I would imagine he was saying it pretty much for the amusement of the beat reporters there.
    And the chances of Channing trying to beat you up are about the the same as they are of Tony Sporano letting Channing sit down to do an interview with him…
    Not going to happen.

  22. Everybody was Kung Fu Fighting
    Those punch were fast as lightning
    In fact, Florio was a little bit frightened
    Got beat in record timing
    p.s. i really hater crowder, porter and his big mouth has really rubbed off on the guy…lets see how many games they win this year with just that lame wildcat

  23. And by beat you up, does he mean like in a “beat up Matt Light kind of way”? And yes Channing, I hope you read this because unlike, “that guy from” I actually AM calling you…. wait for it…. yup, a douche bag.

  24. Crowder needs to get in line…
    Of course you’d sue anyone who tried to make you cash those checks your mouth writes.

  25. Or you can Google “Channing” and “Crowder” and “douche” and “bag.”
    Your choice.
    Without following links I’d say it appears you did call him a douche bag. I’d say it to his face just for the chance at a settlement.
    Maybe you slipped him something to mention your site? With the thugs the NFL has running around I don’t think that is necessary.

  26. HAHAHA, I hope he kicks ur ass Florio! That’ll show u! Though I also hope he calls you a stupid West Virginian afterwards! Yea!!

  27. Actually Mr. Florio, Florida laws don’t allow people to shoot trespassers on site.
    Florida’s “Castle Doctrine” states that legal justification for shooting a trespasser requires that you have reasonable cause to believe that “the trespasser who enters or intrudes into your home or occupied vehicle is there to cause death or great bodily harm”.
    Since you cannot cause Channing Crowder death or even slight bodily harm without a firearm, as long as you go to his house unarmed, you’ll have legal repercussions as a strong deterrent to him blowing a gaping hole in you. This is particularly bothersome because a rational reader would infer from your statement regarding not being concerned about him beating you up that, if Florida *didn’t* allow people to shoot trespassers on site, you would actually have the manhood to stop by and talk with Mr. Crowder.
    At least you admitted you’re a pansy in the very next paragraph though. You get at least a couple points for that.

  28. You are a lawyer all right…. You do a great job sitting behind your monitor and writing just about anything you wish. Now you want to hide behind cameras. Stop by and see the man and have a talk. Look at the quote from Crowder if you can stop shaking long enough. He said to stop by and have a talk- not stop by and I will beat you up.. Sounds like your balls have gone into hiding as well….

  29. I see the direction you were going in that blog but you also left it open too interpretation and of course Crowder will take it the wrong way.

  30. Congrats! Because you’re not a true “sports journalist” until you get threatened by an athlete….so……Congrats! (If you do meet up with Crowder, however, you should put that on PPV, it. would. be. EPIC.)

  31. Florio,
    If you ever come face to face with Crowder you should tell him this:
    “Hey Channing, do you know what we have in common?”
    “We’ll never, ever, win the Super Bowl.”

  32. Florio, grow a pair. Why did you post this? Megalomania? You get no street cred with us. Besides, do you even know what a housing development is? (In common parlance, it’s typically, shall we say, a not so nice neighborhood.) IF so, shame on you. If not, fyi, it could be taken the wrong way. Either way, it looks like you’re adding insult to injury and could really get your face kicked in. Please post that footage. . .

  33. Good Lord… this isn’t even worthy of a mention. Channing Crowder probably COULDN’T whip your ass (which is, admittedly, disappointing). Hell, he got backed down by Rex Ryan, for Christ’s sake. (Or was that Rob? Buddy?) Isn’t Channing a girl’s name, anyway?

  34. Haha, I thought Crowder was discussing what he was going to do to Florio when he asked him to “take two lefts and a right”
    Sometimes we all feel that way when asked to go to CFT instead of just being told the 5-6 words we are being teased with or make the mistake of checking out any topic ending in a question mark.

  35. Good, and when hes done tappin dat ass bring your rear to the “Black Hole”!! Us Raider Fans want a piece of you too, Gloyhole!

  36. Don’t worry Florio I got your back Crowder is a douchebag if he has something to say he can meet me in the street in front of my house.If he responds to this I will gladly leave my address.

  37. “So now it looks like Florio takes his place beside Rex Ryan and Lane Kiffin on Crowder’s ever-growing hit list.
    Here’s a piece of free advice for all three of them: Stay away from the house with the Dodge Ram parked out front.
    UPDATE: Mike Florio has responded to my email request for comment. “That’s funny,” he writes. “I was just playing around.”
    And so, most likely, was Channing.
    I think. ”
    …from Berardino’s link…
    @ Florio
    Are you just playing around with Crowder and mean what you apparantly meant in that post…or are you playing spin-doctor saying you were misunderstood and in the same breath trying to seem unafraid of meeting face-to-face with Channing Crowder to ‘work out your issues’?
    Beyond the ‘misinterpreted douche bag quote’ you have continously depicted Crowder as an ignorant thug in prior posts. He has every right to want to set you straight. (Assuming he’s a cordial and diplomatic citizen despite what he leads on with his words…)
    Accountability, Mikey. Accountability.
    And I think you were better off not posting in response to Crowder at all. Perhaps you might have had Rosenthal provide an objective angle.
    And, just curious… what does Mike Florio’s pro wresting costume look like?

