Checkpoint game for Niners

The once-proud 49ers franchise hasn’t been three games over .500 since 2002.  They have a chance to return to those relatively lofty heights this weekend.

To do so, they’ll have to go through a wall of purple and a Silver Fox (thank Jared Allen for that cringe-worthy moniker) in Minnesota. This is the weekend’s only matchup of 2-0 teams.

Most presumed the Vikings would be at this point (especially after opening with Cleveland and Detroit).  Fewer were feeling the Niners.  But the momentum with which they closed 2008 under Mike Singletary has carried over.  They’re 6-1 in their last seven dating back to last year.

Asked about the “change of culture” the Niners have gone through under him, Singletary said Wednesday, “I think it’s a mixture of a couple of things.  I think, No. 1, some guys are growing up.I think some guys realize that they really can take it to another level. I think guys realize that if we work together and we stay together and we work hard and we study . . . we have a chance to be special as a team.” 

The Niners could have allowed things like the Michael Crabtree holdout or the Alex Smith-Shaun Hill quarterback battle to become distractions. Lesser things have distracted lesser teams. But it’s to their credit — and Singletary’s — that, (1) the Crabtree situation is utterly off their radar and (2) the “loser” in the quarterback battle, Alex Smith, dealt with it maturely.

When it comes to the NFC West, there’s no question these Niners deserve to be taken seriously. For the NFC as a whole?  They can make a case for that Sunday in Minnesota.  

48 responses to “Checkpoint game for Niners

  1. And they will. The Vikings are overrated, but still a touch team… all the same, they make way too many mistakes on offense and have a questionable secondary. Singletary’s crew is flying high and if they play a solid game and capitalize on the mistakes Minnesota’s bound to make (AP fumbles, Favre picks, and horrible playcalling throughout) they should steal another tough road win. I can’t wait.

  2. Being a MN fan, of course I will be pulling for the Vikes……but I gotta give credit to Gore and the rest of the Niners team. They are far improved, but I do think they will fall short come Sunday. 28-17 Vikings win is my prediction!

  3. And all you MFers ridiculed me weeks ago saying “what’s there to be excited about in SF, another 4-12 season?”
    What’s it like knowing that you have one of the best football sites in the world, trolled by MONKEYS who don’t know JACK about football?
    At least some of us can see the wood for the trees.

  4. A pet peeve of mine is the crazy over use of the term “special.” A “special ” team or running back or receiver or whatever. I hear it like ten thousand times a day in sports talk.
    It makes whoever is saying it sound like a more effeminate version of the Church Lady.

  5. Speaking of cringe-worthy terms, have you finally given up your oh-so-hilarious list of all the Silver Fox’s ailments? Lord knows I bust a gut each time I see the word “taint”!

  6. Hey, Florio, you are welcome to exchange the trite, cliche’ and cheesy “Silver Fox” nickname for the one given to him by his fans on a certain site. It dovetails nicely with “All Day” Peterson.
    All Time.
    As in there are many records in the NFL which start with “Brett Favre holds the record for all time….” It’s much better than Silver Fox, which makes him sound like a member of a blue-haired grannies exercise group.

  7. @ChicagoJo
    Exactly how many picks has Favre thrown this season so far? Come on, think……need some help…..*ZERO*! Peterson has fumbled how many times? Once and he lost that one. What about SF you ask? First Shaun Hill has fumbled once in each game played, lost one of those. Hill has no interceptions. Gore has also fumbled once. Seems pretty close to even to me, yet you spout off bout the Vikings? You are as bad as Florio. Nothinng to report so you make stuff up trying to report it as fact. WTG dumba$$
    One thing you need to remember….there is a good reason why Hill was in MN for 4 years yet never took a snap in a regular season game… might also wish to teach your top receivers how to score TD’s!

  8. The GB fans are going to talk smack in here just because they are jealous. They got their asses handed to them at home by the Bengals, then to add insult to injury, Chad Ochocinco did the bet Lambeau Leap in the history of the pathetic GB tradition.
    GB fans will say we will lose this game just because they have nothing else better to do. Remember one thing people, our fans are riled up after going 2-0 and this is the first home game of the season for the Vikes and the stadium is going to be deafening. GB is hoping we lose this Sunday just so they can have some false sense of hope for the following Sunday when they have to come into the deafening confines of the Metro Dome when Favre will lead the Vikes to a sound win over the division hopeless Packers.

