Colts-Dolphins one-liners

The Colts had the ball for 14:53 in their 27-23 victory, the lowest time of possession for a winning team since 1977.

Colts TE Dallas Clark had seven catches for 183 yards, the fourth-highest total for a tight end since 1970.

Peyton Manning’s 48-yard touchdown pass to WR Pierre Garcon in the fourth quarter made him the winningest quarterback in Colts history.

The Colts defensive linemen were flagged for jumping offsides five times.

Rookie RB Donald Brown was on the field for the Colts during crunch time.

After a rough opener, the Dolphins offensive line redeemed itself by opening holes for 239 rushing yards.

Clark’s huge night indicates that the Dolphins didn’t solve their first week problem slowing down opposing tight ends.

The Dolphins had a chance to win the game at the end of the fourth quarter, but WR Ted Ginn had a ball deflect off his hands and QB Chad Pennington was intercepted in the end zone by Colts S Antoine Bethea.  

Earlier in their final drive, the Dolphins had to burn their final timeout because they had the wrong personnel group on the field.

The Dolphins showed off celebrity co-owners like Jennifer Lopez and Serena Williams, as well as team legends like Bob Griese and Dan Marino, before the game got underway.

14 responses to “Colts-Dolphins one-liners

  1. WTF, where’s the Giants Cowboys one liners? I want to see the Cowboys fans cry and talk about how the Giants got lucky. Right Vox?

  2. “oops, I missed them. Sorry florio”
    Go back to bed. Josh Alper wrote the one-liners. Happy to help you out Letardo.

  3. that game was painful. the dolphins were dominating the colts all game.
    peyton did what peyton does and slaughtered them. colts played a great game. miami choked like the miami of old.
    no miami fans can complain about getting respect in the media or anything, as obviously the team doesn’t care to defend the AFC East crown.

  4. Hey Florio get someone from your crew to go back and watch the game tape from last night. About four or five minutes before the start of the game while we are listening to chuckie and jaws, uggh, Peyton comes to the sideline. He seeks out Dallas Clark, smacks him on the back and starts yammering in his ear. Clark listens attentively nods and they split. First play from scrimmage 80 yd td pass Peyton to Dallas Clark, strange coincidence don’t you think? I hate baseball so I don’t know the analogy you used about Tom Brady calling the shot last week but this one could definitely be the real deal.

  5. I have to agree with texasPHINSfan on this one. It’s like the old Miami teams that have no clue how to finish a game. How can you hold possession that long and lose??? If this continues, it will be ME eating crow for all the BS I was giving Florio and Co. for the preseason power rankings.
    I really like Pennington. He is smart, classy, and above all efficient. But I think with him at the helm, our coaching staff’s hands are totally tied as to what they can do. Having him as the QB totally eliminates any down field threat. Defenses know that, even if he can get the ball deep, it’s going to be a lame duck just waiting to be batted down/picked off. Maybe it’s time to consider Henne as the starter. Maybe not right now, but soon if this continues.
    On top of that, what the hell has happened to our defense the last two games??? Our secondary is porous at best, and our front seven just can’t seem to get to the QB (unless Joey Porter comes completely unblocked). I know Manning is the man at reading defenses, but we should still be able to get in his face and cause problems.
    “Painful” doesn’t quite cover what it was like to watch that last night. It was downright aggravating. I wanted to put the remote through the screen on several occasions.

  6. Sucks to have the offense play well and the D just had issues.
    I liked what they did with the Wildcat. It was effective contrary to what some of you haters out there have been saying.
    I like Pennington, but I’d like to see Henne out there and see if we had more of a vertical passing game whether it’s Penny’s arm or our receivers holding us back. It’s probably a combination of both.

  7. The Dolphins should have won this game……..Pennington threw a perfect strike to Ginn Jr who proceeds to drop it……if he hadn’t, the story would be totally different. The media and it’s continued crotch-nuzzling of Manning is hilarious.
    Why are mundane and usual tasks of a QB (i.e. checking down to a WR on a blitz) and reading defenses considered pure genius by Manning……it really is unbelievable.

  8. golongboyee, theres a difference between a quarterback being smart enough to do this half of the time and a quarterback like Manning who does it week in and week out. It sounds like someone has a bit of a grudge against Manning.

  9. bian8………you know NOTHING about playing QB
    Not a grudge…….it is what it is………everyone somehow thinks Manning is great because he calls his own plays (which he really doesn’t, he selects from 3 plays which is not really calling ones own plays) and because he audibles into other plays…….something an average QB should be able to do……..
    Why don’t we look at the audibles he calls which do nothing……like the times he audibles into a run and the run is stuffed when someone was open. The media just loves to kiss his a&& when most of the things he does are unremarkable.
    His best trait is his work ethic which I will give him on that….other than that…….he has an average arm…….no mobility…..and he chokes in big games……

  10. I must have missed the part where i said i knew how to play quarterback. All i am saying is these guys get criticized when they shouldnt. not just manning. and if half the things he does is unremarkable and a lot of quarterbacks can do that how come not every quarterback in the lead puts up the numbers he does or wins as many of the games as him? I also forgot that he plays every big game by himself. He has a whole other team behind him so i wouldnt say that only HE choked.

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