PFTV's Week Three game of the week

We’ve got a new set of PFTV segments loaded into the hopper.  And so we’ll be posting them over the next several hours, because we know that Friday afternoon is coming — and we know that you’re far more likely to watch video at work on Friday afternoon.

First up, the Week Three game of the week.  Cue the swanky NBC video player.

And, yeah, the boss left early to go golfing.

13 responses to “PFTV's Week Three game of the week

  1. New drinking game… chug a beer every time Favre throws a screen or a checkdown. You’ll never be this drunk again in your life.

  2. Bravo Florio,bravo !!!
    This is,and should be the game of the week being they are unbeaten. First home game for the Vikings with Farve in purple!?!? Are you kiddin me?
    The place will be electric. Long flight home for the 49ers for sure after getting spanked by AD and company.

  3. Come from behind wins against Detroit and Cleveland hardly make the vikings a team of achievement.
    The 49’ers have beaten the defending NFC Champions and division rival Seattle.
    A crummy 10 am start in a broken down dim arena under artificial light and fake rubber surface is but a speed bump game for the 49’ers.
    Hardly game of the week material.
    The rematch of Super Bowl rivals Chicago and Seattle will be a much more interesting game.

  4. Wonderlic–myballs…
    you write…
    “The place will be electric. Long flight home for the 49ers for sure after getting spanked by AD and company.”
    who the hell is AD?
    and do you have ADHD?

  5. I’m sick of people stating that the Vikes have ONLY beaten Cleve and Det…those were the teams on the schedule, jackasses…should they have instead flown to Pittsburgh and challenged Big Ben and Co? They beat the teams that stood in their way and will now beat SF…NEXT!

  6. HawgInbreeder- As jginthum told you or ANY other REAL football fan would know it is All Day,a name he prefers to be called given to him as a youngster for his non stop energy.
    EVERYONE ON EARTH KNEW HE WAS AD BUT YOU!!! Change your name dumbazz cuz even hogs are smart. Quit clear you are not.

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