  9. 9ers are gonna get smoked. this is a cute lil Cinderella story though. Gotta find something vomit inducing to report about to the handful of ladies watching football early Sunday mornings.

  10. Hear ye all the naysayers!
    Who have the Niners played? A busted up Seahawks team operating with their back up QB and a transparent D line. Gore will not have the same day against the Vikings. The Niners best reciever is Gore as well so the Vikes secondary should be o.k. He never has two good games in a row, trust me I’ve had him on my fantasy teams in the past.
    An injury riddled Cards team that neede another two weeks of practice before week one? The Niners barely escaped from the reigning NFC champs. Gore only had 30 yards rushing and one recieving TD. Warner gave them the game with two critical picks.
    That said, the Vikings have a history of beating themselves. (Florio: That’s what she said) They won’t get beat by the talentless Niners. IF the Vikes lose it will be by their own hand.
    And by the way…WTF is a “touch team” ChicagoJo?

  11. I’m pulling for the Vikings but their slow starts in the past two weeks have made me nervous. Mike Singletary is a bad a$$ dude who doesn’t take losing very well so I expect the niners to be bringing it. The niners are by far a lot more scarier than the Packers. The Packers have more issues than Sports Illustrated.

  12. Chicagojo:
    Just a few points:
    1.) Any fan of a team whose “franchise” QB threw 4 interceptions, has no business talking about the alleged turnover machines of the Vikings.
    2.) The Vikings are averaging 30 points a game, the Bears are at 16 (assuming you are a Chi fan)
    Hardly unimaginitive play calling. Whatever it is, it’s getting the job done.
    3.) Favre 2nd rated QB, AllDay leading rusher, # 4 ranked defense, yep they sure are overated…
    You’ll inevitably comeback with it was only the Lions and Browns. Yep. And they outscored them on average 30-16. They beat the teams they should handily. Wheras your Bears lost to a weak Packer team and had to have the Steelers miss 2 FGs to win that one.
    4.) Your questionable secondary point is old and tired, it’s also untrue. Pass D = #5 Rush D = #15.
    If you doubt my stats check out the link:
    Nice try and thanks for playing. There are no parting gifts as you are obviously a football idiot.
    To the 49ers fans: I think this will be a tough game for us both. I just can’t stan know -nothings throwing out garbage like ChiJo did.
    Obviously jealous that the Defense is once again going to have to win the games for the Bears because they have no offense to speak of.

  13. The truth is neither team knows how good it really is. The Niners have played stiffer competition than the Vikes so far, but that’s not saying much considering the Vikes first two games. The Niners need to slow down AD and like the Browns and Lions did, rough-up the Hillbilly Favre on a regular basis.
    With two Division wins in the bag and the Rams coming to the Stick next Sunday, the Niners can let it fly with zero pressure in Minnesota. With their defense they have more than a punchers chance this weekend.

  14. to nosleN boB: You try to make a point by saying that the Niners have not played any one. Do the Vikings opponents (Lions, Browns) count as anyone? Yeah, I didn’t think so either.

  15. WOW! You are so original. Does Florio have his hand up your rear like a puppet directing the 24\7 take shots at Farve show?? Maybe you should report some more relevant news like Kimbo Slices favorite beard grease.

  16. Hotline to: Muschott42:
    The article claimes the Niners are a threat because of who they have aleady beaten. I beg to differ.
    Now shaddap!

  17. Don’t you just love the mature comments on NFL boards? No doubt the Vikings are far more talented and they’re playing at home. However, I think my 9ers could have a chance based on superior coaching. Childress is very average as a decision-maker and seems to be another one of those guys who makes a better OC. Singletary and his staff have been great so far this season and no one in 49er coaching history has been able to squeeze so much out of average-at-best talent. Keep in mind what we did to AP in that 2007 game.
    Realistically I see something like 27-20 Vikings, but it will be no cakewalk. I am thinking Favre is due to choke or get injured.

  18. Bottom Line:
    Vikes Rule and Niners Suck.
    Shaun Hill was cut by the Vikes because he’s horrible and were going to stack the line against Frank Gore (who will probably get hurt when Pat Williams crushes him with a body slam) and rush the **** out of them.
    Vikes 21 Niners 10

  19. Earth to Favre Haiku…… who won those games. We were down by 3 points in each game and how many did we score in the 2nd half.
    We have been losing in the 1st half but they make their adjustments and play better in the 2nd half. It’s not like the defense is giving up 28 points in the 1st half, it’s been 13 both games i’m pretty sure.
    Neither team has played a good team, 49ers beat the Cardinals but they have no rushing game. Vikes-n-favre was right, it will be deafening inside the Dome on Sunday. I’ll let you know how it goes as i’ll be sitting 50 yard line 13 rows up on the Vikings sideline. Vikings will not lose this game, and after they win, they’ll beat GB at home and then the Rams to start 5-0. Vikes are going to MIAMI!!!