  38. You deserve that, Mike. Let players talk all they want. Now that you’re supposedly a legit journalist you have to stop being so opinionated with the posts. It’s up to the readers and commenters to call players douche bags.
    But on another note, I encourage you to go to Channing Crowder’s house so you can get him suspended for a least a season for assaulting you. He IS a douche bag, but that doesn’t change the fact that you probably shouldn’t get involved in this stuff that players end up hating you for.
    But seriously, who the hell thinks of Channing Crowder as a top flight LB? He’s all talk, has a friggin weird ass name (come on, Channing?) and he’s being a dickhead.

  39. Sorry Florio…. But your post can easily come off as calling Crowder a douche bag. the first time I read it I figured you were talking about Kiffin becuase you constantly post about him…. but if someone simply read that post without the on-going kiffin banter? yup it looks like you are talking about Crowder.
    “Or you can Google “Channing” and “Crowder” and “douche” and “bag.”

    I guess what goes around comes around. Football (and anyone else interviewed) players are constantly taken out of context. Reading your post without following your site and the kiffin talk is very close to the same thing.

  40. Well, he’s a football player, what do you expect?
    Oh, and for the record, Channing Crowder is a douche bag.

  41. Spoken like a true nerd, Florio.
    Not tough enough to fight, but too tough to do anything more than threaten to get beat up and sue.

  42. No matter who you are talking about…..if you are not man enough to say it to the persons face, you shouldn’t say it at all.
    BTW Florio, you are a douchebag! Let me know when you will be in the Northern AZ area and I’ll say it to your face, no problem. I’m not even worried bout having any camera’s present cause you are not man enough to do anything anyway, cept stand there and take it!

  43. there is no reasonable person that would interpret douche bag as applying to Kiffin instead of Crowder…
    you are “leaving it to the readers” because you know exactly how the readers would react if you tried to say outright that you were referring to Kiffin.

  44. When you get there, Florio, maybe you should try to lighten the mood by doing your best Carol Channing impression (“Well hello…..Dolly”).

  45. I kinda doubt you’d get much of a payday for getting beaten up when you made the choice to meet up with someone who you knew was really wanting to apply himself directly to your forehead. Sounds to me like you’d be going somewhere with the idea that you’d take one ass kicking for a 6 figure settlement. Any good judge, and there may not be many admittedly, would toss that out of court.
    Come on, Florio. The beauty of being able to retort through the media is being able to avoid looking like a coward. This sniveling “I’ll call the cops!” business…very feminine of you. There are much better ways to handle the situation that don’t include cowardice threats or pretending to be a tough guy.
    Man up, Mikey. A simple “Sorry for the misunderstanding” would have come across as a lot less intimidated.

  46. Man up Florio you Mary.
    Go kick the shit out of Channing Crowder.
    Tell him Terry Bradshaw is dead, then sucker punch him when he says “Really?”

  47. Florio you should fight him.. fight, fight fight!
    We believe in you florio. Just do it. We all got your back.

  48. I read the sun-sentinel everyday and reading Omar Kelly’s last blog he seems to think you stepped on your *&((* a little bit also. I read the site pretty regularly also and its “funny” As you put it that whenever someone confronts you they have to be the one thats out of their mind and you could have never said/done what is being reported . Why not just say hey it was a misunderstanding and move on? Thinks change a abit when a 250 lb linebacker wants to beat the crap out of you doesn’t it?

  49. I’m thinking that Crowder will have to take a number and get in line behind everyone else who wants to beat you up. Kind of like a crowded deli counter or bakery.

  50. fans, players & real men are getting tired of reading all these lies you write, the way you insult them for no reason & how you call people out then hide like a little sissy. maybe the next time you wanna punk someone down on this blog or make a smart remark you will think twice.
    i have personally read how you bash certain people, players & teams on this site several times.
    maybe the next time you wont be so lucky & have someone warn you through the media.
    hopefully NBC gets tired of all the complaints on your inaccurate stories & brings in someone who doesnt cheerlead when they work…a lot of these guys you critisize have kids just like you & how would you feel if your kid read something that wasnt accurate about you.
    it would scare me to death to publish bs stories bcuz you never know how crazy people are today or what they’ll do or who they know.
    good luck Florio & i wish you & your family the best

  51. He should thank you, until now I didn’t know who the hell “Channing Chowder” was. You shouldn’t take it personally, people want to beat up all the Lawyers, its not just you. Now back to the matter at hand.
    Jut the fact that this guy, I’m assuming he’s a guy, wants to beat you up for calling him a douche bag on your blog makes him a douche bag. Hell, if every guy you insulted wanted to beat you up you ‘d be the Perez Hilton of Football pundits.
    By the way Mike, you truly are a “douche bag” but I mean that in the nicest possible way.
    See how I tried to soften the blow but yet I still was able to insult you ? Try it some time so you don’t get sand pounded up yer dark spot by some overgrown, over sensitive jock with thin skin.

