Beware . . . the Broncos?

Last week, some were calling the Broncos the worst 2-0 team in league history.

Now, some are calling them the worst 3-0 team in league history.

The way they’re going, they’ve got a chance to end up being something other than the worst 5-0 team in league history, too.

Next up?  Home games against the Cowboys and the Patriots.

Look at the official standings.  In three games, the Broncos have allowed 16 points.

That’s 5.3 points per game.

And, yes, they’ve been fortunate to build confidence against the likes of the Browns and the Raiders.  But Week Two and Week Three have helped provide context for that Week One miracle against the Bengals.

Yes, the Broncos won the thing via a once-in-a-century bounce of the ball.  But to hold the Bengals at home to seven points looks pretty darn impressive given what the Bengals have since done at Green Bay and against the Steelers.

So what’s happening in Denver?  It might not be a fluke.  Now that Jay Cutler is long gone and the broomstick has been removed from Brandon Marshall’s butt, the word is getting out that players appreciate their young head coach, Josh McDaniels.

He’s all about the details,” defensive lineman Vonnie Holliday told’s Bill Williamson after the Broncos defeated the Raiders.  “He breaks down every
potential game situation.  He knows our upcoming opponent so well. . . .  Take age out of this thing.  He’s got football knowledge that goes way
beyond his years.  I really think something special is happening here.”

For now, Holliday doesn’t have a lot of company in that sentiment.  If the Broncos can knock off the Cowboys and the Patriots, Holliday might have to start throwing people off the bandwagon as they try to climb aboard for a ride to San Diego and a Monday night game against the Chargers.

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  1. As a skins fan I can tell you, “Tis better to be the worst 3-0 team in history than to be an average run of the mill 1-2 team”

  2. Cue the Raiturds dorks to spew hate.
    Although i am cautiously optimistic, i would rather see some wins on the books against teams with greater credentials. The Browns and Raiders are impotent as teams. Totally inept. The litmus test for us is the Chargers. Regardless of injuries, Rivers is an incredible QB that makes plays when he has to. If we can beat Bolts then we might be doing something right.
    Mike Nolan is a GOD in town right now–rightfully–after watching our D blow for the last several years…but who hired him? McD.
    So…he deserves credit. If we are going to crap all over him for showing lil’ baby cutler the door (and i did, to be sure) then we have to give him credit for the wins.
    I’ll say one thing: i am shocked the Broncos are playing as well as they are. If nothing else, they are just DOING THEIR JOBS. And that is more than we could say the last few years.

  3. Wow, lots of manlove for the team that managed to beat the Bengals, Browns, and Raiders. The Browns and Raiders may very well be the worst two teams in the league and the Bengals are slightly better but still no playoff team (a game which they played like they lost; got a lucky tip).
    Lets see the Broncos beat someone worth mentioning, or see if they could hold a team like the Saints to 6 points. I’m thinking a good team like the Saints puts up 30 or more.

  4. Broncos D is very solid. The Offense has struggled, but the Defense will keep them in games. They have a good O-line and good WR, but Orton is not that great. If they can get the running game going, I could see the offense being like the 2000 Ravens with Trent Dilfer and Jamal Lewis. The Defense is more like the 2001 Patriots.
    Chargers have some issues, so I could see the Broncos winning the division. Patiots and Cowboys are not the elite teams they once were, both winnable games.

  5. As a long time Broncos fan I’ve been hugely critical of McDaniels this entire offseason, but these past three weeks and the attitude of the team have won me over again. They may not be good enough to knock off the Pats or the Ravens, or even the Cowboys – but there is this definitive feeling that McDaniels has set the foundation for a dangerous team in the upcoming seasons. This is the most excited I’ve been since Elway hoisted his second and final Lombardi.

  6. What’s funny is the 0-3 team that Dallas just played might be better than the 3-0 team they face next week. Then again, Denver is playing much better than I thought they would this season. It has gone from the ‘should win’ column into the ‘toss up’ column in my book.
    I think though that Dallas D has started to jell, the 2nd half against the Panthers was impressive. Don’t care how ‘bad’ the offense you’re playing is, 4 ‘3 and outs’ in a row and no 1st downs until garbage time while shutting down arguably one of the best receivers in the league is impressive. They’ve shut down the running game against two of the best running teams in the league the last two weeks and the pass defense showed signs of life. People have to remember that Dallas replaced 4.5 starters (I count Ellis as 1/2 a starter) from last season. It takes time to learn to play together.