  20. @Chickendick,
    Only two weeks in, and here you are blowing your horn about stats as if it’s all time Super Bowl victories or something (how is 0-4 for a stat?)
    Favre’s rating is great–now let’s see him throw it for longer than 3 yds. (Just wait until he HAS to throw in order to win a game, which he will).
    But, NO–the important thing is that after only TWO games he’s thrown less picks than Cutler, right?
    I’m glad you guys finally found a long-term solution at QB, though…
    Oh, wait–did I say accidentally say “long term”? Whoopsie! Sorry about that.
    Oh well, at least you’re USED to having QB woes, so it won’t be anything new when you’re right back to square one in the coming off-season.
    And at least you didn’t have to completely sell out on your team’s identity, your fanbase, or your locker room in order to sign some traitor to do it though, right?
    I am glad AP is running so well for you, though.
    And I wouldn’t be *one bit* concerned that it’s only week three and he’s already missing practice time for a bad back (cause back problems aren’t serious at all), nor that his annnual worsening fumblitis has ALREADY creeped in, nor that he requires IVs to get through games against craptastic teams.
    And sure, you guys handled the Browns and Lions. Like you were supposed to.
    Good thing the refs hate the Lions so much, isn’t it? What’s that make–3 straight wins with pivotal P.I. calls?
    (I would be a bit worried about those first halves, though–anything that happens in one half can happen in another, right?)
    The thing is–you guys *may* very well start out with a 6-2, 7-1, even an 8-0 record. (Or, 4-4).
    But after that, it’s all downhill.
    Because the Vikings NEVER put together a full season. Ever.
    EV. ER.
    Every year–Starts with bang, ends with a whimper. Hey! Just like my Saturday nights with your Mom!
    (or sometimes it’s vice versa, and you start slow but do enough at the end–again, like with your Mom!)
    And all those dumb stats and all that purported talent–and what’s there to show for it?
    One 1-and-done playoff appearance in the last decade?
    So you go, girl.
    Yet every year you delusional fairweather chicken-chest thumpers come out in droves, sh1t talk the rest of us to death, make asses of yourselves, then go slinking back toyour holes once the inevitable disappointment hits, only to come out again the next pre-season.
    It’s a natural cycle of life, like stupid lemmings plummeting off a cliff.
    You guys start swallowing all the media hype, then perpetuate it yourselves, then talk about how “awesome” you are, using dumb stuff like week 2 statistics.
    And that’s exactly why the furstrations and insecurities run so deep in your franchise and your fanbase (and why you’re so disliked as a team/fanbase, and still one of the prime target teams for a move to L.A.)
    But you go on and enjoy it now, ’cause it’ll be the same thing all over again THIS year…except when the season ends, I think it’d be fun if you actually stuck around to hear all of Bratt’s excuses, the injuries, the blamed play-calling, his age, how that big dumb kid in the sandlot is “just out there trying to have fun and make a play” when he heaves your whole season up in one dumb desperate torn rotator-driven hail mary to the other team…
    Oh, speaking of football idiots–only idiots use the NFL’s yardage criteria to rank defenses.
    What the hell does YARDAGE have to do with playing defense anyway?
    It’s about 3rd downs, and points allowed, and takeaways, and performance in the red zone. Try the Aikman ratings, dumbass (look it up)–you might learn something.
    Thanks for playing. There IS a parting gift for you, however:
    0-4, and any future successes contingent on the egomanial, insecure and altogether stupid whims of Favre and Chilly.
    Have fun with that trainwreck yet again this year, loser.

