Stick a fork in the 'Skins

Perhaps the only good news for the Washington Redskins today is that the damage to defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth’s hip wasn’t serious.

The damage to coach Jim Zorn’s coaching career could be fatal.

The Detroit Lions have notched their first win since December 23, 2007.

And so the calls for Zorn’s head will intensify in D.C., and an interim coach will be installed by the launch of the bye week on October 25, if not sooner.

Then, next year, it’ll be Mike Shanahan or Mike Holmgren calling the shots in D.C.

Though some might think that Bill Cowher also will be in the mix, two issues likely make it unlikely that he’d get the job.  First, Cowher would want full control over the football operations, and owner Danier Snyder would be reluctant to agree, especially if it means minimizing (or firing) V.P. of football operations Vinny Cerrato.

Also, Cowher’s mentor (Marty Schottenheimer) might have a thing or two to share with Cowher regarding Schottenheimer’s one-year experience with the team in 2001.  Schottenheimer secured full control, fired Cerrato, went 8-8, and then was fired.

In the end, look for a high-stakes auction to break out between the Cowboys and the Redskins for Shanahan, with the loser getting Holmgren.

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  1. Hopefully Florio will learn from this and stop spoiling this site by inserting his own lame-ass opinions in every damn post. The guys a fraud and should just stick to copying news from other sites, it’s the only thing he’s good at.

  2. As a Skins fan I am not so worried about the fact that they just lost to a team that hasn’t won in 19 games (The Skins gave the hated Crackboys their only win in ’89. That was lower), but I am worried about the apparent lack of “balls” on both sides of the ball for the Skins. Campbell and Zorn have no “balls”, and now it is clear the defense has no “balls”. It is hard to root for a team that appears to lack the necessary “balls” to be competitive in a game like that.
    Just a sad day to be a Skins fan. Sad to be a fan of a team that has no “balls”.

  3. Massive, massive fail on assumptions by you Florio. Are you really that ignorant? Cowher would be a no go because he’d want personel influence, but Shanahan wouldn’t? Really? Think Mcfly, think! Shanahan would want all power and maybe Holmgren too, those guys would have their picks for the job and could afford to wait until the right situation comes. The Skins job is not an ideal situation, it’s second worse in the league to the Raiders due to Snyders influence. Come on Mike, you’re smarter than that, at least I think so.

  4. Why would any coach in his right mind want to work for Snyder UNLESS he had full say. Snyder and his bitch Cerrato play fantasy football. They give their coach a team not made to win a game, but made to win fantasy points. As long as Snyder owns the Deadskins they will suck.

  5. I have a feeling Zorn will be around to the end of the year. Then Danny boy blows the whole thing up.
    Any of the experienced coaches will want full control.
    So Danny has a choice to make, take the back seat or continue to lose.

  6. 30 minutes after the loss and Florio has already jumped off the bandwagon for his NFC Champions. HA!
    Another Washington bailout for Detroit!!!

  7. Hey Mike, how’s that SB prediction for the Deadskins looking for ya?
    If Carolina losses to Dallas I’d bet a good bit that Cowher ends up in Carolina, not DC.
    Cerrato has to have some really dirty pics of Snyder hidden somewhere to still have a job.
    A new coach won’t help. The Skins have one of the oldest rosters in the league and no young talent of great ability. They are going to be an ‘okay’ team for years. They have a good enough defense to keep them in most games and this will mask the true state of the club.

  8. If you don’t like the writing – LEAVE!
    You can start your own site.
    Anytime something is written that is negative to their favorite team someone starts whining.
    Get over it…

  9. Florio, be a man and tell us who your next NFC Super Bowl team is now that you are calling Washington’s season over. Also, don’t lump Dallas in with this team…

  10. Florio, I will write you a check this instant if you promise to never, EVER, pick the Eagles to win the Super Bowl.

  11. Maybe all that about the name Redskins giving the team bad karma is for real? Maybe instead of a new coach, they need a new name?
    Nahhhhh….on second thought……GOODBYE Zorn. That would be an idiotic move 3 games into the season, but we are talking about Dan Snyder here!
    Truely a pathetic performance by Washington…………..

  12. I’m a huge Skins fan, but this is just getting exhausting. It’s long overdue for them to clean house and rebuild…starting with hiring a real GM that isn’t the owner’s bitch. And the Zorn experience was a disaster from the start. Hired as OC and promoted to HC without ever being anything other than QB coach. He’s clueless…and so is the rest of his staff. Clean house!