  8. I am a Colorado native and lifelong Broncos fan. That being said, I have yet to drink the McDaniels Kool-Aid. I am still not happy with how things were handled in the off-season. However, after three games I am relatively impressed with Mike Nolan’s defense (shades of the Orange Crush) and my opinion of Kyle Orton is starting to mellow. Perhaps it isn’t him after all, maybe he was badly coached in Chicago?
    Last time this happened (new coach, 3-0) to the Broncos, Red Miller was coach and they were lead by a castoff QB by the Name of Morton. Orton with an ‘M’. Scary stuff this voodoo.

  9. If The Raiders had a Qb, the Broncos would have lost that game easily to the Raiders.
    The Broncos might win 8 games this season.

  10. Another astonishing fact, Cincinnatti is just that one fluke/miracle play in the Denver game from having won their last 6 games in a row.

  11. Only 16 points in 3 games BUT only one touchdown allowed in 3 games AND that came in the final half minute of the Bengals game.
    Credit Mike Nolan and Brian Dawkins for this complete turnaround from the defense of Shanahan last year. At this rate Broncos won’t allow 90 points all season of 16 games.

  12. Broncos opponents’ combined record = 3-6.
    Ravens opponents’ combined record = 2-7.
    People love the Ravens and knock the Donks but never talk about how easy their schedule has been so far. The Broncos can’t do any better than 3-0 right now, or am I wrong?

  13. Im not a Broncos fan but you have to give credit when its due. There’s nothing wrong with beating 2 bad teams cuz the Bengals are not bad at all (ask Pittsburgh). The fact remains that these guys have giving up a mind bogglin 16pts in 3 games. Personally, I’m a Ravens fan and we believe “A win is a win”………PERIOD. Ask the Skins, Titans, Panthers if they wished they were labeled “The worst 3-0 team in the league” lol.

  14. orangecrushd says:
    Broncos opponents’ combined record = 3-6.

    True BUT 0-3 of that is against the Broncos – in other words .500 vs. the rest of the league.
    Cincinnati, one victim of theirs, has beaten 2 teams Pittsburgh, the defending Super Bowl champions and Green Bay who is 2-1.

  15. As a skins fan I can tell you, “Tis better to be the worst 3-0 team in history than to be an average run of the mill 1-2 team”
    Are you for real? You lost to the Lions r-tard.
    And Florio, Vonnie Holliday does have company in that sentiment. Stokley said that the Broncos were lucky to have McDaniels. ESPN has an article up calling Broncos Believe They Have a Special Coach.

  16. anthony says:
    September 29, 2009 8:31 AM
    If The Raiders had a Qb, the Broncos would have lost that game easily to the Raiders.
    And if frogs had wings, they wouldn’t bump their ass, either would they? Raiders don’t have a QB, they have JaBust, deal with it!

  17. I have to admit, McDBag might be one of the most cerebral coaches in the game and they have a defense that’s got a stellar player on every front (Dawkins in the safeties, Champ on corner, DJ Williams is goin banana’s so far at LB, and Dumervil, while he might qualify as a 3-4 LB, is a great pass rusher from the edge) so they’re going to be “in” quite a few games this season…. in more than they’re out.
    If the Donkey’s can handle their business against SD twice, we could very well be looking at a playoff team amazingly. That’s a BIG IF at this point though.

  18. I am not a huge McDaniels fan, but I also thought much of the criticism this off season and the dire predictions for this year were very premature. The Broncos are off to a good start, their defense is going to be stellar, it will be interesting to see if they are for real with Dallas and New England going to Mile High the next two weeks.

  19. Kyle Orton does not have the technical skills of Jay Cutler, but he is a strong leader and he makes clutch plays.

  20. As a HUGE Broncos fan, I am suprised but not shocked.
    They have talent. Champ Bailey is still one of the top cornerbacks in the game and with the addition of Brian Dawkins to the secondary, they are tough to throw the ball against. Up front they could use some help but they arent bad.
    And on offense, Orton may not be as flashy as Cutler and doesnt have the big arm but he is a leader and he knows how to manage the game.