  21. Hey Haiku- crawl back to your cheese cave and drink some more Old Style and dream of the days when Farve was your QB. You drunkin Sconnies can’t even defend Lamblow field anymore… or keep Ocho out your seats. Oct. 5 will be D Day in Wisc. as we kick your ass with dink and dunk Farve!!
    LoveMyNiners- It is obvious you are a greater lifeform than Haiku as you realize the 49ers will loose. I do agree that Chilly has his senior moments but Singletary is no Bill Walsh either. Gore will be spanked,AD gets his revenge for the 2007 49er bad game, and Farve will expose your over eager D with some nice quick routes. Vikings 34-10

  22. Chickenfoot uttered through his drool:
    “Nice try and thanks for playing. There are no parting gifts as you are obviously a football idiot.
    To the 49ers fans: I think this will be a tough game for us both. I just can’t stan know -nothings throwing out garbage like ChiJo did.
    Obviously jealous that the Defense is once again going to have to win the games for the Bears because they have no offense to speak of.”
    Anyone who’s watched even PART of one single Bears game over the past two years could tell you something so simply, painfully, stupidly, obvious:
    Offense has not been their biggest weakness, but DEFENSE has been (specifically, the lack of a consistent pass rush up front leading to breakdowns in an inexperienced and oft-injured secondary).
    Christ, have you even SEEN a Bears game in the past few years?

  23. Wow, that you Vikes fans have no respect for the 9ers defense is asinine. It’s going to be a great game, and if I may say so a low scoring defensive battle.
    As for bashing Hill based on him being traded by the Vikings? The Chargers traded Drew Brees, does that mean he’s a bad QB too?
    A little too much brain freeze up there in Minnie Soda if you ask me.
    You keep talking out of your a$$e$ like this and the Raiders fans are going to get jealous.
    Niners 13-Vikes 10.

  24. Divisional wins over Seattle and NFC Champion Cardinals by the 49’ers are more impressive than viking squeaked out come from behind lucky wins.
    The only trouble for the 49’ers is that it is an early morning game.
    Look for the 49’ers to deflate the dome and any false hope of competency by the vikings this season.
    Frank Gore will rip loose and run crazy against the very soft and easy viking defense.
    This looks like another dominating performance by the niners as long as they get their coffee and wake up in time for a 10 am start.

  25. So do people here not count preseason when you say the Niners haven’t played anyone.
    It is apparent that there are Niners haters and will always be. Never givingthem the credit they deserve. Singeltary is amazing, from the day he dropped his draws and showed his a$$ to now the Niners have been playing real football and have woken up!!!!
    I am soooo excited for this game so the Niners can shut the naysayers up and sho they are a team to be reckoned with!!! Plus they are playing ON my BDAY!! What a present that would be!!!!
    LETS Go NINERS!!!!!

  26. Kodiak Garbage- Did your Mom ever hug you?? Oh,wait…she can’t when shes spendin’ alot of time at MY house! You say us Viking fans run the mouth but look at you son… going on a freakin hate the purple seizure…take your meds. This hardass chicken chest thumper ain’t buyin’ what you sellin’.
    Aikmin Efficiency Ratings? LOL Please Sally. Are those lil NFL stat facts stolen from and written down on Jerry Jones Cowboy stationary? Then put in a hat for a blindfolded Jim Buck to pull out while hes wearing a Cowboy cheerleader uniform?? Then Troy creates a matrix to show how his teams were better then the current ratings leader?? Like its his own formula.
    Even dishin’ AD. lol Must suck not having him, I feel for ya. Keep talkin cyber geek, the Vikes will shut your diarrhea of the mouth!
    BobNelson- WTF you smokin’??? “Soft and easy vikings D?” Learn your ball son. And you right. Real early for a west coast team to play here. Sounds like you have your losing excuses in order . Don’t blame you. Gore

  27. Hey Kodiak
    Rant away. How often have you been inside the Metrodome for a Vikings game? It’s hell for the opponents until they quiet the fans. Or if the Vikings do it by sucking. Don’t expect any suckage on Sunday at 10 (Thanks, Bob, for the reminder).
    You really went at it up there, Kodiak. Wow, you’re really serious about your hatred, eh? Or are you getting off on how fast you can type? And spell. Good job. Otherwise, you’re pooping on my screen.
    Bob’s drivel is accepted because he’s usually just dopey and kind of funny.
    Kodiak, you’re an authority. Thanks for confirming lots of things we already know and sharting new stuff, too.
    Can’t wait for Sunday (at 10am).

  28. The vikings are one of the most overrated teams just behind the packers. Adrian Peterson is their team, and last time the niners played the vikings his stats 3 yrds on 14 carries and the Niners are 3rd in the NFL for stuffing the run. Also, Adrian might not even play due to back injury. “God willing, I will be out there playing,” Peterson said. “Not a big deal at all.” Wow, they have Brett Farve their going to air it out. Who is going to throw to Bernard Berrian? Bernard hasn’t even got over 1000 yrds in six seasons as a WR. Who have the Vikings beat the Browns and the Lions, please two teams that are in the rebuilding stages. The niners beat the Arizona Cardinals who have the best receiver combo in the NFL and they beat the seahawks which most “experts” predicted should win the west. All in all the niners are going to win 14-17.

