Chargers send Jamal Williams to IR

Three Chargers players — running back LaDanian Tomlinson, center Nick Hardwick, and defensive lineman Travis Johnson — are out for Sunday’s game.

Another member of the team will be out for the entire year.

In a surprising move, the Chargers have placed defensive tackle Jamal Williams on injured reserve, with a triceps injury.

The team announced the move moments ago.

Williams had been listed as questionable for Sunday’s game against the Ravens, due to an elbow injury.

Defensive end Andre Coleman has been elevated from the practice squad to the 53-man roster.

A 12-year veteran, Williams has been a fixture on the Chargers defensive line for a decade.

The move creates a gaping hole in the center of the team’s 3-4 defense.  With Johnson out, the only other defensive tackle listed on the roster is Ogemdi Nwagbuo.

No available free agents are coming to mind (other than 4-3 tackle William Joseph), so the Chargers might have to swing a trade.  Even then, those large (to put it kindly) men who clog the middle are precious commodities.

15 responses to “Chargers send Jamal Williams to IR

  1. WOW….the nose tackle. That’s huge. It’s the very foundation of the 3-4.
    Good…I hate the Chargers.

  2. Watch the Chargers still make the AFC Championship somehow. Probably on dumb luck and the AFC West being terrible.

  3. Williams was a stout run stuffer in his prime, but age catches up with us all.
    Could this be the first sign of the unraveling that is the Super Chargers?

  4. Willams gone is a MAJOR blow to the Chargers.
    Throw in the fact that Merriman can barely run anymore and it “lights out” for them.

  5. Must have been injured going in to Week 1. Watching the game I was amazed Raiders ran it up the middle so well. Not once did the three blind mice mention Williams and shocking success of first time starter Chris Morris @ center. Sucks to see anyone injured but playing SD just got a whole lot easier.

  6. There are at least three reason why Oakland has lost to the Chargers 12 times in a row, and Williams was at least two of them. The Raiders haven’t had a center than can push his fat ass off the ball. Norval is going to have to coax more points out of his offense now.

  7. It’s nice to know that it was the Raiders that left their stamp on Williams, Hardwick and Tomlinson. It has been a LONG time since they left that kind of impression on an opponent. They made a solid impression on the rest of the league as well. Shocking.

  8. There goes the media darling. Don’t worry, the media will be picking them to go to the Superbowl next year too. Will they never learn??

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