Lions lead after goal-line stand, 99-yard drive

The HD Game Mix on DirecTV has only eight boxes.  So, when there are nine early games, one gets left out.

This week, the Redskins-Lions contest lost the game of musical chairs.

So we checked out the status of the game, and it turns out that the Lions have already stoned the ‘Skins at the goal line on a fourth-down play.

Specifically, the Lions stuffed running back Clinton Portis from the one.

And then the Lions moved the entire length of the field, taking the lead with a touchdown pass from quarterback Matthew Stafford to receiver Bryant Johnson.

Along the way, the Redskins accepted a third-down offensive pass interference penalty that moved the ball to the Washington 42, but that gave the Lions a crack at converting on third down and 13.  Though it was the right call, since it kept the Lions from kicking a field goal, a 21-yard run by Stafford secured the first down, and the touchdown came on the next play.

Meanwhile, the “for sale” sign could soon be planted in front of Jim Zorn’s house.

4 responses to “Lions lead after goal-line stand, 99-yard drive

  1. No worries, Skins fans! Mike Florio has assured all of us that Washington is Super Bowl bound. It’s not like Florio has EVER been caught talking out his ass.

  2. Zorn needs to go…and that’s not just because HE’S KILLING MY FANTASY TEAM.
    How do you not ride a beast like Portis? I know, you run a pop warner offense and take the ball out of his hands. Then, when he complains about it you demote him.
    btw, Robber Barron Snyder needs to give Jason Campbell a consistent offense. I think it all starts with coaching and ownership. As long as Snyder is the owner, and I hope you read this Dan, the Redskins will NOT be legitimate contenders. Regardless how hard you try, buying the hottest free-agents doesn’t help you to build a team. You can’t buy your way to a Super Bowl ring.

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