  29. KodiaK
    Since 2002 the vikings have started the season through 6 games at or below .500 half the time, which isn’t saying much when you look at their overall record from each season. However, last year they started the season 1-3, playing the Packers (@lambeau) in week 1, which you have to assume is a loss because it is a divsional game away. Then they lost to the Colts (a playoff team). Then they beat the carolina panthers (a playoff team). Then they lost to the titans (best record in the league last year.
    They did all of this without they’re pro-bowl left tackle Bryant McKinnie.
    Then they finished the season 9-3 the rest of the way. Not saying we would have beaten all those teams but the packers game it would have help as we lost 24-9 and the colts we lost to 18-15 because we couldn’t put the ball in the endzone. Give us one of those wins and we’re 11-5.
    Don’t talk to me about the vikings not being able to pull it all together at the end of the season. We also would have beaten the bears if it weren’t for an unlucky bounce on a punt and Gus Frerrotes 4 interceptions.
    The vikings are going to be good this year, and everyone gives them crap about not playing anyone yet but they are just getting warmed up.
    Hasn’t favre shown that he can complete passes. who cares if they are not downfield, they don’t have to be. what matters is that teams can’t stack 8 in the box and if they do brett favre is getting 5 yards on a quick slant route.
    suck it, b*tch

  30. 1st of all AP had a bad game because the 49ers had 8 guys within 3 yards of the line of scrimmage and we couldn’t pass on you. Won’t happen again. Willis is awesome but he can’t do it all.
    They are at the top because the Cardinals were just passing the ball. they might be 3rd against the run but they are 20th against the pass. And the seahawks don’t have a true #1 running back. Edge is too old to be considered a number 1 back anymore. They will have a bigger test against AP. Wait until you see Percy Harvin too dude, the guy is ridiculously quick and has great hands.

  31. Bob Nelson says:
    September 24, 2009 6:52 PM
    Divisional wins over Seattle and NFC Champion Cardinals by the 49’ers are more impressive than viking squeaked out come from behind lucky wins.
    The only trouble for the 49’ers is that it is an early morning game.
    Look for the 49’ers to deflate the dome and any false hope of competency by the vikings this season.
    Frank Gore will rip loose and run crazy against the very soft and easy viking defense.
    This looks like another dominating performance by the niners as long as they get their coffee and wake up in time for a 10 am start.
    Tali-Bob –
    Let me understand.
    You’re favorite team is the “Packers”.
    You also seem partial to San Francisco…
    Anyone else noticing a trend here?
    Who’s your favorite CFL team?
    The Saskatewan Rough Riders?
    Not that there’s anything wrong with that…

  32. Yes, the Niners are ranked 21st in passing but, they are 7th in total yards given up. The reason they are ranked 21st because their defense runs a bend but don’t break, which means that they will give you the short throws and not the long bomb. For example, Tim Hightower had a carrer high in reseptions because he was the only option. Also, your right cyclone flyer Willis cann’t do it all thats why they have Takeo Spikes as his backup and they have coners not afraid to get their hands dirty. Percy Harvin is electric but, he is no Fitzgerald.

  33. Kornholio Karnage:
    Boy, your post has it all as a typical Packer fan.
    Bring up 0-4 in the Super bowl- check
    Brett Favre is a traitor – check
    Brett Favre was God in 07, now he sucks- check
    AD fumbles – check
    Refs “give” Vikings games – check
    Thanks Mr. Originality, you’ve just said what every other Packer football idiot has ever said on this site.
    By the way, in the last decade, 5 years ago to be exact, I’m thinking there was a ” moon over Lambeau” wasn’t there? Funny how you asshats like to sweep that under the rug…..
    Then your moronic post gets even better as you drag out the “I banged your mom last night” crap.
    Hey, who hasn’t? I sure broke her in good for you, didn’t I?
    I’m also glad you have the whole season laid out for everyone, I’m sure this includes your Packers going 15- 1 on thier way to Miami.
    You are an utter freaking moron. Bash away at the Vikes because they are winning games they are supposed too, when the Pack is busy beating 10 point underdogs….”whoopsie” did i say beating? My mistake.
    I guess the NFL is a bunch of idiots, because that is what they rank team defense on is YARDS ALLOWED! Only an idiot jagoff such as yourself would follow what Captain Obvious Aikman would say. Any shred of credibility you had left went out the window with that comment.
    By the way numbnuts, have you watched a Chicago game this year? You had to have, Cutler gift wrapped the game for you.
    The Bears defense is back to form, ranked #6. You remember that pass rush? The one Barbie couldn’t stop?
    Once again, Kornholio, thanks for playing.
    Thanks for proving to the whole site what an unoriginal, moronic poster you are.
    Crawl back into your way back machine Sherman, as you obviously like living in the past.
    I don’t blame you, at least the Packers were relevant then.