  21. That’s funny, because the last time I check the Vikings played down to the level of the Lions and Browns to win their first two games, then sneak away a LUCKY WIN on a last second play against the 49ers. Pretty lucky to be 3-0.
    The Ravens beat the Chiefs and Browns, both horrible teams… and earn a respectable win against the Chargers… but they’re riding high?
    So only the Broncos get the “you played crappy teams” excuse for their wins. Not just wins, the Broncos completely DOMINATED the Raiders and the Browns.
    Bring on the Chargers. The AFC West is ours for the taking. GO BRONCOS!

  22. I believe Bill Parcells said something like this “You are what your record is”.
    The Broncos are 3-0!!! Doesn’t matter how they won, the fact is they won. They beat who was put on their schedule. I’m sure fans of almost any team that has had some success can recall moments where their team “lucked” out to win a game or two.
    After all the nonsense that went on in the offseason, I don’t know if there’s another team that needed to get off to a fast start more than Denver.

  23. It’s just funny to read and listen when people start saying broncos, ravens and vikings are dominant in this and that, and then you look at their opponents lack of winning pecentage that should say it all. It’s just 3 games into the new season and to draw solid conclusions means either a) you are delusional or b) you should stick to baseball, at least some solid conclusions can be drawn there since they are almost in their postseason.

  24. We all know they’re going to struggle this year, but it’s nice to shut up the McDaniels bashers for a few weeks.

  25. And the bandwagon jumping carousel has begun in Denver. A couple months ago, you were all ready to slit your own throats over ‘Cutlergate’ and now you’re all hopping aboard the McDouchebag love train.
    Typical Donkey fans, beat a couple crap teams and they think they’re going to the SuperBowl. Let’s see how many jump off in McDickville when they lose 6 of their next 7.
    Post number 4 above has the perfect name for all of you idiots: ‘milehiclown’.

  26. If The Raiders had a Qb, the Broncos would have lost that game easily to the Raiders.
    Nice thought you idiot. Did you watch the game? If you had a quarterback Denver still would have won because the Raiders were dominated on all sides of the ball. Blame it on the QB instead of accepting the fact that the Raiders are terrible in all aspects of a team from the owner to the players. The QB doesn’t stop a team rushing for almost 200 yards.

  27. Pauly1620: Way to paraphrase Woody Paige.
    JoeSchmoe: Glad to see someone else has been paying attention to how well D.J. Williams has been playing in this new defense. Maybe he’s finally found a home.
    IWanttoPunchFloriointheFace: You smell like ass. See orangecrushd’s take for your smack-down.

  28. Actually Drafty, I smell like your mother’s ass – she stopped by again tonight to see a real man…she’s needs one after raising a homosexual.

  29. The problem with the so called experts is their egos are as big as their asses…Florio is the first one to at least recognize that the broncs are playing tough…Time will tell who is right but at least someone is able to at least consider the fact that maybe they arent the experts they pretend to be….

  30. Throughout the off season, my generally ridiculed and unappreciated advice to all the McDaniels bashers has been to give McDaniels a chance to build this team into winners. Give him at least 6-8 games to see if perhaps he and his staff are on the right track.
    Given the difficulty of their 2009 schedule, no reasonable person expects the Broncos to win the AFC West and/or go to the playoffs this season, but if McDaniels, Nolan & Co. can lay the groundwork this season and build upon it in the next couple of years with quality draft picks and FA acquisitions, the Broncos could become one of the NFL’s elite teams.
    I don’t so much care that we make the playoffs this season as I’d like to see steady improvement in all phases of the game. The 3-0 start is very nice but let’s see if the team can continue to improve against the NFL’s best, most of whom they’ll face this season. It’s not so important to me that they beat the likes of the Cowboys and Patriots but rather that they play good solid football. Just keep improving and the wins will start to come over any and all NFL teams.

  31. Jamarcus has had 3 years, he has clearly not put in the time and especially the effort. Jamarcus lacks the IQ, intensity and command presence needed to be even a good QB. I’m a true Raiders fan but he is not the answer. Start Gradkowski and try to get Tebow in the draft.

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