Vikings roar back, again

For the second straight week, a flat Vikings team staggered into the locker room trailing an inferior team by three points on the road.

For the second straight week, the Vikings exploded in the second half.

Against the Browns in Week One, Minnesota erupted for 24 unanswered points after intermission.  Against the Lions, the Vikings scored 20 following the break.  In all, the Vikings broke out of a 10-0 hole with 27 straight points at Ford Field.

For the Vikings, Adrian Peterson rushed for only 92 yards and one touchdown.  Quarterback Brett Favre completed 23 of 27 passes for 155 yards and two touchdowns — one to tight end Visanthe Shiancoe and one to rookie receiver Percy Harvin, who has two touchdowns in his first two NFL games.

Lions running back Kevin Smith churned up 83 yards against a tough Vikings front seven.  In his second career start, quarterback Matthew Stafford completed 18 of 30 passes for 152 yards, one touchdown (to Calvin Johnson, and two picks — both of which went to linebacker Chad Greenway.

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  1. Adrian Peterson only had 92 yards because he only rushed 15 times. Thats all he needed to do to help the team win.

  2. I think the Lions played a good game even if they did not win. I also believe the Vikings have a chance to play in the Super Bowl. Plus the Lions will start winning games. Two game loss is not that bad, Matthews played good. I am for the Vikings but I don’t believe in downgrading another team. Every team wants to win and there will be mistakes made but that’s the name of the game. There has to be a winner and a loser. All quarterbacks try their hardest to throw touchdowns to win the game. Some are more experienced than others. We all have to learn.

  3. Vikings fan here.
    The Detroit Lions are going to be a good football team. They have tons of talent and they play with heart. Schwartz is one hell of a good football coach. For the first time in years, I am very concerned about the direction of the Lions, a divisional opponent for the Vikings.
    I hope Ernie Sims and the other players weren’t badly hurt. They are needed. I’d like to see the Lions beat the Redskins next week.
    While Stafford is going to be a very good quarterback in the future, he’s still raw. The Lions probably should play Culpepper next week so they can get off the schnied.
    If you are a Lions fan, take heart. Your team played well and has a good future.
    For the Vikings, the whole team came together and played well. It was teamwork that got the Vikings the win this week. Good job, guys!

  4. Where’s the haters? you pansies should be on here telling the world how your terrible team is so much better than the vikes because you lost to cincy/will lose to the steelers. The vikes have been a second half team for the last few years, today is no exception. Favre looked great, AP was nothing short of AP. Berrian looked good as did Rice, Greenways 2 picks speak for themselves, but the guy that really suprised is harvin. The kid ran pretty tough and fought for it. maybe AP is rubbing off on him a bit.
    Great win against an improved lions team. Stafford looked pretty good for a rookie QB, Kevin smith ran very well (much better than expected) CJ was fantastic. Really what hurt the lions was the plays that got called back because of penalties and the defense not trusting each other (this could be because of AP too) When a defense trusts each other, you don’t often lose containment like the lions did in the run game.

  5. I don’t think the Vikings come into these games flat, I believe the opposition is so pumped and keyed on the Vikes, that they have to weather the storm, than let the talent take over, so far two for two. I think every team this season that plays the Vikings is going to come out blazing, they just have to stay the coarse. By the way, How about FAVRE!!!!!!!!!!
    Also, hahahahahahahahaha, how bout them packers, love this already, keep it coming, and keep your notes to my prediction. This is the year, this is the year!!!!!!!!

  6. Mariann Pepitone: “Every team wants to win and there will be mistakes made but that’s the name of the game” They are 0-19 ….. That is more than mistakes…..
    The Lions need accountibility from the top down, and it is not there. Soon The Lions fans will be wearing bags on their heads again, if they even show up.

  7. DocBG says: September 20, 2009 4:39 PM
    Where’s the haters?
    I’m right here.
    Congrats on your win, but c’mon.. It’s the Lions, and it’s only week 2. Not exactly time to crown yourselves yet. And yes, we lost to the Bengals. I know, it’s pathetic. We still might have a shot though. This is still hands-down the weakest division in the league. Once your inevitable Favre meltdown hits, it’s wide open.
    LarryBird18 says:
    (Who cares what Larrybird18 says)
    LarryBird, you should really get banned from this site. Seriously. You make typical classless Viking fans look worse, and that’s very, very hard to do.
    Thank you for at least not posting that mindless smacktalk seven times again though. You are learning. Maybe soon you’ll even know how to make a coherent post. Hey, it never hurts to dream, right?