  52. Mike,
    Is there going to be a PFT yardsale once you are gone? Maybe I could come over and take a look around at some of the items…I have first dibs on the PFTV set…I am going to put that in my basement…Kosmo Kramer will be my fisrt guest with a special appearence by Channing whats his name. Florio Jr’s band will be my house band. This is going to be great.
    Does Channing Crowder play football??? Maybe he is in the CFL. Guys like him always have to do something to get media recognition. What a D-Bag!

  53. Pretty sure he won’t be the first to want to fight you…and certainly won’t be the last.
    Pencil necks who talk trash and can only back it up with the help of cameras and the law are usually guilty of trying to stir up ISH with people.
    It’s an insecurity complex that readers of this site are privy to every day.

  54. Wow…and you wonder why most folks can’t stand lawyers. Florio…you promote this kind of nonsense and automatically figure out how you are going to sue somebody. Pussy!!!!

  55. Hey, I read the CFT article myself and you did call Crowder ‘loquacious’… maybe he thinks it’s a synonym?

  56. You didn’t call him a douche bag just like you didn’t call Vontae Davis a thug when he was “arrested.”

  57. Channing Crowder is probably one of the tamer players that would like to give you a ghetto beatdown, Florio.

  58. Atta boy Florio
    Between Crowder and Tom Cable you are sure to get those itchy ears boxed.
    We will rename you cabbage ears

  59. Cover your face and lead with the head!
    One punch to the “Estrada Hair Helmet” and CC will be on the IR with a shattered hand!

  60. That’s it…you were calling Lane Kitten a douche, not Cranning Chowder (as if you’d stand a better chance against Lane Kitten). lol.
    What happens when Kiffin shows up to your house? THEN watchya gonna do, Florio?

  61. “The Glen Beck of football news.” LMAO that is funny! If only Beck DID report on football. Much better football, which is SUPPOSED to be entertainment, than politics. Too many people of color in football for Beck to feel comfortable though. I’d still love to see him fake “tear up” on air because he “loves the game so much” and doesn’t want to see it destroyed. That would be GREAT TV!

  62. Channing Crowder is an effing riot. In case you’re wondering whether he was serious when he asked reporters if they speak English in London (right before blurting out that he knows London Flether), he had a 3.5 gpa in college and reportedly scored a 30 on the Wonderlic. He should have a spot every week on espn schooling some of the other flatliners they have on there.

  63. # raiderrob21 says: September 20, 2009 2:04 AM
    Good, and when hes done tappin dat ass bring your rear to the “Black Hole”!! Us Raider Fans want a piece of you too, Gloyhole!
    Mike, wouldn’t be worried so much about Crowder, but sounds like raiderrob21 wants to violate you. That I would be worried about.

  64. Looks like this story about Channing Chowderhead is going to break all kinds of PFT records for most posts.
    Nice work having it there first thing Sunday morning.

  65. “Yep, Miami linebacker Channing Crowder wants to beat me up.”
    As PFT grows in national stature, and your sometimes snide posts get better known, my guess is that more guys will want to also. Maybe you will run into one or two players in the stadium and things will get interesting for a lawyer turner blogger who has no actual football experience, a sport he comments frequently on.

  66. Matt Light never “beat Channing up”, i don’t know why people say that.
    Matt Light took a very un-manly approach and swung at Crowder during a football game. Of course, since Light plays for the untouchable Patriots, no punishments come to him. Crowder was beating Light consistently that game, hence Light’s frustrations. Crowder didn’t retaliate because it is against the rules of football. Crowder was also laughing as he cleared the area from Matt Light…. so no, Light didn’t “kick his ass” or anything.
    other myths to dispell:
    * Crowder is not stupid. he was a national scholar in high school
    * The “speaking English in London/where is London/I know London Fletcher” comment was a joke. If anyone has watched this guy since his days in Florida, he’s always making sarcastic comments.
    * He’s actually a very nice guy that spearheaded a lot of voluntary work while at Florida, which has continued in South Florida for the Jason Taylor foundation.
    he’s a level-headed player that is good (over 100 tackles for several years now), doesn’t drive drunk or beat a girl, doesn’t carry guns into clubs, and doesn’t pine in the media for attention. He just does what he is supposed to do, and when asked questions by the press, he adds a little levity to the comments. nothing wrong with that.
    Florio probably had no reason to call him a douche bag, which i clearly interpreted that way from the article.

  67. Florio: YOU are the douche bag!
    Now, if you would tell the truth and admit you only called Crowder a Douche bag because you hate the Dolphins (picking them last in AFC East and Jets first?), then maybe you would have a bit of credibility. And then, admit you’re a Jets or a Pats fan, and be done with it.

  68. The douche content of this post far exceeds the limits set forth in the Kyoto protocol. I demand you redact at least 35% of your douche immediately.

  69. Crowder needs to shut up and focus on football. He’s been awful this year, and was burned repeatedly by Dallas Clark last week.

  70. Just kick him in the gut and give him a Stone Cold Stunner. Then pour beer all over yourself in celebration.

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