No Week Three local TV for Lions fans

It’s Thursday.  And that means we’ll begin seeing the e-mails and other announcements from NFL teams that have obtained a 24-hour extension of the deadline for selling out their home stadium.

But, this week, the Lions haven’t gotten an extension.  Instead, they’ve accepted the reality that the team’s Week Three home game against the Redskins will not be sold out, and therefore will not be televised locally.

Per the Detroit News, more than 10,000 tickets were available on Wednesday.  Though the Lions wouldn’t disclose the number of unsold seats that remain, it’s more than enough to make an attempt at selling them all by Friday at 1:00 p.m. ET futile.

Last week, the Lions sold out the stadium, with an extension.  The fact that their second home game of the season will be played before so many empty seats doesn’t bode well for the remaining six. 

The good news for Lions fans is that blacked-out games will be available in the affected markets on, beginning at midnight Sunday and for 72 hours thereafter.

So we predict that Tim Taylor will be building a miniature hot box in his backyard and locking himself in there until the clock strikes 12, at which time he’ll call up the game and watch it without knowing the outcome.

As long as he doesn’t notice the final score on the front page of

19 responses to “No Week Three local TV for Lions fans

  1. If the Lions can manage to win a game or two ticket sales will increase for the remaining six home games.

  2. “The good news for Lions fans is that blacked-out games will be available in the affected markets on, beginning at midnight Sunday and for 72 hours thereafter.”
    The NFL needs to get rid of the black out rule forever, especially if public funds are used in any way shape or form to help in the construction of their stadiums.
    If the team I like is blacked out, I won’t be watching football at all, because I don’t want to see the score of the game. That means I would have to tune in online to watch it and avoid football and sports shows all day. I don’t think I am alone in doing that. I don’t think that the networks or the NFL wants fans to avoid the NFL for an entire day like that, just so that fans can watch their favorite blacked out team online without knowing the final score ahead of time.

  3. do they get to see another game in that blacked-out local spot? if so, it’s a win for the locals as they’ll likely get a better game than Lionesses vs DeadSkins!

  4. The game last year between Washington and Detriot broke their 50 home game sell out streak. Go figure.
    On the bright side the lions have done extraordinary well considering the 24% unemployment in the city/15% in the state.
    That sales staff has down a damn good job considering the product management has fielded in recent years.

  5. i hope a lot of teams don’t sell out. not because i want the NFL to fail, but so maybe the owners can realize their prices they are charging are ridiculous. especially in detroit, a city that has been hammered by the economy.
    i really feel for the lions fans & all detriot residents. you’d think the franchise would help them out a bit.

  6. I heard a rumor that the Lions were moving to LA.
    Useless dribble. The Lions play in a plush newer field. They do have a fanbase.
    The Lions would have three fans in L.A.

  7. The few Lions fans who remain will probably be missing the teams first win in a couple of years.
    Yes, the Deadskins are that bad!

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