  8. LarryBird18, DocBG,
    You Viking fans sure are a bunch of idiots. Not only are you delusional, you can’t even write two paragraphs without making mistakes in grammar and spelling.

  9. Beer Cheese Soup
    You, unlike most of your brethren over there, seem to have a fair grasp on reality. The absolute truth of the matter is that the bengals and the lions are professional football teams (sounds kinda odd, but bear with me). If you don’t put them away, they are capable of beating you. As I’ve mentioned before, the lions are very much improved over last year and the bengals are not that far away from their last post season apperance, especially considering that they have palmer back. The weakest division in the league is easily the AFC west, followed by the NFC west. the NFC north didn’t have a poor divisional record last year due to the vikes, so speak for your own team when it comes to stuff like that, the packers losing to the bengals does not mean the vikings are less of a team. you are 100% correct that starting the season 1-1 does by no means mean that you are out of the race, but you’d be lying if you didn’t think this game was a gimme for pack fans (at least in their minds). As it is, you have a defense that is weaker than denvers and an offense that is worse than the bengals (although without as much criminal history).
    Heaven forbid there should be a few spelling errors in something written on here. Its a wonder that you descend from your tower to mingle amongst the commoners. Also, I’m not seeing where the delusion is. Right now the Vikings lead the division (granted, its early in the season) and the packers just lost to the bengals. tell me where I’m seeing things that don’t exsist as fact? But hey, you can hang your hat on the ability to find some spelling errors in lieu of a victory by the packers right?

  10. Tell me why we must endure a quarterback that is obviously not ready for the NFL. What is the harm in putting a veteran pro bowl QB into the starting role and letting Stafford learn. In case the Lions organization hasn’t noticed the fans are tired of paying to watch them lose. Daunte Cullpeper gives us a much better chance to win. Why should we have to wait AGAIN for a rebuilding.

  11. DocBG,
    I couldn’t care less about the Packers. If you knew anything about this site, you would know I’m a Dallas fan.

  12. I was at the game today. 1st Half scared the crap out of me, and not because some of the lions fans were drunk by the first quarter. But because the first half was pretty bad. I’m just glad that they came out fighting and took the 27 points caused Turnovers and drove the ball. The first half playcalling by Chilly was all over the place. It was like the Ask Madden feature in the video games. Then it got better, so all in all I’m happy. Oh and the fight in the upper deck lol. Hopefully Chicago fans have more class for the next game I go to 😛

  13. @Vox
    Wow, sure doesn’t say alot about dallas fans, all they have to do is check up on threads completely unrelated to anything even near their team and bitch about the spelling errors.
    You are not a part of the site any more or less than any other registered member, but way to be an elitist at that, sure hope it helps you sleep at night.

  14. Stafford should not have been named the starter at the start of the season. But it is too late now. You cannot demote him. If you do then he will become another Joey Blue skies.

  15. Thanx to the Vikings for thinking Sharper was washed up. 3 ints and 1 for a 97 yard TD, in 2 games, I guess it was the scheme and not the player….. Geaux Saints!!!!! Cant wait to see yall in the playoffs….

  16. DocBg
    Shut your hole. Its week 2. You, like the rest of us, are a site clown who knows nothing. Start chirping about week 12 when we can sort out the season. Its too unpredictable.

  17. Hydra, we don’t need 10 more weeks to know the Packers suck, well maybe you do, but the rest of us who know anything knew that before the season started. Go crawl back under your rock and pray to the god of skinny white punks that the Rams don’t beat you. How embarassing is it to lose to the Bengals after saying your team wouldn’t be tested until after the bye week?
    You are a football idiot.

  18. @ SaintKipp
    What the hell are you even doing here?
    And Sharper’s 2 picks are against who again? Lets see. Matthew Stafford and Kevin Kolb! Oh Man! A rookie and a potential bust of a Qb with his first ever start….
    Chad Greenway had 2 picks against Stafford. Sharper is old, slow, lazy and a waste of space.

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