Panthers lose Louis Leonard

After losing defensive tackle Ma’ake Kemoeatu with a ruptured Achilles’ tendon early in camp, the Panthers eventually swung a deal with the Browns for defensive tackle Louis Leonard.

And now the Panthers have lost Leonard, too.

Leonard fractured an ankle against the Falcons on Sunday.

Though coach John Fox said he doesn’t know whether Leonard will be placed on injured reserve, a decision to keep him on the active roster will prevent the team from securing his replacement.

Currently, the Panthers have three other defensive tackles on the roster:  Damione Lewis, Nick Hayden, and Sunny Harris.  Hayden missed Sunday’s game with a toe injury.

9 responses to “Panthers lose Louis Leonard

  1. Panther’s DT Ra’Shon Harris is nicknamed “Sonny”, with an “O”. “Sunny” just sounds wrong, or you purposely chose it because he couldn’t hang with your Steelers. DE in a 3-4 wasn’t his thang.

  2. It’s going to be one of those years. We trade our first rounder next year, in a year that it looks like we’re going to pick high, for a second round DE, a position that we have pretty decent depth at. This, when we have no depth at DT, and then we start losing DT’s like Denver lost RB’s last year. We stand a great chance of going 0-3 heading into our bye week, and there’s no real recovering from that with our schedule and the way Jake’s playing.

  3. Louis Leonard was worthless in Cleveland. Maybe they can develop a younger player who will be able to contribute.

  4. Yes, dldove77, it’s with an “O”. Calm down there, Irene, it’s only real life. “Sunny” is how you feel when you dream of Tom Cruise & Ricky Martin at night.

  5. SaintsBucs – This was taken from Harris:
    “I spell it with a ‘U,'” Harris said. “Everybody else spells it with an ‘O.’ … It’s just a nickname I got when I was growing up. My family started calling me it, then the neighborhood, then my teachers, then it just followed me.”
    Hope that clears it up.

  6. @ MostNuts…you are correct sir! It also reminds me of that year we lost like 6 RBs!
    But also..we need to address the decision makers who should be held accountable for this lack of depth and talent! thanks to bad drafts and horrible trades
    Its just sad that we were depending on this guy who was the 7th DT in Cleveland!! Come on…

  7. “I spell it with a ‘U,'” Harris said. “Everybody else spells it with an ‘O.’
    Majority rules. 🙂

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