  34. I understand that you 49er guys like your chances because face it…you are loyal fans and we back our teams. Its expected. Lets take a thinking mans look at the matchup though..clear the bay area smog from your eyes for a moment if you will.
    Vikes vs. 49ers by position or unit
    QB- No brainer,Farve. Hill who??
    RB-AD is the best in the business. Chester Taylor is better than Gore also,sure many would say that.
    WR Corp- Vikings
    TE- Shiancoe better than Davis
    O Line- Vikings
    D Line-a mental midget would know-Vikings
    LB Corp- READ CORP. Willis a monster but our corp better as a whole.
    Secondary-Winfield gives us the nod.
    Sp.Teams- Farwell back plus Harvin beats a good 49 sp. team unit
    coaching-hell,I will give you that bone
    That factored with a deafing dome homefield for the Vikes and a before breakfast cereal starting time for the 49ers? And AD with a point to prove against you??
    Be afraid…very afraid. Vikes 3-0
    Be afraid..very afraid.

  35. Wonderlic–myballs says:
    September 25, 2009 11:21 AM
    Vikes vs. 49ers by position or unit
    QB- No brainer,Farve. Hill who??
    Farve who? Seriously, wear your damn jersey backwards if you have to. Just figure out how to spell it. It’s time.
    And oh yeah, these position by position breakdowns are beyond stupid. Half the games in the league would go the other way if it were as simple as these hair-brained analyses.

  36. Apple-crisp Shitersen-
    As a Viking fan it is “very difficult” to get adjusted to the proper spelling of Favre as reported by Greg Rosenthal. Thanks for the spelling lesson chip.
    Agreed that position by position breakdowns often mean jackshit but this one is too one sided to ignore. Who da f@ck are you to know?

  37. Well wonderlic, I guess I have to defer to your vast knowledge of all teams in the position by position match up.
    Truth is, I don’t really know anywhere near as much about the Vikings by position as I do the Niners. So I have to wonder if you really know wtf you’re talking about.
    Anyway, since I’ve never been much of a trash talker, all I can say is the 49ers D is much, much better than when last these teams met. Different personnel, better coached, better scheme, more motivated. I think they play better under Singletary.
    Is that enough? Who knows? But I think it is going to be a close, tough game.

  38. Wow, wonderlerlic how did you come up with your facts, I mean way to pick the Vikings in every category. Let me give you the real break down by position.
    Farve vs. Hill
    Farve due to experience.
    Adrian vs. Gore
    I would give it to Adrian. The run againest the browns was totaly amazing. The only question mark is how his back will hold up. But, I don’t known how you came up with Chester Taylor better than Gore. Gore has more yrds, attempts, and TDs than Taylor with two less years of experience. Whats next Albert Young is better.
    I would give it to the Vikings they have a lot of speed, but if Harvin is out its maybe a push.
    To be honest I have never heard of Shiancoe till right now. All I know is Shiancoe has 27 yrds and Davis has 72 yrds so do the math. Answer Davis hands down.
    Vikings, because they are hole making machines.
    Vikings, Because of Williams up the Middle and Jared Allen on the outside. But, I got to say the Niners DL is improved and have been doing a desent job of bringing pressure. They don’t have a lot of sacks but, they been hitting QBs and I don’t know if Farve can take to many.
    Niners, Willis is a monster and don’t forget they have Takeo Spikes. Also, they have quick outside line backers who will rush Farve.
    Niners, for your Winfield Niners have Nate Clements. Oh yeah, they also have Dre Bly as their third CB. They are pretty deep at CB.
    Special Teams
    I would give it to the Vikings only if Harvin can play.
    Singletary, need I say more.
    That is how you do a break down. It will be a good game but, I still say 14-17 Niners.

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