Mora won't dump Mare

Despite an impressive press conference rant that brought to mind the best microphone work of his father, Jim Mora (Junior) is not going to make a change at kicker this week. 

In fact, Mora expressed regret about throwing Olindo Mare under the bus Sunday.

“I think I let the emotion of the game get to me in my answers about Olindo,” Mora said.  “One of the things that confirms my feelings for Olindo Mare is the way
he came out when we were down 16-17 and popped one through to give us
the lead after having missed two.”

Mora also pointed out Mare’s strong kickoffs as a positive in a game where he hit four-of-six field goals. 

While Mora’s words looked a lot more fiery in print than the flat tone of his voice indicated, the incident might remind the former Falcons coach that he needs to be careful about what he says after a game, just like his players do.

11 responses to “Mora won't dump Mare

  1. I just saw the post game interview Mora was a total ass
    Did his QB make enough passes did the RB run enough one touch down and no need for 2 FG
    Did the D stop the Bears
    NO NO NO
    Grow up its a team game and it takes a team to win and a team to lose
    And the head Coach is part of that team

  2. “the incident might remind the former Falcons coach that he needs to be careful about what he says after a game”
    you’d think watching his father on those effing horrible Coors Light commercials over and over and over would have already done so

  3. nothing worse than fag kicker costing you the game! most of them are ex grass ferry’s(soccer players) anyways!

  4. A coach throwing a player under the bus like that isn’t long for the NFL . It is a pointless stupid thing that will either disgusts the other players or give them an excuse why they don’t need to improve.
    dumb,dumb mistake.

  5. i was hard on mora for making those comments…. glad to see him own up to them somewhat. it doesn’t un-do what he said, but he went up a couple of pegs in my book by owning up to the mistake.
    mare effed up. but there were failures on all parts of the team that were equally to blame. kicker is an easy & lame scapegoat.

  6. Interesting comments. I heard Jim Swartz say today that as a coach that preaches keeping your composure, you can not lose yours. Bad move by Jimmy. Oh well, I am sure after he gets canned from this job he can do some coors light commercials with his old man.

  7. Little Mora’s comments were self-serving garbage. Bush league. Utterly classless.
    Little Mora’s efforts to then claim they were a product of his emotions getting the best of him are ridiculous too, and STILL MORE evidence of his self-serving commentary – given that he tore into one of his own players the dayAFTER the game, when he had a substantial amount of time to “cool down.”
    Sounds like his backpedaling when he got busted sniffing around the college football gig a few years back.
    It’s bad enough when players get caught finger-pointing, but your Head Coach? Really? REALLY???
    That is beyond pitiful.
    The dude is a sniveling marginally competent scumbag coach who has shown a demonstrated history of frequently deploying intelligence-insulting “cover his own ass” defenses for his failures to produce as a coach and subsequent failures to comport himself with any measure of class. Nice hire Seattle.

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