  13. There is only one way out for the Skin. Hire Parcels. They can pry him from Miami because Ireland, not Parcels, has final say. So the Ireland hiring screws the Fins. Parcels would fire Cerrato and hire a real Head coach.
    Unfortunately, the only way Tuna does this is if he’s egotistical enough to try to prove that he’s the man who can control Dan Snyder.

  14. Cowher to Tennessee doesn’t make a lot of sense… you just spent 100 million on a DT that would be just another player in a 3-4 defense.

  15. It doesnt really matter who coaches in D.C.
    The owner writes rediculous checks, and the rest of the front office spends all season pointing fingers when the ship starts sinking.
    This loss didnt suprise me at all. If there was 1 team to giftwrap a win to the Lions, it was the Skins.
    BTW, when are they changing that offensive team name? LOLZ!!!

  16. This team needs stability more than another coaching change.
    I think Zorn will get you where you want to go before Campbell will.

  17. Ha Ha…Redskins 10 (insert any high schol here) 15. What a bunch of losers!!! If you’re a fan of this team you need to paint the wall, behind you, with cherry pie.

  18. They’ll be okay: ton of cash flow with a season ticket waiting list that stretches to Mars, a top-notch lawyer who’ll get money from season ticket holders who lose their jobs, and football operations directed by the smartest man in football – Vinny Cerrato.
    What they need is a change in schemes. Maybe some high priced free agent and/or coach next year will provide them the impetus to do it. Who knows.

  19. Coach QB owner is this washington or Dallas?
    Same Story different team
    Just becuase you have the money to buy the team does not mean you know how to run it
    These owners treat there teams like childs toys they all want the bright shiny ones funny how they all tarnish so fast.
    Even a team like the Giants hires a GM that runs the player part of the team.
    And if any owners know the game it would be the Maras yet they continue to hire real GM’s who field real teams to win real games and real Championships.

  20. as a cowboys fan, i hope the skins never fire vinny cerrato. that man is a complete moron and a jackass to boot. keep up the good work snyder!

  21. ppdoc13 says:
    September 27, 2009 4:42 PM
    Why would any coach in his right mind want to work for Snyder UNLESS he had full say. Snyder and his bitch Cerrato play fantasy football. They give their coach a team not made to win a game, but made to win fantasy points. As long as Snyder owns the Deadskins they will suck.
    Agree totally. Zorn will get the heat, much of it rightfully so, being a complete moron who seems to blow every crucial call. But make no mistake, the Redskins have their heads up their asses from the top down. I’ll remain a fan, but can’t expect much from the ownership/executive leadership/whoever is steering the ship.
    Love how Redskin execs (Zorn) has the time to chit chat w/ Tom Cruise before the game. That sure seemed to add sizzle to the gameplan. Go figure, shit actor mugging up w/ an idiot fanboy owner and his shit team.

  22. What’s truly deadly to the skins is:
    Melted Cheese
    Bacon (lot’s of bacon)
    Green Onions
    Sour Cream

  23. Fire Zorn,Campbell and Vinney. Hire a good GM ,coach and a good quaterback and implement a new system over the next four weeks. Lets say you split two and two. Then lets say we are three and four. Then we make a run at the rest of the season and the playoffs. With a little luck and some good coaching and good team performance we just might make back .

  24. hey wet hog, don,t put the cowboys in this mess . you won,t to talk about crack Dexster Manley smoke enought for all 32 teams…lol

  25. I agree, I agree the skins will never win a superbowl as long as Dan owns them…
    Jim Zorn gets fired for sure – Bench Campbell and get a new GM. I am looking for a job and I seem to know more about football then these morans. Maybe Chuckie ( John Gruden ) will come play with the deadskins!

  26. It doesn’t matter who your head coach is, if you’ve got an O line that can’t block and a QB that can’t execute. How many seasons now has it been obvious that the O line sucks? How much more time do you give a QB who isn’t measuring up?
    Campbell continues to put up good numbers, but he just isn’t getting it done. He simply is not capable of leading the team the way a pro QB needs to.
    I hope they keep Zorn, let Campbell go to free agency, and draft some g*d*mn good young O lineman for a change!

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