"Promising" plan for Chargers stadium emerges

With the Chargers in need of a new stadium and no viable San Diego-area proposal in the pipeline, the future of the team in its current Southern California home is foggy, at best.

But now a plan has emerged from two nearby cities, and the team regards the possibility as “promising.”

According to 10news.com, Oceanside and Escondido are discussing a partnership in which one city would build the stadium and the other would construct a mixed-use development that would aid in the funding for the venue.  (Holy crap.  If we write too many sentences like that someone might mistake us for professionals.)

And unlike other proposals that the franchise regarded as not viable, Chargers special counsel Mark Fabiani likes the idea.

“It sounds promising,” Fabiani said.  “While it is an advantage for the projects to be
connected, it is possible to divide it.  The key will be generating the
needed revenue to privately finance a stadium.”

And, in California, private financing is the key.  With the state facing serious budget problems, taxpayer money simply isn’t an option.

25 responses to “"Promising" plan for Chargers stadium emerges

  1. Move the Chargers to L.A. Screw the Chargers and their lame wannabe thug pseeudo-fans.
    We dont want them.

  2. “Move the Chargers to L.A. Screw the Chargers and their lame wannabe thug pseeudo-fans.”
    so please tell me if you consider sd fans wannabe thug pseeudo-fans, then what the hell would you call LA fans?

  3. hayward, don’t be a moron
    moving them BACK to LA, would take the thug element in their fanbase (probably 5%) and put it at 99%
    LA is a horrible horrible place
    worst fans in the universe

  4. Hayward giablommi, you’re a douche.
    Anyway, I think north county is where they wanted to go all along. Oceanside is a short drive for anyone in orange county, so that would get a lot of fans from up there without sacrificing the current fanbase. There are already a lot of Charger fans in Orange County.
    I live in LA, and I think moving the Bolts here would be a huge gamble. Any NFL fans that live here are transplants that already have a team, or are low-life Raider fans. Those people wouldn’t switch. Plus, not exactly a sports town up here. 3 NFL teams have tried and failed to exist in LA.

  5. Visa or Mastercard stadium.
    The drugs that come from the ports can cover a piece or so. Those freeloading animals at the zoo should pay their share also. The royalties from Shamu’s big screen performances could help as well. Mexican labor is darn cheap these days. No grapes!

  6. Interstates 15 and 5 are parking lots as it is. It makes no sense to put a stadium in either area. L.A. would be a better option.

  7. Move the Chargers to L.A. Screw the Chargers and their lame wannabe thug pseeudo-fans.
    We dont want them.
    I don’t know that I would call Charger fans wannabe thugs, but I’ll echo the second comment above; We don’t want them — we’ll take the franchise currently residing in Jacksonville (suitably renamed and rebranded, of course) when the owner is eventually forced to relocate or sell to Ed Roski..

  8. There will be a new stadium built in LA in the next 4 years,in City of Industry. The area they are talking about in Escondido is just that all talk. It will never happen,all the land that is needed is not owned by the city. The LA site is a done deal. LA is waiving all environmental reports that are needed to move this along. They will need a team. The longer the Chargers wait the cheaper it will be to skate out of the Qualcomm lease. 4 no more than 5 years. I believe its the same people who built Staples Center and developed that site.

  9. Warning:
    DO NOT SEEK OR LISTEN to advice from Jerry Jones regarding any hair brain ideas on your new stadium.
    …that is all.

  10. dont worry Florio….. any time i take you too seriously i just flip on PFTV, listen to your thick thick thick accent and laugh those feelings away right quick

  11. Yeah, lets move the Chargers to LA, a city that had not one, but two franchises and couldn’t support either one of them, morons.

  12. I realize that L.A. has more thugs and pseudo-thugs per capita than San Diego…nonetheless, San Diego has shown it cannot support a semi-successful team, and cannot get a new stadium built. Qualcomm is as bad a venue as there is in the NFL.
    If the NFL is smart, only has one team and one team only in L.A., they will be successful. If the Dodgers can draw 45,000 81 games a year, and USC can draw 90,000 per game, then if done right an L.A. franchise will succeed.

  13. Yeah, a privately funded stadium in a down capital market and few realistic prospects for surrounding property development. Whether it’s LA or San Diego area, how are they going to pay for this thing — seat licenses and $500 per seat tickets? In markets that presently can’t attract enough fans? Is this Roski guy related to Bernie Madoff?

  14. ROE – I completely agree. Not only their fans, but how can you root for a quarterback who throws temper tantrums and cursed off fans? Everyone seems to forget that Rivers has a history of being a bad sport to other teams AND fans. I like how people are freaking out over the redskin’s Henson’s comments, but completely forget Rivers is a just as much a tool to fans. Most of the better players on that team are no-class jerks (exception, Tomlinson apparently). How can their fans be any better?

  15. Resolution: You’re forgetting how Florio lays into anything Rivers does. His extra hatred of the Bolts should be obvious to anyone following this site. Regardless, Rivers doesn’t insult anyone, he’s active in charity and volunteer work. He’s just competitive and a loud southern guy. Its just that ESPN and Florio are way too obsessed with starting drama and TMZ/MTV/reality TV type stories with everything they see. This topic is about a new stadium though. Not your jealousy of a better QB than what you have on your precious Lions.
    Whatever happens with the new stadium will be difficult. Cali has waaaay too much going on with debt. There will still be issues with blackouts until the state begins to go uphill with its financial difficulties.

  16. I’m thinking that if the recent warnings about terrorists targeting stadiums and hotels comes to fruition, specifically Qualcomm Stadium, then the Chargers and the City of San Diego can get a new stadium built with emergency federal funds should the Mission Valley atrocity crumble at the hands of Allah’s followers.
    And if it happens during a home game, casualties can be counted on a single hand given their inability to sell tickets.
    Please excuse this reprehensible train of thought as I’ve been flying all night (and then some) from Japan. Thoughts tend to wander in strange directions when treated like veal by airlines.

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