Browns facing five fine grievances

We’ve spent plenty of time over the past couple of weeks addressing the fines that Browns coach Eric Mangini has imposed on various players.

And we mentioned that the Browns could be facing a grievance for that $1,701 fine reportedly imposed on a player who failed to pay for a $3 bottle of hotel water.

According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, the Browns will be facing up to five grievances for fines that Mangini has levied.

Meanwhile, Charley Casserly of CBS claims that there a “no truth” to the story regarding the water-bottle fine.  Casserly says that one player was fined $1,701, but that it was for multiple infractions. 

But if that’s the case, why haven’t the Browns denied publicly the notion that a $3 bottle of water ultimately cost a player $1,701?  Indeed, coach Eric Mangini addressed the matter at a press conference, and his comments implied that the story regarding the water-bottle fine is true.

Besides, multiple media outlets have reported that the $1,701 fine was imposed.

So until the Browns deny it on the record, we’re not prepared to accept the notion that the story isn’t true.  And even if the Browns deny it on the record, it’ll take more than a simple denial to persuade us that the multiple reports to the contrary are off the mark.